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Shambala - a "knot of eternity" is Tibet lamas and monks, beads and bangles of Shambala
Making beads by hand and selection of stone of Julia Kaphtanova, Ukraine, Kharkov -->rus

   Material is partly adopted of the Internet. Fashion of outerwear on "whicky" ("fandangle", "gismo"), bangles and rosary of style of Shambala and mountain Tibet (mountain continental Asia, Himalayas and Tibet lamas and monks, buddhism) et al fashionable akssesuary in the middle of XX century entered in a fashion in popular modern musical Rock-Group "Jethro Tull" and formed by them pop-culture (various fashionable "whicky", outlining for hairs, ethnic "outfit" in Asiatic style, difficult registrations elements of clothes etc.). Also sexual revolution of aesthetes and doctors of XX-XXI century.

   Fashion on pendants, collars and eye-catching original ethnic things entered on the stage on rock-festival, where he came forward, known modern musician electric fate-guitarist of Jimi Hendrix in Miami (USA) and on a musical festival "Woodstock" in the state New York of USA in 1969 August 15-17. From 1994 style of middle of XX century is copied abroad, in 2001 he was taken out from Tibet and Nepal (in continental mountain Asia) and from 2010 this popular style and direction of fashion and accessories of clothes began to copy even in the pragmatic and scientific CIS (post-Soviet Union territory - Commonwealth of Independent States).

   If to follow the traditional Tibet phototypographs it is possible to understand, the place of Shambala exists in a mountain valley in surroundings 9 snow mountains which in a due form and the petals of flower are reminded a location lotus, near Sieve. But after moslem encroachment, the country of Shambala became inaccessible a human eye. And now, there can get people searching only, people with a clean and opened heart. Possibly just this thin vibration, that aspiring to understanding of secret, to perfection and harmony we and try to recreate in the bangles of Shambala today. Bangle of Shambala, as explorer, helper in the search of the personal "world and calmness". On European greek and Roman mythology and legends, an explorer in Shambala is god of trade and thieves Hermes (Mercury). A sign of Zodiac is Virgo. Character is jasper, cornelians, corals, rubies (very popular in Ukraine).

Bangle of Shambala of red coral on string, 2 x 9 beads, lock - the stone of smoky quartz
Used small natural coral by sprigs, popular in Ukraine (CIS)

   This bangle in form original difficult lama rosary "appeared on light" for 3 days, what can be considered beginning of bangle of Shambala. Buddhistic monks, being this time in solitude, read the special mantras, and strung 9 knots on magic cords. Exactly these knots and must were become defenders from wicked perfumes and hoodoos. With 9 knots and now practicing get such laces from the Teachers. Bangle of Shambala izobrali surgeons are heal of wounds and injuries of patients and wound. On popular belief superstition of Scandinavia in the north of Europe, Shambala is the country of Valgala, which is visited by One and to Valkyr, where treat and heal being ill and suffering. Litotherapy. Popularity of Shambala is experienced by the second birth their chronicle counts not alone millennium, they did not lose a value and role in life and destining of man. Being the attribute of faith and harmony, the articles of Shambala accompanied on the way buddhist monks in their aspiring to the equilibrium and calmness.

   The bangles of Shambala, originally having the appearance of simple cords with strung on them nine knots, protected a proprietor from vital difficulties and adversities. Each of nine knots symbolized an original protective barrier is character of insuperable mountain, for what the special mantras read before wickerwork of Shambala. For this purpose monks during three days were in a solitary place and provided with amulets wonder-working protective force. The origin of bangles of Shambala is related to the mythical country, blown upon legends and stories. A way in this Reign of beauty and harmony is opened for clean the soul, strong a spirit and morally steady people. Buddhist monks must possess just the same qualities, once to see the country hidden from extraneous eyes, where all is inferior truth and equilibrium.

