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Salt lamps and salt are natural halite, salt therapy
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   Material is partly adopted of the Internet. Hydrochloric lamps from colourless and white white salt look like a quartz. Today the popular was become by salt lamps turned from a salt monolith and offered in different medical and sanatorium-resort establishments, including for the home use. Therapy will unite. On a photo a candlestick (lamp) is represented under candles in glasses. Salt halite of Nal.

Lamp-candlestick from salt Soledar of enterprise of "Artemsol", Ukraine, CIS
arts and crafts from the large array of white salt of Nal in form two hearts

   Attention!!. Material for a candlestick and lamps consists of water-soluble salt (halite) of food quality, can contain remaining tracks of breed and in a meal not used usually. It rare artistically-decorative good which is applied and use singly in home terms is not taken on a sea, beachs and reservoirs, does not put in by bath and does not take in bath-houses. Salt is white, does not contain dangerous for a health additions. On a photo - turned from the array of accrete colourless and white crystals of culinary salt of "Artemsol" (halite of Nal) candlestick, look like a quartz. Litotherapeutics and original decorative element for a room and bedroom.

   In "Artemsol" attention is spared ecological safety of production and providing of cleanness obtained in the mines of salt is the most popular material for making of safety salt lamps and lamps. Salt is not radio-active (blue rare earth elements and celestine constituents absent) and not poisonous (watch absence of impurity of red cinnabar - sulfide of mercury, caesium and rose rare earths). Also delete an earth-flax (danger by mechanical damages). Salt is colourless and food. There can be tracks of containing breed, which are not processed on white salt (in a meal), is confirmation of natural origin in-use in the array of salt (the bottom of candlestick and lateral wall is greyish - there are tracks of breed). Material for lamps (unlike the pack of white salt) can contain an insoluble in water remain - does not use in a meal and as food stuff. It is material of category "home salt therapy and home speleotherapeutics".

  • Mass concentration sodium chloride NaCl, % not less 98,22%
  • Mass concentration calcium-ion Ca, % not more 0,31%
  • Mass concentration magnesium-ion Mg, % not more 0,03%
  • Mass concentration sulphate-ion SO4, % not more 0,80 %
  • Mass concentration potassium-ion (without iodate additive) K, % not more 0,012%
  • Mass concentration oxide ferrous (III) Fe, % not more 0,0020%

   Ukrainian white salt of enterprise of "Artemsol", Soledar acknowledged one of the cleanest salts in the world. Rock-salt of the largest deposit of salt in Europe (Artemovsk deposit mine) is natural material for the production of hydrochloric lamps, souvenirs from salt, hydrochloric rooms (for sanatoriums and resorts). Salt is hygroscopic is absorbs water on a surface, further water evaporates from the heat of source of heat and light (salt lamps, as a rule, sweat in a moist apartment and on-the-spot appear white calcium coat), therefore salt is used only in dry room. On the resulted photo of hydrochloric candlestick salt is a druse array of large accrete crystals of salt by diameter about 1 see with tracks of containing them breed (on a day and lateral wall of lamp). Aphrodisiac. Candles are added to the candlestick in a gift.

   A salt lamp on maximal power works about hour, it is farther needed to support hot crystals of salt and their joints, decreasing power of lamp by light-regulator. In the mode of night-light use through the night, as a nightly lamp - no more than 7-10 and 15 days on one course of salt therapy with interruptions. It is physiotherapy treatment, children to the lamps are shut out (salt is a not toy). Going out from an apartment in which a large salt lamp works long time, on lips it is possible to feel taste of salt - litotherapeutics. In an electric network, including a wet salt lamp is forbidden - he is dried, from a candle a lamp can crack also. From curiosity lamp, candlesticks, plates and wares, from salt often lick is salt. Animals can partly or fully lick clean or even eat a salt lamp are horse, cows, large animals in preserves, some rodents et al. Lamp better am not and in a meal not to lay (it is).

    Salt lamps are an effective concomitant mean of treatment of row of diseases:
  • bronchial asthma;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • neuroses;
  • rhinallergosiss;
  • furunculosiss;
  • high blood pressures and other
    Salt lamp and candlestick:
  • it natural weak ionizer of air;
  • partly regulates humidity of air in an apartment;
  • removes unpleasant smells partly;
  • perfectly decorates a dry apartment without the sources of water;
  • can be rarely used as a night-light.


