Hexagrams of Ba-gua and their value are in filosifii and fortunetelling (brief review) -->rus

   1. CYAN' Creation

   The Primordial performing. Firmness is favourable. Now the best of all to carry the ball. Shut out acts which can be perceived as inadequate or quite not typical for you only.

   2. KUN' Implementation

   Firmness of mare is favourable in primordial development. Coming a noble people to operate, but if he will come to the fore, will lose a way, stepping back back, he will find a sovereign. Here favourably on a south-west to find a friend and on a northeast to lose a friend. Quiet firmness - fortunately. Accept the fate: be an obstinate not horse, but working mare. Not ask for trouble, not undertake active actions. It is now necessary to be engaged in that business which you chosen before. At the decision of problems it is better to depend upon reason (this is a "friend on a northeast"), but not on intuition.

   3. CHZHU-AN' Initial difficulty

   In primordial development is favourable firmness. It is necessary nowhere to come forward. Here favourably to enthrone vassals. It is not necessary to accomplish swift jerks, otherwise all of forces can go away on overcoming of the first difficulties, and on all of other forces already will not remain. Ask circumferential to help you and do the first, black work for you, that you could move farther.

   4. MYN Underdevelopment

   To underdeveloped is development. Not I aim to young people underdeveloped, but young people the underdeveloped aspire to me. On the first fortunetelling - will announce. The repeated and third fortunetellings are an excess. And one time excess - will not announce that. Firmness is favourable. This hexagram specifies on a necessity to engage in the education. In this situation correct will be an answer only after the first fortunetelling, and other variants will bring in a mess only.

   5. U-SYUY Expectation

   Necessity to wait. Possess a true. Then brilliance of it will develop, and firmness will be fortunately. Ford is favourable across the great river. you are necessary to carry the ball, here at once not wait results. Surmount obstacles not jerks, but gradually, and then success will turn to you a person.

   6. SUN Lawsuit.

   Court. To the possessor of true is an obstacle. Vigilance and even temper - fortunately. Extremes - to the hoodoo. Favourably to meet with a great people. Ford is unfavorable across the great river. This hexagram specifies on a conflict between you and certain forces which are not arranged by your activity. A situation looks like a judicial lawsuit, where for a provocative word or action can show you out of hall or decide business not in your benefit. you can expect a help from the side of influential people. And if will not to no purpose wave fists, will remain in winning.

   7. SHI Army.

   Firmness. To the virile people is happiness. Abuse will not be. If you lost in something, fight. Be aggressive, but not reckless. you will win only in case that at first will line up the hard plan of actions.

   8. BI Approaching

   Approaching. Happiness. Vnikni in oracle, and from primordial eternal firmness of abuse it will not be. How not better at once to come? Who will be late, to that is a hoodoo. Fasten the achievements. The period of tests will make off soon, and you are necessary to think of that, how to build peaceful long-term relationships with circumferential one. What you did not do now, you are better to hurry, a delay can turn around a defeat.

   9. SYAO-CHU Education small

   Education small. Development. Dense clouds, and not is rain: they - with sew on western outskirts. Some insignificant detail can influence on motion of all of business. Now you one against all, and your pas (in Chinese tradition a "west" is character of the pas) will not help you, it is therefore better to move farther.

   10. LI Development

   Tread on the tail of tiger so that he did not bite you. In reply to all of prosecutions meekly smile, talk "yes", but do everything one's own way - and then you will be on velvet.

   11. TAY Prosperity.

   The small leaves, the great comes. Happiness. Development. It is the most harmonious hexagram. It symbolizes a spring. All of planned by you - both in a spiritual and in financial plan - carried out.

   12. PI Stop stopping, decline (decadence)

   The Worthless people of decline do not play in the favour of firmness of noble people. The great departs, the small comes.

   The period of monstrous jumps comes for you - thinking that you almost at a purpose, you can lose everything in no time suddenly. A prediction touches the personal development, that you are rather expected by a crash in a career, what fire in a house.