Origin of bangles of Shambala is related to the mythical country of Tibet and Nepal

   Getting to India, country the richest in semiprecious stone and valuable minerals, the modest lace of doctors of surgeons began to be transformed. It was begun to decorate a lace the beads of Shambala of natural stone (characters of organs of man, a cornelian is a liver, a ruby is blood, an agate is a brain, fallen off is a sexual sphere etc.). The Indian shamans well took advantage of properties of semiprecious stone which India is rich in, that served beginning of creation of bangle of Nagavarkha. Famous Russian fairy-tale and opera of "Sadko". In a translation from a sanskrit, "Nagavarkha" means 9 treasures (treasures, China), 9 celestial bodies (Arabic states, astronomy). Stone in the bangle of Shambala are intertwined "between knots 9 Scorpio" (Africa is the desert of Sugar and other wild countries, where treat insects for a bite).

Bangle of Shambala of a green nephrite in form tortoises, China, managed diameter

Author rosary of "Eye of Tigra" from a goldish tiger's-eye, 12 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

   There is a great number of legends of origin of these bangles, consisting of beaded on a cord or string of stone, casebound the special appearance by filaments and cords. Centuries ago, the Tibet monks began to braid bangles for protecting of man from negative influence of outward things, for finding of harmony with by itself. And in order that a bangle possessed complete force, it is needed it was to interlace them. All mattered here - and color of filaments, and choice of stone, the special value had a location of stars and advices of forecasters. The name Shambala behaves to the mythical religious place, to hidden in Central Asia is a monastery and temple of the Tibet lamas and monks. The bangles of Shambala are beads often carry on a hand like a bangle. Difficult interlacing of filaments and stone.

   Shambala is mentioned as a mountain valley in Tibet (Asia) in many ancient texts of buddhists. Traditions of Chinese "Book of changes of Idzin" - cultural and historical community of religious traditions of China and Tibet are traced. One of phototypographs Shambala-kalachakra-tantra ("wheel of time") is mentioned in which, in obedience to which, a man is in indissoluble connection with to Universe. Changing itself, a man is able to change Universe. Sense of this studies is accessible in "Bhagavad-Gita" (Krishna worship) and historical Israel scriptures "Tanakh". Shambala is mentioned in "Kabbale" (Madagascar, stone of jewries). For christians the prophet of Ecclesiastes The Preacher (Koheleth) is popular in "Bible" ("A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together"). In Ukraine popular in itself jewels as jewelry are corals, cornelian, sard, other valuable minerals.

   Similarly many of teacher Shambala went away in the state of nirvana (spiritual and philosophical meditation), which from somati differs that at somati Teacher is in a position of work in the Spiritual World of Earth. And at nirvana is in a position of the repeated birth on Earth, but in a new financial tel. Each of Teachers of Earth got up and will get up before this dilemma: Somati or Nirvana. Nirvana - when the Soul and Personality simultaneously wish death in a state of meditation. And they wish death because their life in the Financial World exhausted itself, becoming for them not interesting. Search of knowledges and philosophy by meditation.

Author rosary "Song" from an orange cornelian, 3 x 11 - 33 beads, work - Julia Kaphtanova
Can be used as a bangle of Shambala is masculine, are beads usual belonging of men

Author rosary "North of Tibet" from a light onyx ("with eyes"), 33 + 2 beads, work - Julia Kaphtanova
Can be used as a bangle of Shambala is masculine, are beads usual belonging of men

Author rosary "Meditation" from a light onyx ("with eyes"), 3 x 9 - 27 beads, work - Julia Kaphtanova
Can be used as a bangle of Shambala is masculine, are beads usual belonging of men

Author beads and bangle "Kailas" from a leopard agate, cornelian, 27 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

Author rosary "Himalayas" from a violet amethyst, 3 x 9 - 27 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

   Shambala (Shamballa) in a buddhism and Krishna worship is a mythical country in the depths of the Tibet mountains, where the life-breath of humanity is concealed. To see this mountain paradise that, who passed all of way of clearing and nirvana can own eyes. For overcoming of difficulties on this way of pilgrimage of adherents since time immemorial accompanied a small jewelry lace on a wrist, saving from adversities and dangers. Gradually the type of lace was complemented bone marbles from Nepal, wooden brusinami from China and by natural stone from India.

