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Bone of bull and cow is fashionable material for modern jewelry -->rus

   In India a cow is a sacred animal, symbolizing fecundity, abundance, earth, personification of both sky and earth. For ancient greeks a goddess Gera and Io appear in the look of cow. In many traditions a cow personified fertility, abundance, prosperity. In the article materials of network are used the Internet.

   Hypotarsus (simple bone). The most accessible bone, suitable for a screw-thread, is cevka (bone of the large horned animals and cattle). This bone was used in the decoratively-applied art. From it it is possible to make small boxes, cups, jewelry and other great deal. Bone is plastic, well processed a drill and hand instrument, added a polish, is sensitive of fat spots.

   Before a screw-thread the bone of cow and bull needs to be preliminary prepared. For this purpose it is cooked a few hours, beads, bleach and only after it a bone can be processed. An animal bone was used in a screw-thread by different people, on Russian North used a cow bone, in Middle Asia used the jaws of horse, camel and other parts of skeleton of animals. Website http://koptelovy.ru/


   Screw-thread on the bone. Pre-treatment of material. First a bone must be cleaned from extraneous. It is done through a 18-22% penozone. The pills of peroxide can be found in pharmacies, solution can be made independently. A peroxigen in a 20% solution is a caustic liquid, not to mention about pills. In solution the bone of animals is held hour-one and a half. Whereupon to wash water, to dry out and wipe a rag, smochenoy in a 646 solvent (solvent 647, acetone). It is needed for depriving of fat. In theory it is possible for this purpose to avail by any domestic purifier of tableware.

   Work thus a bone can saw on purveyances, polish et cetera Bone is material anymore fibred, than homogeneous (we will remember biology) and to polish it preferably, as well as every fibred material, along fibres. Polish. Executed a dry thick WITHOUT of polishing PASTE of GOI (Paste of GOI is polishing paste of State government Optical Institute, consisting of green chrome-oxide and beeswax). Polish finish surface of bone in course of time dims and at the active carrying it time-two in a month it is possible to wipe piece of cloth (woollen), renewing gloss. Bone is mat and hard - cutting is difficult. Website http://gilar2.narod.ru/


   Master class. Before to begin treatment of bone, it is needed to deprive of fat and bleach it. In few words - as prepare a bone. Use beef bones from a market. Before cooked during one and a half-two clock in the calcinated soda, but taking into account quality of bones, forced to give up the protracted boiling-out. Cook a half a hour approximately, unite after, change water and pour new portion of soda, abandon for the night in this solution.

   Further - the next day wash and carefully delete all of tailings of spongy matter and tailings of heat fabrics inwardly bones through a round file. After it to 80-90 degrees warm water and pour out there a food soda until it will leave off to dissolve. In this solution abandon yet on one night. That water will cool off - not terrible. A soda bleaches a bone in this case, strengthens it. The final bleaching is made in solution of gidroperite. Inundate bones cold water and begin to warm. Give up the pack of pills and look, as they dissolve. As soon as on the walls of tableware and on bones the bubbles of oxygen begin to appear, take off here, cover a lid and put on the floor, that cooled off. A temperature of solution is no more than 40 degrees. If to overheat, gidroperit will lose the properties. If to leave in cold water, a process will delay. In such solution bones are 2-3 days. Black pores bleach even. Forum of discussion of work on a bone and collective master-class https://vk.com/topic-41404615_26883652



