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Lava stone, lava of volcano, volcanic stone bombs,
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   Material is partly adopted of the Internet. Lava stone (lava, volcanic stone bombs), hardening porous lava behaves to the effusive volcanic rocks which are formed outpouring on the surface of earth of burning hot magma. Material reminds an usual all pumice and to this group of stone and minerals. The abundant reserved pores of lava stone contain primary volcanic gas.

   If more soft porous pumice is known a long ago and popular in bath-houses and massage salons, there are a few thousand years on SPA-treatment medical manipulation, a lava stone was begun by process comparatively recently - he is more hard, durable, partly accepts a polish and can be used in jewelry and wares of folk masters.

   A stone falls into the category of litotherapy (treatment stone and minerals) obviously - he has the testimonies and contra-indications for application in medicine, jewelry with him are medicinal. The porous surface of stone allows to conduct a harmonizing massage on hands and body of human, a stone answers after front-middle and back-middle energy acupressure meridians of body human. Befits almost all, including on the signs of Zodiac and horoscopes. Included in a fashion in itself and in a complex with other stone from 2017.

   A lava stone, as follows from the name, is a hardening magma - product of activity of volcanos. Otherwise a lava stone is named "basalt". Such name was given him in Ethiopia (northeast of Africa, population, talking on the languages of Semito-Hamitic group nations), there is it from a word "bazal" - "boiled". Obtain a volcanic rock by hand. Deposits are on Transcaucasia, Kamchatka (Russia, CIS), in Italy, Mexico, Mongolia and USA. On territory of Russia (CIS) of him it is possible to find in the Kamchatka area.

   This stone, which was used not only as jewelry but also for making of statuettes of gods and home utensil, is from ancient times acquainted people. It was later begun to combine a lava stone with other materials and metals. A mineral is able to combine with some natural stone, underlining beauty of good, done from him. Decorative and in itself (on a photo). A stone partly is not sensitive of water.

   The lava stone of basaltic type (porous) is formed at the shot of lava from the crater of volcano and instantaneous cooling it in touch with water on-the-spot earth (near caldera of volcano, steam and former sources of water). Lava, appearing after volcanic eruption, getting in water, grows into a porous stone. In his chemical composition greater part is occupied by a carbonate, silicium or basalt. Typical dry stone of basaltic effusive type, varicoloured and black.

Lava, a lava stone is the Canary Islands (Spain, Europe and Africa, Gibraltar, Atlantic ocean)
Material of photo from a website https://pixabay.com/ Florian Jung, 47 pictures is Lava, Magma, Eruption of Volcano

   Lava is used for making of harmonizings massage marbles (material for a rosary and beads). At affecting of marbles body with the elements of massage, lava is able to become a helper at treatment of phlebeurysm, joints and to corking of vessels (to use very carefully). Influence of stone is similarly effective at a fight against cellyulitom. Testimonies and contra-indications - as at any medical massage.

   On the SPA-energy volcanic lava and basalt (including in form pebble) is divided by man and womanish, on Yin and Yan stone. Rough type lava carries Yan energy (tope up affecting organism), even lava is more soft on energy and carries property Yin (sedative properties). Both types of lava are useful and positively influence on a human (each in the spectrum of influence) and behave to SPA-medicine (harmonization).

   A lava stone strengthens the immune system, weakens the areas of strong tension, takes off stress of organism. Quench myshechnye spasms and pains, instrumental in normalizing of arteriotony. Volcanic lava heal feet, joints, sanguiferous-vascular system, nervous and lymphatic systems. From ancient times powder from the stone of lava was used as an excellent mean for cicatrization of wounds.

   Lava of volcano is a mineral of shamans, mystics and spiritual adherents. It is a mineral of magicians and alchemists, feelings the indissoluble connection with nature and able to co-operate with it. From the depths of antiquity lava came to us as character of consciousness and realized, it attracts as a magnet of people, possessing the special capabilities and gifts, healers, warriors, people of cognizings and exposing itself and force. Jewelry with lava serve powerful amulet and daryls a people which carries them, forces to manage with any vital barriers.

   Lava of volcano - one of ancient amulet at home at the different tribes of the world. Carrying of jewelry from lava influences a man on these natural rhythms, slyshanie and understanding itself, the body, desires, ideas, plans, dreamings. At carrying for a man the intuitionalness is intensifyed, ability to understand and it is correct to interpret messages and appearances of the intuition, subconsciousness, sleeps, visions. It develops native talents and creative thought, allows deeper to meet with nature, with to Universe and with the deep inner world unseen, with the natural wisdom, by force and by power. Jewelry from lava are able to show out of depths all of the hidden power and help wisely to show it in your life and use this force for achievement of your most bold plans and dreamings.