Lamp-candlestick from salt Soledar in form heart under a candle in glass
arts and crafts from the large array of white salt of Nal in form heart
Salt on a body is not carried, it is caustic, beads, rosary and pendants do not make out of it


Man's beads buddhistic - an agate is grey with the mountain crystal of "SPA", 27 and 24 beads
Agate does not contain dyes and polishing mastics, there is a bluish agate of sapfirine
Surface of beads of agate is mat, reminds pebble on marine beachs, does not slide in hands
With an agate and by sight alike stone aromotherapeutics and salt therapy is not conducted
Look like white salt - actually grey agate chalcedony, material for a rosary

   Hydrochloric lamps and candlesticks have a different designer modern form, developed in the end XX- of XXI century candles, figurines of birds, finfishess and animals, hearts, musical instruments, flowers, geometrical figures from the array of white salt. A design variety allows to use them as original litotherapeutics gifts. Keep densely cased. A form of heart and candlesticks of original designer form are aphrodisiacs - they are often used in a bedroom and on romantic appointments. Not to practise upon salt with children - salt is not a toy for children and teenagers.

   With a carefulness on the edge of heart it is possible out the medicine in 1-2 drops and use with a lamp, from candles or without a candle are aromatic oils in a two-bit (they must be absorbed in salt, 1-2 drops), mineral bischofite (2-3 drops, a bischofite is caustic), physiotherapeutics medicinal compositions, intended for inhalation and consonant with salt (carefully). On the edge of lamp it is also possible to pour a bit iodine-treated salt or even carefully to drip iodine (1-2 drops with to the edge). Does not lay at lamps a paper, herbares, salt and anything in the paper and plastic packing, any tree, cigarettes - it is forbidden near candles and lamps.


Booty of salt by a helldriver - white salt and tracks of grey breed is visible
"Artemsol" actively inculcates in the process of booty and processing of rock-salt


   On a photo - so drive white Ukrainian white salt halite. Beginning of salt-mining on the mineries of salt-area with the use of hard hand work during all of production process. The step of scientific and technical progress found embodiment in organization of work of mine and salt-processing complexes, computerization and automation of handling operations, in the debugged activity of enterprise.

   Salt therapy as method of physiotherapeutics treatment was used 2,5 thousand years back in Greece (Europe). People used the hydrochloric caves of natural origin, today the method of treatment salt got distribution due to possibility of the artificial reproducing of terms of salt mines, rendering the positive affecting organism of people. Use salt lamps.

   For modern medicine, mixing of concepts is characteristic in determination of the artificially created microclimate and hydrochloric procedures. Apartments with revetment it is used salt in sanatoriums - at home it is possible to use a plate from salt (1-2 things, no more), lamps or candlestick from salt - singly, room design. A primary purpose of similar sessions is making healthy of breathing organs, cardiovascular and nervous systems of people. The area of room settles accounts on a chart "3 square meter on a people and more", air must be warm and dry.

   Prophylactic measures on warning of cold diseases: frequent acute respiratory disease, ARD, pneumonias, bronchitis of different degree of weight;
   Treatment of ENT-disease: chronic antritises and frontitov, megascopic amygdales and adenoids, their chronic inflammatory processes;
   Treatment of asthmatic displays: predastmy, syndrome of "bronchitis for a smoker", recurrent tracheobronchitiss, and bronchial asthma;
   Decline of possible complications on the initial stages of cold diseases, such as a false croup or bronchismus. Salt therapy in these cases allows to reduce viscidity of sputum, instrumental in the improvement of its separation and decline of edemata of mucous membranes, the same facilitating symptoms, delivering from difficulty in breathing and promoting ability to travel the cross-country of bronchial tubes;
   Allergic displays: to the allergy of different etiology, including allergodermias and Ringos;
   Defeats of derma covers, including atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and pustule displays on a derma, acne rash and hypersecretion of oil-glands;
   For making healthy in area of cosmeticology the sessions of salt therapy take off an inflammatory process;
   At the diseases of the cardiovascular system: ischemias, stenocardias, gipo- and high blood pressures. The visit of hydrochloric procedures is effective in the period of recovery of one's health after a heart attack or stroke;
   In the case of origin of neurotic and neurosis-like states: fobicheskie displays, fears, insomnia, groundless anxious ideas and fears. Affecting vegetative system of people, salt air is instrumental in its normalization;
   Prophylaxis of illnesses, related to contamination of environment. Districts in which harmful productions are located or, when a people does not have the stable graph of work, for example, if necessary to go out in lodgings turns, hydrochloric procedures will allow to manage with psycho-emotional energy tension, clean air will be taken off by a fatigue and will render positive influence on the overloaded nervous system.