   13. TUN-ZHEN' Friendship with people, like-minded persons, bringing together.

   Like-minded persons are on the uncultivated plot of land. Development. Ford is favourable across the great river. Firmness of great people is favourable. you will have to begin with a zero, but you will be helped by friends. Stick to select course, then you will overcome large obstacles successfully.

   14. DA-YU Domain many

   Possessing great. Primordial development. As a hostess of large house, you one get on the hip all of filaments of management. Glanoe - not squabble with the "clan", and then you, as a maffia, will own all.

   15. CYAN' Humility submission.

   Development. Completion coming a noble people. Attaining everything, you can rest on laurels. Now you are better to go away on rest, yielding to a road the novice - quiet renunciation will be for you favourably.

   16. YUI Liberty, freedom.

   Plays in the favour of enthronement of feudal lords and motion of troops. Going away from responsibility, you found uncontrolled liberty. Now time to begin realization of the ambitious plans.

   17. SUY Following.

   Primordial development. Bagopriyatna firmness. Abuse will not be. Success will bring the voluntarily and glad following you by a leader.

   18. GU Correction spoiled

   Correction of spoilage. Primordial development. Ford is favourable across the great river. Be vigilant for three days to beginning and three days after beginning. After the protracted world and calmness you fallen in "hibernation" and lost control above events which accept an already threatening turn. To the correction of situation it is necessary to prepare three days. Next three days you will "disentangle" a result.

   19. LIN' Visit.

   Primordial development: firmness is favourable. Under reaching an eighth moon there will be a hoodoo. Be legible in the connections. you can chum in with a people which afterwards will give up you or will hide with your money (in Chinese tradition "eighth moon" - this character of escape).

   20. GUAN' Contemplation.

   Wash hands, but not proceed to offering. Owning a true, be unbased on partiality and strict. People are proud of by you and look at you with hope. It is now necessary to be concentrated before a large jerk forward.

   21. SHI-KHO the Squeezed teeth.

   Development. Application of prisons is favourable. There were unforeseen obstacles which can mislead you. Hard self-restraint and discipline is needed, to overcome them.

   22. BI Maid.

   Development. In small favourably to have where to come forward. you got through large tests, and now time to engage in the spiritual development. Time does not play in the favour of beginning of large businesses, and the shallow will deliver large pleasure and will bring maximal results.

   23. BO Dissidence, destruction .

   Unfavorably to have where to come forward. That for you it is important in life, collapses now. But be not afraid of it is night darker than all before dawn. Thus begin nothing new.

   24. FU Return.

   Performing. There is not a hurry in an output and entrance. Friends will come, and abuse will not be. Back will return on the way. And in seven days - return. Favourably to have where to come forward. you outlived a serious crisis, but now all returns on circles it. A line-up is plans, but remember, that business, proceedings get right (come to normal, improve) not immediately ("in seven days" is the Chinese analogue of Russian not "in no time suddenly").

   25. U-VAN Blamelessness.

   Primordial development. Firmness is favourable. If whoever is right, that will have a misfortune. Unfavorably to have where to come forward. Your sins are remitted, you were delivered from sense of guilt and absolutely clean. Enjoy this state, but be on the alert - exactly white clothes are soiled quick than all. Mainly, not undertake too active actions.

   26. DA-CHU Education great

   Education great. Firmness is favourable. Live by not only from the house. Happiness. Ford is favourable across the great river. Be not afraid to go out for scopes and accomplish some action which shocks circumferential. And then circumstances will change in the best side.

   27. I Feed.

   Firmness - fortunately. Contemplate jaws. They obtain that fills a mouth. All, that you could do for other, you did already. Came it is time to look after about itself. Now you can operate on the fear and risk.

   28. DA-GO Overdeveloping of great.

   Stropila bend. Favourably to have where to come forward. Performing. Today's stability actually very unsteady. Be ready to the changes.

   29. SI-KAN' Abyss, the repeated danger

   is the Repeated danger. To the possessor of true - only in a heart performing. Actions will be approved. Operate uncompromising, even if feel that cost on verge of abyss. Stick to the looks by all means, and people will not begin to reprobate you.

