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Seminar "Gems stone on hands", lecture about stone and minerals -->rus
An author handwork and set of stone is exclusive, Ukraine, Kharkov

   April, 9, 2017 took a place author seminar of the Anton A. Kaftanov about semiprecious stone and minerals "Gems stone on hands" Kharkov (Ukraine, CIS). The new popular of work was applied are individual and collective consultations on stone and minerals.

   Visiting on our seminar and consultations, You:

   - You KNOW that is underlaid co-operation of stone and man;

   - You will FAMILIARIZE with classification of basic groups of minerals, in-use both in jewelry and in esoteric and medical practices;

   - You will GET knowledges about methods and methods of primary diagnostics of stone;

   - You will be ABLE to know about properties of stone, as oberega and talisman, use of minerals in spiritual and esoteric practices, myths and realities in this theme;

   - You will PURCHASE knowledges about bases of lito- and stone-therapy, coming from historical and modern experience;

   And also hear about the basic practiced types of imitations, swindle in the field of stone, jewelry and litoterapii, stone-"copyist", and basic methods of diagnostics of imitations. Individual and group consultations on minerals.

   Lecturer - Anton A. Kaftanov, stone and minerals are minerals. It is possible to purchase stone and jewelry. The custom order of individual consultations is possible by arrangment with a lecturer, meeting by arrangement (from a 1 people).

   Record on participating in a seminar and consultation on telephones:
   Phones mob. 050 1357929 - Anton A. Kaftanov, Kharkov, Ukraine


Seminars semiprecious "Gems stone on hands", a lecturer is Anton A. Kaftanov, wares from stone


Seminars semiprecious "Gems stone on hands", a lecturer is Anton A. Kaftanov, presentation of stone


Seminars semiprecious "Gems stone on hands", presentation is Anton A. Kaftanov, minerals


Helper assistant and organizer of seminars Caterine Kaftanova (jewels of a stone)


   An manager of seminars is Caterine Kaftanova. Photos are resulted your attention on previous seminars "Gems stone on hands", a seminar is planned to address is Ukraine, Kharkov



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