Example of spiritual meditation is in style of modern "Bhagavad-Gita", India - Krishna worship

   Arhat (Sanskrit "deserving respectable", Pali - arakha) - in the buddhism of Large Chariot man, attaining complete liberation and going out from the "wheel of regenerations". In the early branch of buddhism Theravada, arhat is a man fully delivered from darkenings. Arhat, in obedience to this direction of buddhism, is the greatest degree of Brightening. To attain nirvana and become arhatom, concordantly Hinayana Buddhism (the Pali Southern Buddhism) and Theravada ("the way of the elders"), mainly buddhistic monks (monasteries), practicing a buddhism independently, can, plenty of regenerations is also needed here. Arhat, concordantly Mahayana Buddhism (the Northern Buddhism, Daijo), cycle on the own brightening and can not understand Omniscience - the latest stage of pacification. Practicing brightening is possible through pronouncing of words.

   Although without a monkhood more difficult to attain brightening, by the desires and intentions, by life for the good of living creatures they can improve the karma. In presentation of row of authors, writing about a buddhism, without becoming a monk there can top achievement be a "hit on skies" (death). Also Arhat is sat down in Abayskom district of the East-Kazakhstan area of Kazakhstan (Middle Asia, CIS). And in biology Arhat (lat. Siraitia grosvenorii) is a plant, long-term liana of family Pumpkin (there is character of waiver of conclusion of marriage and creation of family in Ukraine, CIS, character of waiver of fiance of fiancee is a pumpkin, garbuz).

   From the Tibet studies Kalachakra beads that mystic Shambala not is in the physical world, but located somewhere in the potustoronnem world (consciousness): "Shambala possesses the structure of thin matter. Earthly Shambala is related to celestial. Two worlds unite exactly in this place" (love is earthly and love is celestial). As follows from description of geography and history of Shambala Tibet lama Garzhe Kmandul Rinpoche, Shambala on buddhistic presentations, there is not a country only in geographical sense of this word: "its kind changes depending on the karma of observer (Europe). For example, gods will perceive the the same river as nectar, people as water, and hungry perfumes - as a pus and blood (tsunami)". Depending on ability of immersion in meditation, presentation of internal space of consciousness changes (meditation to work of brain). Character of sexual revolution.

   Concordantly Kalachakra-tantre, a fame was got by the searches of Shambala N.K.Rerikhom during a transaziatskoy expedition, when prospecting searches interlaced with the actions of soviet secret service agents (on the Russian expedition in Mongolia - Przewalski) and English colonial authorities (occupation of territories, China), aiming to save control not so much after mysterious countries, how many after territories. Shambala, thus, grew into character of fight for world domination. Shambala is mentioned in the texts of Shangshung. Shangshung was the cradle of the most ancient religious studies in Tibet Bon religion (traditions of eternal wisdom, spiritual way of liberation and awakening) and Dzogchen (higher perfection is treatment mineral waters, type - Karelia shungit Russia).

Man's beads rosary Shamabala from coral and smoky quartz is "Meditation", 9 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

Man's beads rosary Shamabala from the opal of kakholonga and coral is the "Alpine meadow", 11 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

Man's beads rosary Shamabala from a contrasting agate and onyx are "Eyes of Mountains", 9 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

Man's beads rosary Shamabala from an agate and petrified tree is the "Ancient World", 11 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

   Along with this buddhistic philosophy which was reflected in the design of bangle of Shambala, bangles contain traditional Tibet buddhistic characters also. The "eternal" knot of bangles lock done so that putting him on a wrist and pulling at for ends, a bangle can be tightened to any size (character of life and death). Crystals for beads are used different types, from most inexpensive glass, wooden, pearl to the diamonds. With growth of popularity of Bangles of Shambala, that inevitably, people will begin to add all more jewelry on bangles and modify them. Designers also developed bangles with the use of gold and silver beads.

   Other characters are similarly used: smiling Buddha, knot of "eternity" (life and death), about which mentioned already, flower of lotus, beach umbrella, character of two finfishess, et cetera Certainly, with development of fashion on the bangles of Shambala, appears all anymore and more variants of design. Another popular tendency is a bangle of Shambala with beads as a skull (Tibet is a bone). Skulls are used by designers for accessories. A skull is character of overcoming of fear of death, in many cultures he became character of vital energy, strengths of mind and physical invulnerability. It is below rotined, how to braid the knot of Shambala (a type is a knot letter of Russia (CIS) and lace of macrame from Europe (EU)).