   30. LI Radiance.

   Firmness is favourable. Performing. To conduct cows - fortunately. Firmly hold on to that is, and not violate traditions. Then, possibly, something on principle new will turn out (in Chinese symbolism the "new" designates cow, giving birth a calf).

   31. SYAN' Co-operation Performing. Firmness is favourable. To take a wife - fortunately. This hexagram plays in the favour of entering into marriage.

   32. HEN Constancy.

   Performing. Firmness is favourable. Abuse will not be. Favourably to have where to come forward. Stability and constancy is a wonderful rear for active, creative actions. Walk ahead and be not afraid to do errors - they will not be serious.

   33. DUN' Escape.

   Performing. To small firmness is favourable. Stay too long on a minute before to be directed forward.

   34. DA-CHZHUAN Power of great.

   Firmness is favourable. For you now very much a lot of forces. If you will operate together with other people, able to displace mountains.

   35. CZIN' Rising.

   A his Excellency prince is necessary to grant horse in a great abundance and in the rotation of day three times to accept citizens. A favourable period came in an order to be divided the positive energy. Be generous with people - you now will be enough on all.

   36. MIN-I Pomrachenie of light

   Defeat of light. Firmness is favourable in difficulties. Lately you were too bright for this purpose the grey world. To save the positions, it is necessary to hide the radiance and condescend to the ordinary people.

   37. CZYA-ZHEN' Domestic.

   Firmness is favourable a woman. It will be useful you to be concentrated on family and for a time to withdraw from other businesses.

   38. KU Discord.

   There is happiness in insignificant businesses. In family quarrels are possible between two women - senior and junior. But you undertake nothing serious, better concentrate on little things.

   39. CZYAN' Obstacle.

   A south-west is favourable. A northeast is unfavorable. An appointment is favourable with a great people. Firmness - fortunately. Not walk around a conflict situation: better scandal which promises liberation, what quiet hatred. Know that strong man - on your side.

   40. CZE Permission.

   A south-west is favourable. If nowhere to come forward,, when it (permission) will come, again there will be happiness. If am where to come forward, beforehand prepared made ready happiness. Complete freedom will come after a grandiose quarrel. It will be better, if at this time you will move into new place.

   41. SUN' Decrease.

   To the possessor of true is primordial happiness. Abuse will not be. Firmness is possible. Favourably to have where to come forward. That is needed for offering? And two (in place of eight) bowls are enough for offering. If you will not limit the freedom, the real chaos can come in life. Therefore not wish a great deal too, concentrate better on quality that you have already.

   42. I Increase.

   Favourably to have where to come forward. Ford is favourable across the great river. Coming from own motives, you can endeavour in some large job, and it necessarily will bring you over to the large changes in life.

   43. GUAI

   Breach, Output. you rise to tsar's court. True proclaim. And even if there will be a danger, talk from the city. Unfavorably to embark on a weapon. Favourably to have where to come forward. Now time for decision actions, in spite of the fact that favourable circumstances, seems, are not present. Your activity will bring you over to glory. Be sincerer and non-aggressive.

   44. GOU

   Going down, skirmish. A woman has force. It is not necessary to take a wife.

   All of power is concentrated in hands for a woman. If this woman not you - watch out!.

   45. CUI

   Reunion. Performing. A tsar goes near the possessors of temple (to perfumes of ancestors). Meeting is favourable with a great man. Firmness is favourable. The great offering is needed, then is happiness. Favourably to have where to come forward. Forget old offenses and team up with parents. For this purpose it is necessary to go on concessions, but your victim will be covered a cost - together you will be able to realize a large project.

   46. SHEN Growth.

   Primordial performing. An appointment is favourable with a great man. Not sorrows! Hike southward - fortunately. you move to the top of success (a "south" in Chinese tradition is maximal success).

   47. KUN' Exhaustion.

   Performing. Firmness. To the great man is happiness. There will be speeches, but they are incorrect. Abuse will not be. Your forces are already ended. The circumferential will reprobate you. But if you will depend only upon itself and exactly to follow the chosen direction, will succeed.