Man's beads buddhistic complete from the natural bone of yak, Nepal, 108 beads, length 395 mm
Natural bone of bull, Nepal, complete buddhistic rosary, the diameter of beads 7 mm (cevka)
Man's beads buddhistic complete - a bone is natural bull, India, 108 beads, length 270 mm
Natural bone of bull and cow, India, hand assembling, the diameter of beads 7 mm (oval)
Man's beads buddhistic complete - a bone toning bull, India, 108 beads, length 280 mm
Natural bone of bull and cow, India, diameter of beads 7 mm, bovine eye, is beads
Small buddhistic (a complete rosary is 108 beads) from the bone of cow, painted, the Indian is small
V.I.P. the toning bone of cow reminds a wood and garden-stuffs of rudraksha, not to wet water
Komboloi small - a bone is natural bull and composition-metal, India, 23 beads, length 140 mm
Natural bone of bull and cow, India, hand assembling, composition-metal, the diameter of beads 7 mm (oval)
Man's beads pegleri - a bone toning bull, India, 33 + 6х10 beads, length 300 mm
Mediterranean variant of pegleri and begleri of the Tibet type - 93 painted beads
In the decomposed kind general length beads 300 mm, at addition twice length beads 150 mm
V.I.P. the toning bone of cow reminds a wood and garden-stuffs of rudraksha, not to wet water

   From itself personally will add. Making of religious rosary from the bone of yak (attributes for man) popularly in mountain Nepal (Asia), it is traditional folk trades of this alpine state. District of Shambala, Kailas and Tibet are bangles from a bone (wickerwork). Making of bijouterie from the bone of bull and cow characteristically for the people of India are original necklaces, beads, pendants, ear-rings and bangles, and also a necklace with the use of decorative elements, intagliated from a bone is beads of various form, rings from the bone of cows, images of elephants are traditional popular animals of India, leaves of plants, screw-thread for bones, dekor from a goldish composition-metal. Unique is the bone painted over under a wood from India (very look like a dark natural wood, I entangled - it is not needed to wet good of toning color from a bone in anything). Bone more lasting, than wood, it is possible to entangle. Natural bone of cow and bull from India, where a cow is a sacred animal.


Beads from a natural bone "Elephants" are India (cevka of bull and cow), length 38 sm
Necklace !! Beads with the images of two elephants with a large pendant in form ring
Beads from the natural bone of "Ring" are India (cevka of bull and cow), length 35 sm
Necklace!! Beads-necklaces are long three-row with the figured elements in form ring
Necklace. Natural bone of cow and bull from India, a cow is a sacred animal, composition-metal
Beads from a natural bone "Burn" is India (cevka of bull and cow), length 31 sm
Necklace !! Beads-necklaces are long three-row with round beads in form the twisted plait
Natural hazel and rather yellow bone of cow - not painted over, not imitation
Necklace. Natural bone of cow and bull from India, a cow is a sacred animal, composition-metal
Beads from a natural bone by plates is India (cevka of bull and cow), length 37 sm
Necklace!! Beads-necklaces long two-row with the figured elements in form plates
Natural hazel and rather yellow bone of cow - not painted over, not imitation
Bangle from the natural light bone of bull is India (cevka of bull and cow), length 18 sm
Bangle. Natural bone of cow and bull from India, a cow is a sacred animal, composition-metal
Beads from a natural bone toning is India (painted under a wood ), length 31 sm
Necklace!! Beads-necklaces are long four-row with round beads (painted) "Leaves"
Natural hazel and toning bone of cow - look like a wood, not to wet
Necklace. Painted bone of cow and bull from India, a cow is a sacred animal, composition-metal


   Bone is difficult in treatment material, heavily added treatment and burning-out. On this good from India were additionally inflicted by a burning-out the Scandinavian runes. Bone is popular material for causing of runes.

Beads from the natural bone of bull with runes is India (runes are scorched by hand), length 37 sm
Necklace !! Beads-necklaces in form plates with do pokerwork by hand by the runes (high-order futark)
Natural hazel bone of cow is not painted over, large beads, yellow composition-metal
Runes are inflicted on plates from a bone by hand, Julia Kaphtanova. Read about interpretations of runes

Also look like the painted and darkened bone runes, intagliated from the wood
Tell - a bone is painted anneal soldering iron, actually it is a wood
Rune on the bone of animals more difficult and it is dear to burn out and work, what wood
Rune on any wood usually cheaper and dostupnee runes on a bone


   Under the bone of animals it is enough a wood and bamboo of different flowers is easily processed, tints and invoice of wood - painted or not a wood successfully can be given out for the bone of cow and bull (cevka), both natural color and painted over. A wood is usual easier than bone of animals and more frequent than all easily floats on-the-spot water in a dry kind. Higher on a photo a rosary from a wood, look like the bone of animals, is resulted, especially hornbeam, and runes.