Breslet Shambala "one line". Nephrite, work is Ekaterina Strelcova

Breslety Shambala. Mountain crystal (quartz), work is Ekaterina Strelcova

Breslety Shambala "three line". Tiger's-eye, cornelian, eye-stone quartzs, work is Ekaterina Strelcova

Breslety Shambala "one line". Agate, contrasting onyx, quartz, work is Ekaterina Strelcova

Bangle of Shambala of the moonstone of adularia (7 beads) and mountain crystal, triple "wickerwork of arhat"

   Shambala is a mythical country in Tibet, which is mentioned in a few ancient texts. On legend, Shambala was a reign in Middle Asia. Its tsar Suchandra visited Sonth India, to sale spiritual knowledges about strange stone and minerals which are dangerous for man (above all things dangerous for life and health of population people the radio-active and poisonous minerals and dangerous for life and health of man of place are canyons, tali, mountains). After moslem encroachment from Western Europe to Middle Asia in IX century, the reign of Shambala was done invisible for human eyes and only the clean a heart can find a road to it (Spain Almaden, EU from Western Europe is dangerous for women deposits of red poisonous cinnabar, accompanied a search "Aqua vitae" is "water of life", alcohol spirit vodka or liquid metal mercury, sex aphrodiziaks for women). Other version of history says of that spiritual philosophical Shambala is the state of the soul, connections of timber-toe by God (religion of Krishna worship and its elements is actually used with judaism). To find Shambala - means to attain the spiritual and philosophical brightening.

   Another from the variants of interpretation of Shambala. Shambala is the Underground country which is under earth. Under Himalayas of China; Under Valley of Katmandu of Nepal; Under India is Island Ceylon (Sri Lanka, stone and minerals); Under Greece in Europe is Labyrinth of Minotaur; Under Egypt is Pyramid of Kheopsa and Sphinx; Under Siberia of Russia - Arkaim in the Chelyabinsk region; Under Kola Peninsula of Russia. Illumination in Cities of Shambala, which were built in enormous caves, was from goldish clouds. A lot of entrances in Shambala exists in the district of Tibet from the side of China and India. Main Entrance is in Shambala, and more precisely - in Stolicu Shambala located in Town of Gods of Tibet which protects Main Mirror of Kailas! His defence is based on that a Stone Mirror abbreviated life-span man at which Dark and Black Personality. Man, having the Light Soul, without a damage to itself able to go by this defence, because in his life there were little sins and wicked, which the Financial World is rich in. Tibet is Eternal Mainland of Earth, which is never flooded at Changing of Races.

Tibet traditional jewelry, bangles - buddhism and lamaism
are beads

Nepal, monks and monasteries of Himalayas (Asia), mixing of religions and philosophical techeniy
Nepal is a country of the Highest mountains of the world (Everest) and mixing of the most ancient religions

   Shambala. Great celestial mystic country. In Shambala go around with a dosimeter (radiation). Legendary Himalayas kingdom which with care keeps by millenniums a main secret about a source all of pure on Earth, about the origin of life. And only now and then its keepers enable to adjoin people with truth. Shambala is sex sacral characters. Style of Tibet does not leave from the heights of popularity in modern life all is fashionable, in respect of these enigmatic and mysterious places.

   A mysterious country of Shambala also is in the north of India, next to the rivers of Syr-dar'I and Amu-dar'I (Russia). In Russia also there is the Shambala "Belovode" (the river Aldan and river mineral deposits of iridium and green garnet demantoid and deposit of charoite, is radio-active). Knowing talk that Shambala exists in many realities simultaneously (famous epos of modern writer Murkoka "Chronics of Koruma" are Memorials and Memorial complexes, Ukraine (CIS), city Kharkov - actually "Nekronomikon", it is memorable memorials of Ukraine). Entrances in Shambala are guarded by Earthly Reign of Dead, people, being in somati, live in which ("living dead"). Somati is a complete stop of time into their Universe. That, Biological Time or biological "clock" of people persons interested to go away in somati - DECIDE on the that stage of development on which tendons of persons at this juncture. Exactly it and allows them to live, releasing the Soul from the bonds of Body, by ages and millenniums.

