About licensing, related to the stone and minerals and manufacture, produce from them

   We remind are practically all of natural stone, minerals and crystals in 99,3% cases are with including, cracks and veils, many natural stone are opaque or partly translucent, have burries and defects of colouring, natural cracks, including and errors of form. Their special structure at reasonable a minimum of treatment or unique color is valued in many stone. It nowise does not talk about their "danger" or "uselessness" for Medical stone therapeutics, jeweller or carpentry needs - very dangerous and useless for the use ONLY radio-active and poisonous stone (especially soluble stone-imitators), even if they look by-attractively. Ideal transparency in 99,97% cases talks about an imitation - " ideal"- clean and transparent gemstones color stones raw material today actively used in industry and production, and from his offcuts small and inexpensive wares can be executed (rare). Flowed composite glass materials are the most widespread, comfortable and objectively inexpensive and practical material for imitations and imitations of stone, especially clean and transparent or with bright and eye-catching effects.

   Buy natural or not overpay for glass and other synthetic materials which cost a money also (malachite, turquoise, cat's-eye, aventurine with spangles, reamed strasses from the glass painted, colourless or toning) !!! All of colourless and coloured imitators of valuable jeweller raw material must be subject a government monopoly (industrial clean quartzs, fianite, synthetic corundums, grenades). No stone reamed through must be used in industrial jeweller decorations - there are effective methods of clip, of the stone unreamed through. To complete prohibition on the use all of the cut strasses and any imitations unreamed through must be subject from glass, including the glass imitations of stone painted in-bulk, including in cutting (facet, cabochon and fantasy cutting), any complex stone with the use of glass and stone, ennobled with the use of glass, as exactly they are the most favourite instrument of swindlers and swindlers.

   Attention - subject the obligatory licensing sale, exchange and other operations with jeweller and by other wares from precious metals from one thing with a production test and industrial hallmark brand from one thing and higher (except for a purchase private individuals as by the eventual users of wares in any amount for the personal use). All of jeweller wares are under an obligation to have the official stopping seal with a label, fastened ONLY on a hallmark wire (threads, small wood, grove and other non-standard materials, are forbidden for jeweller wares). Any details, hardware, wire, filigree and other components of decorations, not seal from any materials on condition that they will be used the third persons for wares, strictly not falling under licensing (responsibility for their use fully lies down on the third persons). Fulfilment of standard hallmark brands on any non-standard wares (including small parties) and registration for them of the article is forbidden (defence of these wares is executed on the basis of Law on defence of copyrights without patenting, including through departments and registers of masters).

   All of operations are subject licensing with jewels both separately (from one thing and higher) and in any wares (both individual and industrial and production) in the standard machine cutting, which strictly to the satisfactory requirements of official technical standards: they must be no less indicated in GOST, THAT and other official instructions of size, strictly from described in these instructions of gemstones color stones raw material, not to have visible an eye (under 10-multiple magnifying glass) cracks and including, be evenly painted (opals, uleksite, chalcedonies, nephrites, adular and other mat stone with a cryptocrystalline structure) or cleanly-transparent and solid (diamonds, topazes, rubies, sapphires, aquamarines, amethysts, citrine and other transparent "canonical" crystals with the obviously expressed crystalline grate). A salesman does not have a right to say no a buyer on legal sale of good, if it licensed and with a brand, and also does not have a right to say no on legal sale of any licensed stone with the certificate of accordance.

   All of the licensed stone, hallmark precious metals and licensed gemstones color stones raw material it must be hardwarily diagnose practically with a 99,7% exactness, any doubts are in diagnostics (including expert) require to exclude these stone and metals from the licensed list, because good can appear undiagnosed. Diagnostics objectively costs very expensive and is strictly the necessary condition of the licensed activity at the market of jewels and precious metals. Use stand expert estimation "on a peep-hole" for ANY licensed jewels in the standard cutting and licensed gemstones color stones raw material without the standardized laboratory methods researches are forbidden. It is also forbidden to put hallmark brands on precious metals without their vehicle laboratory diagnostics. On any bone, skin, ride, wool, earth, wares from clay and similar materials, tree, stone, flowed, money, paper, paints, nuggets, monuments, copper, bronze, composition-metal, unjeweller alloys, bank and production metals and alloys, living objects, unmarketable, offcuts and similar materials (including composite, thin, too shallow, especially large and not falling under an action licenses) hallmark brands are never put.