   There is a little bit of contra-indications to salt therapy, but taking into account them is necessary, as a visit of hydrochloric procedures at presence of chronic or infectious diseases, especially in the period of intensifying or relapse, worsens position. In addition, it is important to know about possible individual unbearableness of salt aerosol. To basic contra-indications of salt therapy behave:
   Active stage of tuberculosis;
   Malignant new formations;
   Infections to completion of isolating term;
   Diseases with complications as serious suppurations;
   Period of intensifying of illnesses of blood;
   Bleeding of any origin and localization;
   All of period of pregnancy;
   Sharp form of diseases, transmissible sexual genital reproductive tracts;
   Chronic dependences: alcoholism and drug addiction;
   Psychical diseases of different degree of weight without control.
   Before the beginning of course of salt therapy it is necessary to be consulted with a treating doctor for clarification of testimonies and contra-indications to similar procedure.


   History of city Artemovsk, old historical named city Bakhmut, counting out conducts from 1571. Exactly then a tsar Ivan IV Grozny for a rebuff to Crimean Tatars and defence of the Sonth border ordered to create boundary watches on the rivers Aydar and Severskiy Donec. In writing sources Bakhmut is mentioned guarding 6th on an account from seven, located "ust of Black Stallion, from Svyatogorskiy watches of poldnische". In XVII century a torskiy cossack I.Biryukov opened salt brine leach lakes at the river Bakhmut. In 1701 russian tsar Peter I ordered to build a wooden war fortress here. The further fate of Bakhmut is related to salt-mining a mine and entry-driving method.

   In place of Donbassa there was a shallow lagoon of the ancient Permskoe sea, and as much as evaporation of water salt settled on the bottom of lagoon. In separate historical periods salt was valued equally with gold. Salt mining became one of the first trades in Ancient Russia. In 1880 the Russian scientist-geologist A. P. Karpinskiy did the scientifically-grounded developments and proved the presence of hydrochloric supplies in a steppe edge through which a famous "Tchoomak way", "Salt way", "Ukrainian way" (Tchoomak is Ukrainian ox-cart driver on way) through city Kharkov, Pushkinskaya str. - allegory the Milky Way as astronomy, lay ages after salt to Crimea - Ukrainian historical salt epics. In the second world war-time the mineries of "Artemsol" were blasted. In 1947 renewal was complete last from all of the blasted mineries. The volumes of booty of salt grew and made 6,8 million tons in 1985, and in 1991 is 7,2 million tons.

   Material is partly used from a website http://www.artyomsalt.com/, http://www.ayzdorov.ru/, http://art-roerich.org.ua/arthistory/history.html


   Today hydrochloric rooms are in many hospitals, and adults, and child. Doctors order to treatment patients at colds, asthma, allergy, bronchitis, and it is simple treat weak immunity. Salt is natural antiseptik. Not simply so we rinse salt water a mouth, when a throat and teeth hurt, and nose at a cold and antritis. Salt selects healthful negative ions which settle in mid air, harmful microbes and spores of mould kill. And for our lights this salt marine air is the best treatment. After a heavy labour week a salt lamp is also irreplaceable: testimonies to the use here is the urgent weakening! Warm light into a lamp-shade will allow to calm down and forget about workings problems in a home recliner.

   A small lamp engulfs a healthful radiation 2-3 m around. Therefore choose its sizes depending on a room measure: for a nightly dinner-wagon in a bedroom a lamp will walk up 2-3 kg, for a large room are 5-7 kg It is possible to place a few small salt lamps in the different corners of room. to use with a carefulness. Severe requirement to the salt doctor not put a lamp, candlesticks and any salt (including food and iodine-treated) in places, where moistly: near aquariums, humectants, tea-pots, plants et cetera Salt easily absorbs water and can begin to collapse. If a lamp however namokla handsomely, will dry out it in a dry room. Popular in Ukraine (CIS).