   People, gone in somati, are the LIVING people which simply wanted constantly to be in the Spiritual World, there to work, executing some duties. Mainly, it touches work of Shambala in Reign of Dead. Some are in somati, since 3 races. Every new race of Earth gave the representatives-guides on Celestial Reign of Dead. Did it exceptional Teachers of Races. But also here is an exception from rules, when together with Teacher of Races in somati someone entered from his little People (children), to help him and in Reign of Dead.

   Mainly, that means this bangle and rosary of Shambala is continuation of development of human essence and human family, confluence with to Universe in single whole (continuation of family, character of sex), absolute perfection (children). Life of talisman was engendered in ancient Tibet of thousand years back, when the monks of monasteries braided guard, doing knots the special appearance and intertwining specially neat sacral stone there (Howard). Sacral seksolosiya and psychiatry in modern litotherapy is sexual revolution of XX-XXI century.

   A popular belief says of that - count millennial history and appeared, due to buddhistic monks (physicians-doctor, philosophers, scientific and cultural figures) which braided them from magic silk laces, being here in complete solitude and reading the special mantras. On these laces monks strung 9 knots, gettings the name "9 Scorpio", which are called were to serve for protecting from wicked perfumes and misfortunes. In future for strengthening of magic properties of bangles to the knots began to add bone beads with the fretted patterns, and then natural stone which symbolize 9 celestial bodies and came on changing beads, as suppose, able to influence on the fate of man. Famous epos of Howard ("Konan-barbarian").

Example of modern bangle of Shambala and his making traditionally

Tibet is historical cities and fortresses on the slopes of mountains and in valleys in the mountains of Tibet (Asia)

   A self word "Shambala" is meant by the vozhdelennoe buddhists alpine place of the world and calmness, absolute heartfelt harmony, solitude with nature. It is a mythical city, center of Earth, that, who attained the complete spiritual brightening can get in which. Also widespread is a version, that the Tibet monks for a help in meditation poured off zinc beads with the image of smiling Buddha, then intertwined them in bangles and during five months prayed. So a bangle was filled with energy, acquired magic properties and began to generate energy for the proprietor, guarding him from troubles and bringing success.

   Shambala searched, but unsuccessfully, many rulers, beginning from Alexander Macedonian (Greece is single combats of pankration). To in fact finding a portal will be opened to the informative field of Earth, where all of information is kept about the universe, sciences, spirituality, supernatural possibilities will become accessible to him. Modern scientific knowledges and openings - concentrated in area of modern philosophy, psychiatry and sexology in Nepal (continental mountain Asia). The ancient Tibet monks inherited the art of wickerwork of the special talismans from the habitants of Shambala - bangles of Shambala. It is difficult to over-estimate the value of bangle of Shambala - he is interlaced in a promiscuous manner, defence and success. Due to the sacral sense, the bangles of Shambala guard a possessor from negative energy, attract success and daryls a heartfelt equilibrium. The searches of Shambala and mysterious knowledges of Shambala sometimes can drive their seeker to prison.

   Nagavrakha and Shambala attracts positive energy of celestial bodies, guards his possessor from troubles. Quite a bit centuries passed since all began" (a search of sources of knowledges is America). And now, a bangle of Shambala is modern good, bangle, keeping histories and ancient sense. Today the bangles of Shambala not always consist of 9 beads, it can be and 11 and 12 beads. Shambala - depends on the design of good. But main the properties - to give wonders that who trusts in them - this amulet and talisman of litoterapevtov is capable really.

   By the first Teachers of Races, Lemuriyces, it was leave for Atlases: Kailas and Stone Mirror of Tsar of Death of Pit, where the Soul has the voice, to teach Personality of people COMPASSION. Even in relation to itself. Besides this Stone Mirror of Court of Conscience, Teachers Atlases built in Town Gods and other giant Stone Mirrors which destroy evil into a man. In investigation what, these Stone Mirrors life-span man. But only that man at which Black and Dark Personality. As a result of it, a man, as transmitter of the Universe, will quickly century. American flow of philosophy of Tibet.

