Signs of travelling traffic lane markings (GAI of Ukraine) -
to transportation and marking of dangerous load of DOPOG
Prophylaxis of violations on deposits and dangerous productions -->rus
























Orange gleam rotating beacon flasher (SGU) to on type "horizontal beam" (on a loader)
transportation of DOPOG of load and including of orange blinking device at night, without a siren


Servicemen of military powers of Ukraine are direct jurisdiction on transportation
especially dangerous (including nuclear and radio-active) loads and military loads, form


Possible signs of denotation of dangerous loads by system of DOPOG (GAI, Ukraine)
for possible transportation of nuclear bomb (does not burst) of mini-tractor, prime mover, carrier, heavy hauler (TS), transport - in the USA


Possible signs for transportation of especially dangerous soldiery loads of DOPOG (VAI, h-bomb)
There is not a "wall" of shock wave (destructions of type are a "scoop of power-shovel") and effect of artificial tsunami
Additional components of nuclear bomb are hydrogen, heavy hydrogen, tritium. A result is helium and lithium
As the initial are used the photo of military web site http://


Possible signs of dangerous loads by system of DOPOG (Ukraine) for military railway composition


Possible signs of travelling danger (for transportation of dangerous loads) for the difficult loop of highway
On a motorway on Pike`s Peak (state Colorado, USA). Near the mountain of Pike`s Peak. 09.2013. A photo: © A.A. Evseev

A difficult road seems stand and easy - from the height of human growth, to the real danger by a "eye" not evidently
Example of travelling traffic lane markings of educational ground on the Saturday, Sunday and output days (on the norms of DOPOG MVDU)
Near a mountain Pike`s Peak (state Colorado, USA) is a dangerous place on batholites (American Almaden). Photo: © A.A. Evseev

A. Evseev (on the left), G. Abramov and A. Timofeev (going down from a top Pike`s Peak, state Colorado, USA)

A dangerous place in the USA is forming of tectonic breccia on dry "overhead" break a secret of sial flags
A dangerous place is a dry sublimation of toxic gases and crushing of epiphases of sial, sharp wreckages
G. Abramov and A. Timofeev on a top Pike`s Peak (state Colorado, USA). Photo: © A.A. Evseev (Russian Federation, CIS)


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