   A sale and exchange of any stone and any wares is forbidden with them (especially with the filled in hallmark brands) with the use and pointing a license, if these stone and wares does not fall under standards and licensed requirements and it is dissatisfied them (it can be interpreted as intentional introduction in an error and swindle). Complete and reliable pointing of application of all of methods of ennoblement for the licensed stone and wares strictly necessarily (for ordinary stone there are enough ordinary and planned expert verifications and standard state check for radio-activity and on absence poisons in stone).

   Terms of storage semi-precious stones and jewels color stones is the specialized safe of enhanceable defence with signaling and button, shown out on the central stand of militia or licensed guard structure. A condition of purchase-sale is the guarded apartment with signaling and button, shown out on a central stand. The actual inventory of the licensed stone and wares is strictly obligatory. The presence of insurance is desirable (both salesman and client).

   All of safe (I.e. unpoisonous, insoluble in water with formation of poisonous connections, nonevaporating with formation of poisonous steams and gases and unradio-active) turbidized and fissured, cracked stone of any chemical composition and crystalline structure, all of stone with visible the eye of fogging, bubbles, cracks, colour transitions and pictures (especially expressed), too shallow, flat or ever-higher, very large or obvious non-standard form, any treated stone scienter asymmetrical form, all of stone with the visible defects of cutting and even without cutting (not gettings under a category raw "material for the standard cutting"), all of stone with obvious visible tracks of containing rock, all of stone reamed under beads, all chemically and physically (including radiation) safe-health and life production marriage and "selection" and other non-liquid gemstones color stones offcuts NOT SUBJECT LICENSING. They can enter sale, be the bought private individuals back and used by other no unlawful method in the limited volumes (including in an imitation facet and other cutting, and also reamed the through opening) and to be in unserial, "non-standard" and "experimental" wares (especially hand-worked or by shallow parties, in educational and student works) from any non hallmark metals at an obligatory condition, that the standard PRODUCTION and INDUSTRIAL hallmark brands do not cost on these wares !!! Their sealing up is assumed.

   The salespeople of such stone and wares with them do not carry responsibility for a presence in these stone visible an eye safe for life and health of man of features of structure and defects, if stone were obtained, are treated, if necessary delivered, legalize, given a present, passed or sold legally. At the same time in jeweller and similar practice and in-process masters it is not accepted to use easily soluble and evaporating stone, as well as very soft and loser a color stone, simply from considering of good sense, reasonableness and expedience (such stone usually carry from considering of originality, extravagance and other internal motives). On all of non-standard stone the standard certificates of accordance of semi-precious stones and cut jewels color stones are not given out - possibly only leadthrough of examination on commercial basis, and also delivery of verbal or writing expert conclusion (without application of devices) authenticity of which usually 92-97% does not exceed and often is within the limits of 75-80%. Thus a buyer has a right to give up a purchase, and salesman - from a sale in the case of ANY doubts. A salesman has a right to use any point-of-sale and generally accepted names of stone also on condition of unoverstating of price on stone and wares. A salesman has a right to confess in that he does not know the correct name of a stone, can not define him or doubts in a concrete stone, even if he is a professional geologist or mineralogist - desirably, that correctly diagnose was even 75% (99,3%) gemstones color stones prices. A license is not required !!!

   Any safe stone, metals and their alloys, in-use a man as decorations, are not licensed, if they are not raw material for jeweller and to facet industry and dissatisfy strict state standards, with which it is possible to familiarize on official state productions and in type state educational establishments which prepare facet and jewellers. These standards exist, they are writtenin on a paper and are exhaustive. As raw material for the standard licensed cutting raw material, obtained from dumps, is not used, by a prospector method in the unforbidden place by the unforbidden method on condition of the obligatory handing over of ALL of facet raw material in state receiving points in full on state prices. Semi-precious stones and other offcuts of industrial production (including quartzs, corundums, fianite, carborundum, carbonado) are unmarketable and can not be used for the standard licensed industrial cutting and jeweller production. All of gemstones color stones unmarketable are subject processing in full, including all of offcuts of production (dust, crumb, nonstandard). It is forbidden to lower the cost of stone in the process of their processing without depending on a presence or absence of license and desire of diamond cutter - fundamental and primary are scientific aims and state economic and political priorities of the Ukraine.