   Poison, radiation and unverified additions of the chemical, radio-active and mechanically dangerous coloured and colourless matters, is forbidden - salt must pass diagnosticss on a category "white salt, food additions in a meal and food stuffs, Bady (bioactive additions)". All of information carries acquainting character. Apply no hydrochloric lamps without consultation with a doctor.

   Material is partly used from a website http://safeyourhealth.ru/


   The prevailing source of sodium salt (chloride of sodium, white salt) is hard fossil rock-salt halite in an array and drusy polikristallicheskom monolith. For the row of countries sedimentary salt, got from the brine of marine lagoons, salt lakes and natural rassolov, has a large value. Sodium salt is a major food product which the normal vital functions of people and representatives of animal kingdom are impossible without. It is irreplaceable at a maintainance and preservation of products of animal origin (meat, fish and other), fruit and green-stuffs, forages for a stock-raising et cetera Sodium salt is used for a receipt more than 1500 types of food stuffs. It serves as raw material for the production of chlorine, muriatic acid, caustic natra, soda, receipt of metallic sodium, used on dyeing business, soap making and other productions. In industry element sodium is used in an aviation and atomic energy.

   The world resources of sodium salt on land are huge and make no less (3,5-4,0) x 1015 t, and in a world ocean in each 1 m3 waters on the average there are about 27,2 kg of cut-in NaCl. The generalized information absent about the world supplies of sodium salt. On the method of education and accumulation the industrial types of halogen structure (chloride of sodium) are subdivided into the deposits of lagoons (the largest deposits are located in Australia and Russia), arms (Ukraine) of the sea, regional and intercontinental Maureies (To Russia), intercontinental salt pools of marine type (Russia, Germany and other). World production of sodium salt in all of forms and from different sources makes 210-295 million t/ies. Its basic producers it is been (in million tons): The USA 43-45, China 30-35, Germany and India for 14-16, Canada 12-13, Australia 9-10. The stakes of other countries hesitate within the limits of 2-7 million t/ies. The USA and Germany get the more than half of salt from rassolov, and a prevailing volume of its booty in India is on salt water.

   Salt resources of Ukraine as hard raw material for salt lamps ideal. The resources of sodium (culinary) salt in Ukraine are deposits of rock-salt, rassoly and self-sedimentary rocks salt of lakes of the Prichernomorskiy region. Four large saliferous pools are located in Ukraine: Donetsk, Dnepr-Donetsk, Trans-Carpathian and Pre-Carpathians. The new district of distribution of crystalline hydrochloric deposits, located in Preddobrudzhinskiy sagging, was opened (Odessa region).

   At the production of medical and artistic wares from salt take into account chemical composition and otsutsvie of dangerous impurity (check up debrises, radio-active elements uranium, plutonium, strontium and celestin, rare earths, poisonous cinnabar, mercury, lead and arsenic, mechanically dangerous earth-flax et al) are standards, as well as ground white salt. In lamps, candlesticks and tiles from salt for salt litotherapy safe containing salt a maternal breed and insoluble sediment and impurity it admits - wares do not dissolve.

   Artemovsk deposit mine of dry salt most in Ukraine and occupies an area 179 km2. It is developed five mines with total project power 2250 thousands of tons of salt in a year. Content of NaCl in salts is 98-98,3%, and the count of supplies is executed to the depth 60 m (hydraulic constituents). Actually the booty of salt is presently carried out on depths 150-28 m (potassium level of driving). Salt of the Artemovsk deposit is found by application in Ukraine and exported in many countries.

   Material is partly used from a website http://www.photoukraine.com/


Sputnik of sale the ground white salt is artificially iodine-treated salt

   Iodine-treated salt - goes as sputnik of sale usual white salt and halite. An iodine behaves to one of major oligoelementss which a human organism can not do without. It is therefore important constantly to fill in the supplies of iodine. Iodine-treated salt - frequently artificial product, white iodine-treated salt is a variety of white or culinary salt which an iodide is in composition, and also yadat potassium. On the structure and chemical parameters bioactive connections iodine potassium and yodat of potassium - auxiliary acid salts, appearing in the process of interactionof iodic acid and metal of potassium. Due to unique chemical composition (iodine) white iodine-treated salt was attributed to the useful and safe (in reasonable amounts) for a human health products by feeds. An iodine is steady to the cold, and at heating evaporates. From the array of halite with tracks and elements of containing breed without addition of iodine and other impurity make hydrochloric lamps. From iodine-treated salt whole hydrochloric lamps do not press usually.