   Imitations of bone are materials, look by sight like a bone. A marble onyx and coloured and white aragonit very looks like the bone of animals from Pakistan and other countries. Natural stone usually harder and heavier than bone. Look like the invoice of bone and skull - on a photo on the right intagliated from a marble onyx frogs. A marble onyx is sensitive of any acid, look like a bone and wonderful stone in itself.

   Imitation of bone, especially additionally bleached, also executed the tusks of animals - tusks of elephant (ivory is teeth and tusks of wild animals) and white plastic "under ivory" (I do not publish from the ethics considering). Elephants must live in nature with their tusks (teeth). Amber ("bone stone, bone amber") and other materials looks like a bone. A bone is counterfeit amber, tusk of mammoth, turquoise and natural stone.


More dear material is amber (fossil resin) and fossil tusk of mammoth
Object of conflicts for folk masters. Amber and tusk of mammoth is dearer is a cost
Screw-thread on yellow amber and on the tusk of mammoth usually dearer than screw-thread on the bone
Illustration taken from the real website - the row of wares can be purchased


   Bone cows and bulls is in itself is ideal modern material for wares and jewelry, relatively accessible and inexpensive, possesses wonderful decorative properties and processed easily enough (as compared to a stone). Wares from it, executed folk masters, were always famous. A wideuse in artistic trades has simple bone. Bone is sawed a handsaw on a metal, processed a file. Drilled drills, a screw-thread is done the coniferous forests by the flexible billow of bor-mashiny. Wares it is possible toning from a bone, painting is superficial, and also to apply the deep painting. Toning is made graphite powder or saturated solution of moist colours, in which good place on 3-5 mins. After toning otpolirovyvayut good on a clean rag circle. Toning underlines the depth of screw-thread. The superficial painting is made aniline or natural dyes.

   Natural dyes are ancient material of painting of bone. For painting a bone is deprived of fat, and then put on some time in the strong extract of dye. At painting a bow husk a bone is acquired by a red-broune tint, and tea is given by a yellow-brown color. Bone, painted expect or by a bow husk, does not almost burn down. For painting bone tea or bow husk (1 part) it is needed to inundate boiling water (3 parts) and to insist about hour in the closed tableware. In this extract a bone needs to be boiled thoroughly during 30-40 mins Wares from a bone it is possible to paint also by aniline dyes for woolens. They give even colourful coverage on which it is possible to engrave a white picture. But aniline dyes burn down in the sunshine (especially on a south and at a sea).

   The process of the deep painting is more difficult and requires the careful depriving of fat of bone. Bone is boiled down in the enameled tableware during 5-7 ch in solution of the calcinated soda (50 g on 2-3 l of water), wash warm water and dry out. Paint a bone in dyeing solution during 7-12 days in glass or enameled tableware. To get dark blue dye, conduct a 1 part of blue vitriol in 6-9 parts of water and add a liquid ammonia to the receipt of necessary color. In yellow a bone is painted solution of dvukhromovokislogo potassium in water (in a that proportion). For the receipt of green dye mix up 2 parts of dark blue and 1 part of yellow dyes. In a violet color a bone is painted solution of cobaltichloride. A brown color turns out at mixing of yellow (1 part) and violet (2 parts) dyes. To paint a bone in a black, it needs to be held for some the time a few minutes in hot decoction of dark blue sandala, and then to place in solution of acetate salt.

   Wares it is possible to silver from a bone (in course of time pocherneet are reagents from the photographic laboratories of the USSR, so run ivory smuggle across a custom). For this purpose they are immersed in weak solution of nitric acid silver, but as only solution will be purchased by a darkly-yellow color, wares take out and put into clean water and propose in the sunshine. When through a few clock a bone quite pocherneet, it is rubbed the piece of derma. After it the polished good is acquired by a beautiful brilliant silver tint. Website http://remstroi.biz/text/text68_podelki.html



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