Lava volcanic extrass from the cracks of the earth's crust are forming of lava stone and bombs
Possible volcanic cataclysms and shots by lava through space - model of eruption

   On chemical composition lava and volcanic stone of every deposit nepovtorimy (they are compared to shungitom, popular black Karelia stone - there is an abundance of oligoelementss and micro-inclusion). A lava stone can be formed from shot-like of volcanic extrass on cracks and craters of the earth's crust (on the type of mortars). At the vystreloobraznom troop landing of lava from the crater of volcano through the opened space and stratosphere of Earth a lava stone (volcanic bombs, lava) can take the elements of meteoritic and bolidnogo matters, sun wind, atmospheric clouds and even to contain a space vacuum.

   On a photo unusual for earthly terms miniature volcanic eruption and troop landing of lava is below resulted on a terrene on the type of flash in the Sunshine. Very alike - on such type the extrass of matter on-the-spot of a Sun are formed, the arc shot of lava under constraint is directed upwards. One of variants of forming of extraterrestrial and earthly lava stone. Analogue of this picture of original "sun" type of volcanic eruption by me on 2017 it is not found is the element of sun volcano in a miniature on-the-spot Earth.

Lava, a lava stone is so formed is the arched troop landing of lava on the type of flash in the Sunshine
Photo with https://pixabay.com/ Florian Jung, friendly pictures are Lava, Magma, Eruption of Volcano

Flash on a Sun - volcano. Photo with https://oblast45.ru/publication/3215/. Powerful shot burning hot lava

Flash on a Sun - troop landing. Photo with https://ria.ru/science/20170907/1501971347.html. Magnetic storm and aurora borealis

   Black dense lava stone can carry information from the opened space and even take sun wind (a volcano pops by them upwards and throws about sufficiently much from a crater), stone can be additionally dried up and close-settled a space vacuum and to have more high closeness (as compared to an usual pumice and porous loose surface bazal'tami, formed not on the type of shot of lava).

   Lava the stone of claret and crimson color are contained by the elements of primary red sial of earth (primary sial flags, usually concealed under the layer of mountain breeds and invisible, they can be seen on the row of waterfalls, kimberlitov and break a secret in the earth's crust, relict). Greyish lava stone contain a volcanic atmospheric ash (troop landing in the atmosphere of post of ash from the crater of volcano at his eruption, loose). Rather yellow lava stone are taken by the superficial breeds of earth and have tracks of volcanic fire (source of lava directly from the crater of volcano, dense).

   Decoration from lava, lava stone and volcanic bombs will become a good gift for people, related to business (a stone is popular in the USA). Wares will add the proprietor psychological a confidence and will help swiftly and right to move in the appointed direction to the put purpose. Very beautifully jewelry look at oneself with furnituroy and in combination with other stone.

   A stone helps people, to aspiring to knowledges, to find the clearness of idea, manage with agitation, maximally concentrated on work and expose all of the mental possibilities on a capture one or another science. Not for nothing lava is considered the stone of knowledge. In particular case a mineral will become an irreplaceable helper students, to know the enormous stratum of information. On esoteric and magic properties as rare volcanic material, thrown out from the crater of volcano, lava of volcano and volcanic bombs is as pegmatite, granite and graphic pegmatite - to the stone of knowledges and aspiring to science, talisman. Valued jewries of Israel.

   A lava stone, born forces of earth, possesses unique medical and magic properties. He is instrumental in unity of timber-toe by nature, brings harmony in life, here lava does not stand absence of motion, be therefore ready to the good changes. Lava talismans especially help that, who searches the way and trusts forces of nature. A mineral is used not only for jewelry and amulets, but for creation of luxurious elements of interior. Durable variety of stone – a basalt is widely used in building.

   A lava stone is sometimes used for the jewelry of pools and aquariums. Water well circulates in soil, if this mineral is included in his composition. In him there are different chemical matters, saturant a liquid by different elements. Due to the ability long time to save warmly, a mineral is sometimes used in grills in place of coals (including on coals and electric-heating). Also he is used for the increase of heat and maintainance of high temperature even at the frequent opening of lid of grill. Basaltic cotton wool is very claimed, it possesses ability to take in noises.

   Material is partly used from a website https://www.livemaster.ru/, http://gems-and-jewels.ru/.