Modern lamaism, the modern Tibet lamas and monks use the bangles of Shambala

Kailas and Shambala is sacred ruins of ancient city and monastery in the mountains of Tibet (Asia)

   Shambala is the mythical forgotten reign in the Tibet mountains, character of men (reminds mountain Spain are women). It is considered that the inhabitants of Shambala were able to treat illnesses stone, understood the most difficult sciences, could read the stranger souls, the secret of extrausual longevity was opened them (to Tibet and Nepal, the "sons of Anakha" came on Himalayas, on the version of "Torus" of Hebrew Israel - including from Ukraine (CIS) and brought scientific knowledge and inlightening). One of base studies is "Tibet Book of Dead". On every Inhabited Planet there is Shambala is Country-Keeper of Heart of the Soul of planet (mainland). Because, exactly it binds the Spiritual World of Celestial Reign to the Financial World of the Inhabited World. At a hike in Shambala people will feel cheerful and glad, but tired physically is a reaction of humans body on motion on mountains. He will have feeling that his Soul straightened the wings as though, and he just about will fly up in skies to Gods, because his Soul and there is Angel.

   Many people, visiting on Tibet in the district of Kailas, tested in this place indisposition in small or in large part, which fully depends on polarity of Energies of their Souls. The point is that territory of City of Gods, which spreads approximately on 50 kilometres round Kailas, is saturated with radiated with Shambala Energy. Kailas is the real historical place in mountains.

   Every mountain, rock, boulder or pebble of City of Gods, radiates from itself Light Energy which was feed the environs of City of Gods of Teacher of Races at his building. That of people, who passed round Kailas, know about this feeling, testing on itself the power charge of such stone. But not all of people get the identical degree of such digit, because all depends on polarity of Energy of the Soul of man. Therefore stone are used in the bangles of Shambala, here the use dangerous it is forbidden for the health of radio-active and poisonous stone.

   One people gave birth in Shambale, other came there, obeying the call of the heart. Not IMPORTANT, in what country they lived to this moment, with what religion people, what color of derma, were educated for these people. That they simply Teachers, Teachers of Races or Legislators is important. And Teacher is sounds proudly! If Kingdom Shambala and exists in the physical world, it is located on spaces of Western China or in the valleys of Tibet ("Book of Reigns" is mentions Israel). An entrance in Shambala will be opened select, whose thoughts and soul are clean (active fight against infectious and by other diseases are new sanatoriums and resorts, modern litotherapy). Nepal and Tibet is mysterious mountains of Asia, ideal place for modern litotherapy and sanatorium-resort complexes.


   dlya spravki. Tibet is a mountain district of south-west of China. Tibet upland, where the highest in the world mountains are located is Everest (Dzhomolungma) et al. The height of the Tibet upland is maximal for earth - above a level exterminating 4000-6000 m and higher.

   Kailas is a mountain backbone in Himalayas, on territory of China (on a photo). Extremely difficult of access place. Abuts upon alpine Nepal (the capital is Katmandu). Tibet - one of the most ancient people of Central Asia, native population of Tibet. Tanguty is a nomadic population of the Tibet upland of the Chinese province Cinkhay.

   Shambala is the name of sacred country in the mountains of Tibet, where creatures live, by owning sacral knowledges about the world. Shambala - in the Tibet buddhism mythical country, being north of Tibet, where great Uchiteli of the East live are gimalayskie mahatmas - and knowledge, wisdom and cleanness, is concentrated. Mahatma - one of the names of world spirit, high-spiritual, supermundane personalities (in hinduism mythology and theosophia). Mahatma is also used as a title, added to the name of especially reverent persons, publicmen in modern India.

   Buddhism - one of world religions, based on studies about "four noble truths": suffering, his reason, release from suffering (to nirvana) and way to such liberation, arising up in Ancient India in VI-V century B.C. and getting distribution in China, Japan, Burma, Mongolia and some other orients Asia. On behalf of legendary founder of religion Gautamy (Buddha), which it was afterwards begun to name Buddha (buddha - "clarified"). A buddhism is denied by life of God and puts a man in the center of the world (the universe).