   48. CZIN Well.

   Change cities, but does not change a well. Will lose nothing, but nothing and will not purchase. you will go away and will come, but a well will remain a well. If will almost get water, but still a rope is not enough or if will break up a tub - hoodoo. you are expected by difficulties. Not seek a help for anybody and count only on itself. It is now better to provide oneself on the future, be that supply of time or money.

   49. GE Changing

   If to the closing date will be full true, there will be the primordial performing and favourable firmness. Repentance will disappear.

   Cast aside old, as a snake throws down an old skin. An opportunity comes for the new performing and creation.

   50. DYN

   Primordial happiness. Performing. Now the process of update goes all of old, which to you is very friendly. A money can even appear on a purchase that it is desirable.

   51. CHZHEN' Excitation (lightning)

   Performing. Lightning comes, and will exclaim - oho! And will pass, and will begin to the laugh - ha-ha! Lightning frightens and for hundreds of versts. But it will not tip the spoon of over sacrificial wine. It is the most dynamic situation from all, which can fall out you in "Book of changes". Comings changes can frighten you, but then you will laugh at the fears.

   52. GEN' Concentrated on the back.

   you will not perceive the body. Passing on the court, will not notice the people. Abuse will not be. It most "buddhistic" from all of hexagrams. It is necessary to be concentrated on the most static things (in Chinese symbolism they are designated a word the "back") and ignore current events.

   53. CZYAN' Flow.

   A woman leaves to the husband. Happiness. Firmness is favourable. Your life, as full-flowing river, quietly flows forward. Not change its course.

   54. GUI-MEI Fiancee.

   In a hike - hoodoo. Nothing favourable. It is better to stay at a home and to conduct no active activity outside.

   55. FYN Abundance.

   Performing, a tsar approaches him. Untroubled. It is necessary a sun to be in the middle of the way. Your house at last becomes a complete bowl. But not mines all only on your own, allow and to rejoice other people to your luck.

   56. SUN'

   Penetration. Small - development. Favourably to have where to come forward. An appointment is favourable with a great man. you are waited by a lot of incomprehensible situations. Understand with them gradually, and then you will be able to perch far and highly - in direct and portable sense.

   57. LYUY Wandering

   to Small is development. There is firmness in wandering - fortunately.

   you are expected by a road. It is necessary to do the first step and not go down from this way - at that time happiness will be turned up you.

   58. DU Gladness.

   Performing. Firmness is experience the period of large internal gladness are you at a purpose or soon will be there. Not forget to be only divided gladness with other.

   59. HUAN' Breaking

   up Performing. Firmness is favourable. A tsar approaches the possessors of temple (to perfumes of ancestors). Ford is favourable across the great river. Firmness is favourable. you are gradually removed from other people. It is not good and not badly -это increases your individuality. To prove, you need to accomplish something substantial and not displace from the set way.

   60. CZE Limitation

   Performing. Grief is limited. It can not be proof. Remember that no loneliness is eternal, and him something will violate necessarily.

   61. CHZHUN-FU the Internal true.

   Even to the wild boars and finfishess happiness. Ford is favourable across the great river. Firmness is favourable. Even ignorant people, possessing a faith, are capable on great acts. And you - the more so.

   62. SYAO-GO Overdeveloping of small

   Performing. Firmness is favourable. It is possible to operate and in small. It is impossible to operate in great. From a flying bird there is only voice. A correct, ideal conduct, fully proper the studies of O-Dao, does not follow.

   63. CZI-CZI Already end

   Performing. To small firmness is favourable. At the beginning is happiness, in the end is disorder. you took a place as personality. However much this completeness can sow strife in your soul. Exactly in such state leave from home or change a profession.

   64. VEI-CZI That no end!

   Performing. A young dog-fox was almost taken across. If will steep a tail, there will be nothing unfavorable. If something will happen now, it can become beginning of new cycle in your life. Cast aside old, as a snake throws down an old skin. An opportunity comes for the new performing and creation.



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