Man's beads traditional lava is black volcanic bombs, 33 beads, length 165 mm
Black porous volcanic bombs, lava stone, lava of volcano, diameter 10 mm
Porous stone (there is volcanic gas) does not slide in hands is a massage of fingers and hands

Man's beads traditional lava is black volcanic bombs, 33 beads, length 200 mm
Black porous volcanic bombs, lava stone, lava of volcano, diameter 12 mm
Stone as a result of active lava volcanic eruption is included in a fashion in 2017

Man's beads traditional lava of "SPA" is white volcanic bombs, 33 beads, length 200 mm
Porous stone, does not slide, there is maintenance of white chalk - not to scratch, not drop "SPA"
For rare and infrequent "SPA" application is a light greyish and white porous stone

Pegleri is volcanic bombs, beads for turning on the chainlet, 4 elements, chainlet
Lava is black volcanic bombs, a type is Vesuvius, diameter of beads 10 mm is a handwork
General length beads at addition are 175 mm. Length without brushes at addition twice are 140 mm
Mediterranean variant is beads, a design of Cyprus. Type - Mpegleri. Master Catherine Kaftanova


Beads from red coral, elements of sprigs and black volcanic bombs, length 39 sm
Red coral is whole fragments of sprigs, structure, black volcanic bombs (lava)

Beads from a ruby in green coizite, coral and black volcanic bombs, length 27 sm
Red corundum (ruby) in green coizite, black volcanic bombs (lava) and coral


Examples of lava volcanic eruption are fiery extrass of lava stone and lava bombs
From the crater of volcano lava bombs and lumps of lava fly and form lava stone


Wet porous pumice of claret-brown color, lava basaltic constituent
Ordinary pumice, fragile enough and less suitable for shallow jeweller jewelry


   For formation of pumice stone a rapid cooling-down and rapid depressurization, resulting in the sharp degassing and making the foam of mountain orthorock is needed. Vesicultion here similarly with making the foam of gassed water at the sharp opening of warm bottle. Snap-chilling of lavas results in that bubbles do not have time to go out from lava and remain in hardening volcanic glass (refrigerator). As a result a breed acquires high porosity and low b.d. – from 0,5–0,6 to 1,3–1,4 g/sm3. Middle porosity of pumice about 90%, that provides the buoyancy of pumice in water. Pumice appear at explosion eruptions.


   Pumice stone - not used for jeweller jewelry without depending on that, volcanic glass or other materials, in-use in jeweller industry, is included in its composition (jewelry, bijouterie). A volcanic pumice (from lat. spuma are suds) is a mountain breed, appearing as a result of the rapid hardening of sour and middle lavas, saturated gases, on-the-spot earth after volcanic eruption. A structure is porous (porosity arrives at 80%), rough, foamy. Homogeneous breed. Colouring depends on the iron contained in it and is black, greyish, white, rather yellow. Enough easy very porous material. A middle closeness is in the piece of aniyskoy pumice of 500-600 kg/m3 (floats on water), litoidnoy pumice of 1300-1400 kg/sm3. Fuse at the temperature 1350-1400 oC. Specific mass 0,3-0,9 g/sm3. Hardness on the scale of Mohs 5-6,5.

   Fireproof, inert to the chemical matters, is heat insulator due to a porous structure. For a pumice a porous structure, homogeneity of composition, greyish, white, rather yellow, black colouring, small closeness, is characteristic. A pumice is similar on a pozzolana. Quartz to 75%, feldspars (mainly ortoklaz) to 25%. A pumice is widespread in districts, where active or extinct volcanos are disposed. Appears from lavas, rich in gases. There is a selection of plenty of gases at the rapid thermosetting of lava, that does porous overhead part of lava (suds of volcano). Pumice depending on composition there are liparitovye, andezitovye, trachytic, basaltic. A pumice is polishing material. This porous and relatively a hard not jeweller stone is irreplaceable for the production of cleanings facilities. A pumice is used in chemical and petrochemical industry as a catalyst, it is needed at the synthesis of organic matters. Used on build business for making of pumecrete and as addition to cement.

   Fireproof. Chemically inert. A pumice is a valuable mineral product (not dear). In chemical industry used for filters, dryings vehicles. The pumice of aniyskogo type is applied in heat-insulation structurally-thermal concretes with durability on a compression from 1,5 to 10 MPa. Litoidnuyu pumice - in construction concretes with durability from 10 to 40 MPa. A pumice is used as a heat-insulation filing up, in the ground kind as hydraulic addition to portlandcement. Serves as abrasive material for polishing of metal, wood (jewelry and bijouterie), polish of stone wares and minerals (auxiliary material for making of jeweller wares). Finds application in the way of life. Sometimes a pumice is taken to the dust. Not jeweller stone.