   Iodine-treated salt is culinary salt (chloride of sodium of Nal) with addition of iodine as salts of potassium. For the correct functioning of thyroid, it is a necessary component in the ration of feed. A thyroid, by making of hormones, involved in exchange processes, aught manages an organism. Due to its normal work optimum mass of body is supported, a cardiac muscle is strengthened, a libido (sphere sexual relations, aphrodisiacs) rises, general crabbiness diminishes. Produced salt with addition of iodide of potassium in impermeable packages with the limited shelf-life. There is evaporation of iodine from iodine-treated salt and his inhalation at heating (fizeotrapiya).

   The shortage of iodine is characterized appearance of such signs, as a psilosis; Stratification of nails; Dryness of derma; Puffiness and oedematousness of person; Extinct look; Somnolence; Fatigue; Tearfulness. That indeed worthily of special attention is influence of deficit of iodine on mental development of children. For children the deficit of iodine is expressed as follows: A child loses ability of sosredotachivat'sya on lessons; Becomes whining; Ustaet quickly; If the function of thyroid is lowered, it is a signal about the lack of iodine in an organism. Tiroksin and Triiodo-thyronine - these hormones are instrumental in adjusting of exchange processes of carbonhydratess, albumens, fats, functions of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, sexual and psychical activity. For normal work of thyroid a people needs to consume in the days of 150-200 mkg/iodine. During pregnancy the amount of consumption of iodine increases to 250 mcg. With the purpose of enrichment the iodine of organism of human, it is recommended to apply iodine-treated salt in food. Using iodine-treated salt 3 g in days, is normalized functioning of Ostomatidae gnawing beetles. Iodine-treated salt keeps in itself the artificially added iodine during 3-4 and 12 months and even more, whereupon an iodine vanishes gradually.

   An iodine and bromine is halogens, and that is why very badly rastvorimy in the distilled water, but perfectly dissolve in combination with salt water (in presence halite - chloride of sodium) and thus enter blood. An iodine is contained in microcirculation and operates on microcirculation of blood, improves a lipidic metabolism, and in places, having an inflammatory process, there is his diminishing and the process of cicatrization is stimulated. A component is a bromine (him also in passing use in therapy) straight influences on the nervous system, reduces tone of muscles, drives an arteriotony to the norm, provides a spacehold. Well strengthens penetration of bromine and iodine, chloride of sodium (white salt is hydrochloric lamps). It is possible sometimes to buy iodine-treated marine salt is combines the features of taste of marine salt and benefit of iodine-treated. Iodine-treated salt from usual salt at price does not differ practically - a bit dearer. Packing of color of iodine is a claret.

   Material is partly used from a website http://findfood.ru/, http://shhitovidnaya-zheleza.ru/, https://test.org.ua/, http://obertivanie.com/


   Bischofite as concomitant treatment mineral. The chemical relative of halite (culinary salt is a chloride of sodium) is a liquid mineral a bischofite is chlorous salt of magnesium (chloride of magnesium, Mgcl2), from data of Shrouds of Goff of "Research of terms of formation of ocean hydrochloric deposits", Amsterdam, EU, a book is published in Russian language in 1935 Grout of chlorous magnesium - in-use in medicine and caustic. Can meet as prnimes' in halite and used for additional treatment in hydrochloric lamps - add drops and little. At daily and protracted application of bischofite the irritation of biological tissue, allergic cutireactions, is possible.

   A bischofite is a natural mineral, including a sodium-magnesium-chloride complex, iodine, bromine, iron and other elements. Obtained as a brine at well-drilling. Moderate anti-inflammatory antiphlogogenic action and analgesic (anaesthetization) action at chronic inflammatory diseases. A bischofite is settled to application as an outward (mineral waters, medical dirts) mean at deforming arthrosis (illnesses of joints), pseudorheumatism (to infectiously-allergic illness from the group of collagenosess, characterized chronic making progress inflammation of joints), radiculitis, lumbodynia (to the attack-like paroxysmal megalgia in a lumbar area) and other chronic inflammatory and dystrophic (related to violation of feed of biological tissue) diseases of support-motor locomotor and nervous-muscular apparatus. Apply a bischofite (brine of chloride of magnesium, caustic) as local compresses.