   If legal metals for wares not hallmark state brands and are unpoisonous and unradio-active, salespeople and proprietors do not carry responsibility for their chemical composition, his accordance or disparity the requirements of state standards on condition that these metals are not the objects of government monopoly (for example, especially valuable rare earths, science intensive or potentially dangerous isotopes of any chemical elements). A salesman is under an obligation to warn a buyer on his requirement, that these wares from legal metals no hallmark and not subject industrial and production hallmark, because on any non-standard alloys and virgin metals standard tests and brands are not set. To set in such wares jewels, falling under any standards, it is forbidden. Setting the strasses of any origin and glass imitations of jewels color stones is not recommended from the aesthetic considering.

   It is forbidden to insert in the licensed jeweller decorations, which an industrial hallmark brand, stone and minerals on which the action of license does not spread about jewels, is put on. In particular, it is forbidden to insert in industrial wares from gold, silver and platinum (even executed in the unique copy) any stone which fall short of the standards of jeweller raw material and cutting and does not fall under the action of state license is interpreted as deception of buyer, and is a swindle. For example, it is forbidden to set any non-standard stone and even jewels (sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds) objectively different tints in one jeweller good or in their complete set (ear-rings, set), if it is accompanied use hallmark brands. A brand can be set only on the finished jeweller product with jewels which strictly correspond state standards. Otherwise setting a brand and hallmark is forbidden. It is forbidden to use in wares with hallmark brands any non-standard methods of clip of jewels (innovative clip of stone or innovative type of cutting in is the beginning subject a preliminary request on standardization, patented, and only then put in a production on the basis of patent about an invention and documents about acceptance of these standards the state).

   Any stone (including diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and other stone of natural and synthetic origin and ennobled), extracted from any jeweller and other wares (from new, former in the use, production or storage), б/у, defective (unmarketable, surplus stock) and can not be repeatedly used in ANY production loop even in case that on them visible an eye defects absent or they were facet and glaze is "automatically considered" (delivery of any utilize stone, especially from the licensed category, for new in any licensed wares in any shape or form a "swindle" falls under a category).

   Does not matter, as operations of sale are carried out, exchange or barter with the licensed wares and stone - from one thing, by a mineral "deposit" or in the sizes of any commodity party - through storages, post office, productions, shops, lombards, exhibitions, "from hands", "under the counter" or through any internetsites, because these operations are the STRICTLY licensed type of activity. Licensed are all services in warehousing and storage licensed stone and licensed wares which an eventual user does not have, from one thing, up to a government monopoly (for example, national reserve, state stock and custom storages), thus any storage of these wares is executed as a safekeep with an obligatory state price and inventory without depending on the purpose of storage (including storage with the purpose of transporting and delivery of the indicated wares from one thing and higher). Sale of the licensed wares licence free a manner private and by other persons from one thing and higher (up to commodity party or by a mineral "deposit", including former in the use or on storage) possible only through the system of the certificated lombards and receiving points, having a license to the purchase of these wares (including in national reserve and other responsible funds and the authorized public servants which appoint obligatory state and other independent examination of good, set a purchase price and can give up acquisition of good on any preliminary stage without a mortgage).

   By the licensed operations and even by the objects of government monopoly there are any operations with all potentially and really dangerous stone and areas which can be radio-active (checking must be executed for radio-activity in state metrology) are poisonous soluble admixture or limitations on application (the obligatory special warnings are in instruction, marking and packing color), are poisonous, dangerous fumes appear, dangerous solutions and other dangerous for life and health of biological individuals of connection. For example, the fumes of sulphureous sources are dangerous, dangerous is blue celestine, if he is not used for the needs of crystallography and by mistake used in Medical stone therapeutics for insisting of water (water-soluble connection of strontium is duplet combination of poison and radiation with complex action from an organism by isotopes). Dangerous is a red cinnabar is soluble connection of mercury, and a silvery arsenopyrite is dangerous connection of arsenic (especially for children). The poisonous is dangerous green conichalcite, all of arsenate. Radio-active and dangerous are many zircons, especially with the damaged crystalline grate and rare earths (acquired only for scientific needs). It is impossible to expose to the rays beryl heliodor, having in composition isotopes of uranium. Charoit and eudialyte, containing rare earths in high concentrations is dangerous (require verification on regular dosimeters). Ores of uranium are especially dangerous, thorium and other metals, in-use for "nuclear" devices and reactors, scientific aims and other needs of government monopoly. Professional activity without the documentarily confirmed profession (especially requiring higher and especially scientific educations) in Ukraine is forbidden and can be interpreted as a swindle.

   The state is Ukraine actively and really cares of life, health and safety of citizens, having a necessary legislative base, state machines, power, metrology, scientific and other structures. 2010 any science and all of scientific researches are objects to the strict government monopoly of the Ukraine.