   Nirvana is the state of serene rest as ultimate goal of rescue, which is arrived at the personal efforts of believer, directed on a release from earthly senses, passions, affection and experiencing (in a buddhism and in some other religions). In a buddhism and Jainism: state of higher beatitude, aloofness from all of vital anxieties and aspirations and confluence with a deity. "Nirvana" in buddhistic and Jainist to the religiously-mythological system - one of basic concepts, match against "sansare", mundane life, stick. To submerge in nirvana to give oneself up the state of complete rest, beatific slackness. An ascetic-nirvana must be always bare and there is rice from his palm.


Symbolic image of earth as a trip is in Shambala and Tibet



Group "Jethro Tull" - in the middle of XX century exactly they entered a fashion on fashionable and stylish accessories on the stage
Copy their style of accessories of clothes exactly - for an increase call the interesting you photo

   Handling a rosary must be exact, it is desirable not to drop them, can crack or broken up beads, stone or torn filament, part of stone can be lost. A rosary is held in a hand (long - in 2-3 turns), wind on a brush as bangle or carry like beads on a neck. Shambala rosary could be formed as the special kind is beads as a feature of the masculine handling stone - part of stone from taken beads and bangles or other rosary. It is better not to drop and not break up them. Masters usually collect anew beads and they are repaired. Video of founders of modern fashionable style of clothes and accessories of music Group "Jethro Tull" "stormy Monday" is free of charge - download, 11.8 Mb, 4:03 mins (musicians-fashion plates, authors of original subjects and video). Electric music of the II half of XX century - began XXI ages caused the new splash of interest to wickerwork and bangles and rosary of Shambala.


Man's beads rosary Shamabala from red coral are "Esoterics", 6x9 - 54 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova

Man's beads rosary Shamabala from a contrasting black onyx is "Leader", 3x9 - 27 beads, work is Julia Kaphtanova


   Man's beads in itself are a reminder about prayer, united in a ring - about continuous prayer. Sorting out of rosary also allows practicing to save attention, contest with the loss of concentration and sleep. In some practices beads from different materials of doctor-litotherapy provide with ability to cure one or another illnesses. In addition, difficult motility of fingers, sorting out a rosary can help at treatment of illnesses and joints of hands. Reflexology, point and muscularly-tendon massage of hands. In Ukraine (CIS) a rosary also love simply as jewelry - any. Traditions of stone - from the historical stone mine quarry of "Femiston Open" (Australia).

  • broyanicais the Balkan variety beads
  • "boltukha" dangleis the slangy name of flat throw rosary
  • vervica- beads from a rope with the stuck knots
  • japam-mala(sanskr.)is a hinduism and buddhistic rosary
  • thinking thought meditate ("dumki")is the name beads in prison jargon
  • zig-zag snake (diminutive froma serpent, zip, zipper)is the slangy name of flat throw rosary
  • komboloi(grech. kombologion)is a greek rosary
  • komboskini (grech.)is a greek bound knitting rosary, analogueof vervicaandbroyanica
  • coronet, "korunka" (diminutive fromcrown)
  • lestovka, lestovica (diminutive fromold-rus."lestvica"isa stair)- Old Believers' is beads
  • mala (sanskr.)- Man's beadsof japam (hinduism and buddhistic rosary)
  • misbakha (arab.?)- in a translationfamily, group
  • stringing, niz' (fromto string)is the strung rosary
  • paternoster (fromlat.Pater Noster, Oratio Dominica-"Our Father")
  • rosarium(lat.rosarium) chapletis a catholic rosary (in the western areas of Byelorussia and Ukraine (CIS) -rozhanec,ruzhanecfrom Polishryzaniec)
  • rudraksha(sanskr.eyes of Rudra)- beads from the garden-stuffs of of the same name tree (lat.Elaeocarpus Ganitrus)
  • subha comboloio (arab.)
  • tasbikh, tesbikh (arab.)
  • shaple (fr.chapelet)
  • to count (say, tell, bid) one's beads



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