   A bischofite behaves to anti-inflammatory antiphlogogenic preparations mineral water, therapeutic mud-baths which are created on the basis of natural matters. Appoint Bischofite also from cellulitis as compresses and baths (hydrochloric lamps do not take in baths). The use of compresses is supposed by the preliminary heating of problem area, it is better to use a compress for the night. To do compresses with Bischofite from cellulitis it is necessary in a day, course 12 days.

   A bischofite is a natural mineral, containing the complex of minerals and oligoelementss (iodine, coniferous forest, copper, iron, silicium). A bischofite is obtained as a brine (to oily consistency) at well-drilling a depth a 2,5 km and has general mineralizaciyu of 340 g/l (however in any mineral spring). Passes difficult treatment as mineral obtained from mining holes, after it fully saves a complex makro- and oligoelementss. Has a high percent of maintenance of magnesium, necessary for the additional construction of bone stock, to adjusting of reduction and weakening of muscles, transmission of nervous signals, increases of immunity. Transdermal'noe application of preparation (the chloride of magnesium is quickly sucked in through a derma) is the effective method of increase of magnesium in an organism. anti-inflammatory antiphlogogenic action and analgesic action, stimulates the regeneration of biological tissue. Strengthens muscular and connecting biological tissue, improves microcirculation of blood, limfotok and processes of exchange of matters activates. Effective at stress and for the improvement of sleep. Well-proven hypotoxicity, expressed absence of allergen and carcinogenic properties.

   Application of Bischofite as an outward mean is rotined at: deforming arthrosis; pseudorheumatism; radiculitis (neck-thoracal and poyasnichno-krestcovyy); lumbodynia; osteochondrosis; muscular contracture; diseases of nervous-muscular vehicle; infected wounds; eczemas and dermatitises; akne. As baths (dissolve a bischofite in water) at hypertensive illness; to the vegeto-sosudistoy dystonia; to the chronic fatigue; migraines; stress; to insomnia; cramps; psoriasis; osteoporosis.

   Contra-indications are all of of high quality and malignant tumours; hypersensitiveness; violation of integrity of derma is in the places of causing; diseases of joints in the stage of intensifying; allergic reactions; violations of cardiac rhythm; making progress stenocardia; violations of circulation of blood degrees; pregnancy. With a carefulness appointed the persons of superannuated, in the period of lactation and children are to 9 years. Side actions are general allergic reactions; to the reaction in the place of causing as a local irritation of derma. In the case of intensifying the reception of preparation is halted. Breathe in the pair of chloride of magnesium (bischofite) with a carefulness.

   Mineral a bischofite is a source of magnesium. A bischofite as cut-in salts of chloride of magnesium is sometimes thrown out water of geysers in artesian pools (aquatic caldera of practically extinct volcanos). In XIX century there are the German geologists from German (EU), searching the beds of oil in shtasfurtskikh saliferous deposits (Germany, EU) ran into the interesting phenomenon. Borers, working on oil-wells, adjoined with an oil brine. Which their surprise was, when for many the hands left off to be ill arthrosis knots resolved partly. It is an event and put beginning further developments of liquid concomitant mineral, which was adopted a bischofite in German honour K. G. Bishof (Bischof), geologist and chemist.

   A bischofite is a mineral, having a form of crystal with the unusual colouring and evaporating on air, attracted the surprisings properties to itself attention of physicians. In fact he as no delivered other mean from arthral pains, facilitated them in a vertebral area. That more evident you were able to present a bischofite, say, that created his ancient seas which gave life all of living on Earth. When waters evaporated in them, the layers of salt crystals were put aside. Here they in the primordial kind bed on depths to 2,5 kilometres, saving the natural kind are sputniki of culinary salt and halite, and also caustic sylvite (chloride of potassium of KCl). They were actively studied from the end of XIX century. For taking: the crystal of bischofite is hygroscopic (absorbs water), the characteristic has for magnesium bitterly-salt to the taste, can go as addition to halite (to culinary salt) and is the explorer of electricity. Exactly a bischofite on biological nature is most near to composition of cages of our body. Matters, stopped up in him, are mastered a derma and begin the curing action quickly.

