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A Dreamcatcher (disambiguation), "Hunter of sleeps" is a talisman of North-American Indians
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   A "Dreamcatcher" ("Hunter of sleeps", "trap of sleeps") is popular character in a modern esoteric culture, which has under itself ancient sacral sense, not losing the actuality and till today.

   The "Dreamcatcher" ("Hunter of sleeps", "trap of sleeps") is traditional for the culture of North-American Indians and Siberian nationalities. Those tribes, where were shamanizm and socializing is strongly developed with "otherwordly" perfumes. For North-American Indians "Dreamcatcher (disambiguation)" - "Hunter of sleeps" was traditionally made out of willow grape and was a hoop with the net which adorned oneself strictly individually, beads and feathers, strained inwardly. The simplest application of "Dreamcatcher" ("Hunter of sleeps") was in "filtration" of sleeps. That, a Hunter (Dreamcatcher) "skipped" good sleeps only, and bad detained in the net.

   In fact, the domestic guarded it, protecting from nightmares, attacks in sleep, driving away bad sleeps and insomnia. It is main functions. In addition, it is possible to add et al - to do Hunter by a helper in the realized sleeps, to entice inspiration and gladness with his help, understand reasons of what be going on in reality events. His semantics is corrected by the selection of stone, feathers and colour gamut.

   A "Dreamcatcher" ("Hunter of sleeps", "trap of sleeps") in North-American Indians is a characteristic to attract "wicked" and "kind" perfumes of dreams. Then he sifts from "wicked", those as though are tangled in the spider net of patterns and perish with the first rays of a sun, and "kind", knowing a correct way, softly slide on feathers, go down to asleep, bringing him light, coloured sleeps.

   "Dreamcatcher" ("Hunter of sleeps") has quite another destiny at the native people of Siberia (CIS, ex-USSA). He is the magic article of power of shamans and be for work in their shamanistic practice. Perfumes which get in the net of "Hunter" are not divided on "kind" and "wicked". In the day-time they get in a spider net, stay too long in the hairs of fur, and at night go down on a main lace to the asleep shaman, carrying with itself appearances. Giving important sacral sense a circle - character, to personifying endlessness, namely so a circle is perceived in shamanistic practice, "Hunter of Sleeps" equates with the trip of a sun on sky.

   A "Hunter of sleeps" (engl. "disambiguation", "Dream catcher", "asabikeshiinh", an inanimate form of word "spider" or "Bawaajige nagwaagan" is a "trap of sleeps") is the Indian talisman (amulet, charm), protecting asleep from wicked ghost spirit. Bad sleeps are "tangled" in a spider net, and the good slip through opening in the middle. It is a spider net from threads, strained on a circle from a willow branch or hoop, on a thread intertwine a few feathers. Hang above the head of a bed of asleep. At people "Hunter of Sleeps" "filters" sleeps, skipping pleasant and kind. Wicked and frightful sleeps are "tangled" in his spider net and with the first flash of a sun scatter.

Workshop "Opere Plumarii", master Catherine Kaftanova. Look vk.com/opere_plumarii
Take an order. Catherine Kaftanova, phone +38 066 520-81-00, 093 718-66-74

Workshop "Opere Plumarii", master Catherine Kaftanova. Look vk.com/opere_plumarii
Kharkov, Ukraine (CIS). Catherine Kaftanova, phone +38 066 520-81-00, 093 718-66-74

   Manager of workshop "Opere Plumarii" Catherine Kaftanova, mob. +38 066 5208100, +38 093 7186674
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