   Material is partly used from websites http://www.geolib.net/, http://anomal.unicor.ru/

   A pumice is a porous bar which get accustomed to grind heels in to the bathroom and bath-house, and functional ingredient, in Cosmetology, in particular decorative. A pumice is used for mechanical peelings of derma are an peel agent which befits for the delete of necrotic cages of epidermis (overhead outside of derma, with a carefulness). In Ancient Greece and Rome the bars of pumice were used for the delete of hairs on a body – the area of body was carefully wiped the bar of pumice to the complete delete of hairs of body. In Cosmetology a pumice is used in powder-like formulas – "powder" tricking into, eye shadow.

   The process of processing of pumice looks like the following: a pumice is obtained on mines with the beds of ancient volcanic deposit, ground down after. Further raw material is transported on a processing factory, where it is again crushed on the particles of different sizes (the low-limit, in-use in cosmetic industry is 3 microns, literally equivalent of particle of smoke). A pumice is very porous and easy, it is the almost unique stone which can float in water and not sink. Can contain a volcanic ash and other components.

   Material is partly used from websites http://forum.cosmetic.ua/


Pumice is its visual difference of lava stone (very much a lot of gas pores)

   People learned to make an artificial pumice out of blast-furnace slag and porous penobetona, although usually a natural pumice meets on sale. In medicine a mineral is used for a polish at making of acryl dentures. A pumice enters in the complement of polishing facilities for a dental enamel and used for the production of tooth-paste. Some types of pumice by sight remind a bone (on a photo).

   At treatment of sewages (sewage system) from enterprises this breed plays an important role in the aerobic and anaerobic systems. It influences on speed of settling of silt, that allows to carry out the trouble-free cycle of cleaning of flows. Add a mineral and at the production of explosive, that promotes the sensitiveness of initial matter to detonation. Oilman apply a pumice for cleaning of oils. On major industrial concerns this abrasive is applied for the polish of different materials. In glass industry a pumice is irreplaceable at the production of glazes. The producers of Cosmetology add this mineral at making of peelings for a derma (sequestrants).

   Without a pumice does not treat at the production of cleanings facilities. In this case a mineral is ground down and add in the complement of different cleanings powders and pastes. In a build sphere this mountain breed is applied at the production of slag and as napolnitelya for an easy concrete. In chemical industry a pumice is used for the issue of different filters and as basis for various catalysts.

   Material is partly used from websites https://kamni.guru/


   Vesuvius (active volcano on the south of Italy, EU, near Naples) is a height 1220 m. In 79 g A.D. At the explosion of volcano lava concealed the city of Pompei, which was reconstructed only with 1748 Skipper's daughter of tsunami which covered part of coast of Mediterranean rose at beginning of volcanic of Vesuvius eruption. Rescued including on o. Cyprus - to the motherland of modern rosary of pegleri (they are not connected in a ring and turn like komboloi). A rosary is presented in style "Vesuvius" is lava, volcanic bobm stone, "snow obsidian" (black volcanic glass with a grey ash) and agates, formed in emptinesses of basaltic lava and from volcanos mountain orthorocks. Beginning of "volcanic" fashion of 2017. On a photo higher is an original rosary of hand-worked of this series.

   After volcanic eruption in some hardenings pieces of lava it is possible to find large maintenance of basalt, therefore specialists in area of stone and minerals took away him in a separate kind. A basalt is mixture of lava and ash, a black finely-porous stone appears at the instantaneous hardening of fiery liquid from the bowels of the earth of earth. A mineral is enough heavy and designated, but here partly added physical influence. A basalt is actively used in building due to stability to the acid matters, longevity and wonderful descriptions of noise insulation, to conductivity of heat and heat-resistance (as an auxiliary element of revetment and finishing). Tailings of mineral mill in a crumb and add to the asphalt or concrete.


   Man's beads in itself and from a lava stone (lava, volcanic bombs) are a reminder about prayer, united in a ring - about continuous prayer. Sorting out of rosary also allows practicing to save attention, contest with the loss of concentration and sleep. In some practices beads from different materials of doctor-litotherapy provide with ability to cure one or another illnesses. In addition, difficult motility of fingers, sorting out a rosary can help at treatment of illnesses and joints of hands. Reflexology, point and muscularly massage of hands. In Ukraine (CIS) a rosary also love simply as jewelry - any.


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   Attention! It is not recommended to wet any miniatures and stone water, especially hotter or marine !!

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