   He softly enters in our organism both magnesium and oligoelementss which today in a deficit at a 90% population. It shows up a fatigue both mental and physical, by insomnia and migraines, arthritises and arrhythmias. Alas, the list of syndromes of deficit of magnesium is enough great. Accepting a bischofite felt on itself his influence. He helps sew on to the thyroid. Counterbalances excitation and braking, what be going on in a cortex. Takes off pain and inflammation. Sedative operates on the nervous system, promoting a capacity and vital tone. Participates in the increase of immunity and in exchange processes, stimulating a cellregenerating. A product can not be accepted inward. Disorder of stomach is assured. If solution of bischofite, as well as halite, got on a mucous membrane, simply wash him water from under a faucet.

   On a bischofite it is needed to pay attention that, who is overcame by stresses and high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and neuroses, who chronically suffers from an osteoporosis and radiculitis, osteochondrosis and poker back, spondylitis deformans, Bechterew's (Strumpell's) disease, who was tortured by heel spurs and neuralgia. A bischofite proves as a helper for renewal after traumas and tensions. He is used in dermatology and in gynaecology. Doing a compress for the night, in the morning wash the place of imposition of compress. A product can be kept in glass or the plastic arts in a dark place. If sediment or brine appeared purchased a yellowness, not distressed. He did not lose properties. Each time before opening of small bottle shake up his content. A bischofite is an auxiliary product to salt therapy (salt lamps) and basic in itself.

   Material is partly used from a website (a sale of liquid bischofite is in pharmacies): http://www.piluli.kharkov.ua/, http://www.neboleem.net/, http://www.list7i.ru/, http://medside.ru/


   Essential oils. A pine-tree is usual. Essential oil of pine-tree is used for inhalations at cold diseases, and also apply inward for clearing of organism and improvement of blood stream in lower extremities, especially for those, for whom phlebeurysm, deposit of salts. Aromatization of apartment pine oil not only phototoxic action a room but also will allow to be delivered from insomnia, will take off head pain, will quiet spasms at bronchial asthma. Pine oil is an antioxidant, because the pine-needle of pine-tree contains the vitamin E (350-360 mk/kg), which is included in cosmetic facilities of rejuvenation of derma. On maintenance vitamin C scientists equate the pine-needle of pine-tree with lemons and oranges. A pine-needle rescued from scurvy north people, geologists, taiga dwellers and Leningrad during a blockade. In a pine-needle there is 5% essential oil, and in pine buds - 0,36 %. A pine-tree is a talisman of success, loyalty and devotion, prosperity, calmness and height of spirit. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil of pine-tree for inhalation on a salt lamp and salt candlestick (it is possible not included).

   Tagetes African annual marigold ("chernobrivec", rus.). From them in France do essential oil, 50 g of oil get from 10 kg of raw material of plant. Essential oil marigolds are added to the east sweetnesses. In addition, it enters in the complement of French perfumes, and in combination with santalic oil popular Indian. It is necessary to know that this oil possesses a fototoksichnym effect, as well as citrus oils, I.e. can cause burns at the hit of sunbeams on areas derma, smeared oil. Calms the nervous system, crabbiness, stress, neuroses, improves an ear, promotes a sensitiveness, chicken blindness, operates sedative at cricks and tendons, lowers an arteriotony - aromalampy. Contra-indications are an allergy, pregnancy, bronchial asthma, individual unbearableness, epilepsy, eczema, not to apply children there are to 14 years, with a carefulness at low pressure and sensible derma.

   Jasmin. In a perfumery and medicine use a few types of jasmin: (Jasminum officinale) jasmin is medicinal and (Jasminum grandiflorum) jasmin is large-flowered. The name "jasmin" originates from the Persian word "yasmin", that means a "fragrant flower". In Persia it is the womanish name. Essential oil of jasmin is untoxic, does not cause the irritation of derma, however, can cause an allergy at the row of people. Jasmin oil, similarly as rose and lavender, strengthens composition of any mixture, that is why it is often included in different cosmetic facilities. Oil of jasmin is applied, when it is needed to accelerate some process, stimulate activity of people, be that, related to personality or quarry growth, increase of profit, to the luck, by an exit from the stagnant, dead-locked state. Magic of essential oil of jasmin promotes the sex appeal of falling in love and creates the erotic atmosphere of sex.

   Medicinal properties of clary. Medicinal properties of clary were valued from ancient times. In a translation from Latin a general root has the name "clary" with a word "rescue". Ancient healers considered a clary a grass, rescuing from all of illnesses and giving longevity, and Romans named a "sacred grass". A clary is medicinal drank as tea in England and added to restorative drinks. Such drinks served for the prophylaxis of cold diseases. Essential oil contains to 20% tuyona, which is toxic and can at an overdose result in cramps, paralyses and abortions. Essential oil of clary muscat more acceptable, because contains less than tuyona. In stomatology the tincture of clary is applied for treatment and prophylaxis of parodontoza, removal of odontolith, stomatitis. Tones up a digestive process. Essential oil of clary is used in a masculine perfumery. In massage mixtures, useing oil of clary is possible.

   Laurel is noble. In Ancient Rome, in honour god of all of arts and healer - Apollo will be erected temple and an evergreen tree is devoted him is laurel, laurel got the name noble. To crown the winners of the Olympic games (laureates) chaplets from the branches of laurel. In greek temples cover half the leaves of laurel. Since olden times and until now the leaves of laurel are used for preparation of soups and sauces. The overdose of essential oil of laurel can result in head pains, pokrasneniyu and itch of derma. As additional treatment at tuberculosis: 1-2 drops of laurel oil. Course 30 days. At an allergy on medications: to accept 3-5 drops of laurel oil. It is after-meal desirable to drink tea with the grass of train or flowers of viburnum. If for you gastritis with a hypoxemia, accept oil of laurel sheet 1 drop with tea from a milfoil. Use with hydrochloric lamps and lamps possibly.

   Material is partly used from a website https://essential-oils-cosmetology.com/


   The new Ukrainian product is also relative - fitor. It is bioactive addition which is made from the leaves of oak. He is produced including in form pills, candles, ointments, solutions of fitora et al, it is therefore possible experiment with inexpensive salt lamps (fitor paints salt in a dark brown color, easily not washed and absorbed in white salt). Composition of pills is tannic matters, flavonoids, kvarceton et cetera, gallic and ellagic acids, flobafen, pentozany, pectins, monosugar, oil, albuminous matters, starch, carbonhydratess, 32 makro- and oligoelementss. Fitor can be added to the food products and white salt. FITOR (pills, candles, solutions) is used with prophylactic aims and in composition complex medicinal therapy at a fight against the wide spectrum of infectious and uninfectious diseases:

  • acute respiratory disease, ARD, chronic bronchitis and tracheitis, pneumonia and other illnesses and diseases of organs of the respiratory system;
  • sharp and chronic illnesses of gastrointestinal tract, including to ulcerous illness of stomach and duodenum, gastritises and duodenitises (at enhanceable acidity of gastric juice it is necessary it is correct to apply him - to sale and drink in a dilute kind strictly after-meal), hepatitis and enterocolitis;
  • illnesses of the cardiovascular system (hyperpiesis, phlebeurysm, atherosclerosis of vessels, ischemic heart trouble) on the different stages;
  • traumas (tensions, injuries, haematomas) and other problems with the locomotor system;
  • osteoporosis and breaks of bones;
  • illnesses of the womanish and masculine urogenital system, including - inflammatory (cystitis and urethritis, chronic and sharp pyelonephritis, adnexitis, prostatitis, endometritis), to erosion of neck of uterus, urolithiasis;
  • grave neurological conditions - encephalopathy, vegeto-vascular dystonia, consequences of stroke.

   Fitor is instrumental in making in the organism of interferon which possesses an anti-virus action. Fitor possesses the expressed wound healing activity and anti-inflammatory antiphlogistic action, improves microcirculation of derma, normalizing exchange processes, passes through the mucous membranes of body. Everybody can accept fitor if necessary: with the purpose of prophylaxis at the enhanceable psychical loading (sessions for students, competition for sportsmen, business trips for the long-distance drivers), in the period of epidemics of flu (fitor is instrumental in making of interferon in an organism), at the syndrome of chronic fatigue. It is necessary to spare the special attention the prophylaxis of diseases of liver - one of the largest and meaningful organs, protecting a people from infections, defuzing and destroying toxins from an organism, taking part in digestive and exchange processes. FITOR in pills - also mean for renewal of liver (recommend to accept inward), supplying its necessary for work vitamins and minerals. Contra-indications: individual unbearableness. By-effects: observed rarely, there was poslablenie of chair in individual cases, expressed diuretic effect et cetera

   Material is partly used from a website http://www.fitor.biz/product/865.htm



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