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   How to do so that did a husband bring a money in a house? Here I am two on principle important moment:

       1. Does your husband indeed want to earn anymore, or him at heart arranges the existent state of affairs? Is he ready to the changes? Without the deep internal desire of changes it is scarcely necessary to expect in earnings.

       2. If a people decided to earn anymore, it is possible on the basis of analysis of his personal power card to pick up the sphere of the most effective for him activity and give recommendation on construction of apartment and job. Then space energy will be harmoniously written into his personal card, that will result in greater self-realization and, as a result, to greater earnings.

   Are unfavorable and favourable sectors

   Is in an apartment unfavorable and favourable sectors? It is ended, am. Energy, included in an apartment and co-operating with it, as laid out in a spectrum. Different power areas, which, as a rule, are limited to the walls of rooms, appear thus. Energy in these areas can be friendly to the above-ground people or not. In addition, there is energy of earth under a house, with its difficult geology, break a secret and anomalous unhappy unfavourable areas. All of it is taken into account at the analysis of apartment.

   In respect of existent books, the very simplified methods of analysis are described in them. They very rarely reflect the real situation in an apartment. And the more so does not take into account energy of earth under a house. To define where in an apartment good, and where bad sectors, a geared-up specialist or people can, if will be very attentive to listen to voice of the intuition and will endeavour to release the consciousness from the folded stereotypes.

   Location of rooms in a house

   How I must dispose a bedroom, cabinet and other rooms? At first, if direction is got on the basis of number of Gua of year of birth, it is scarcely true. For determination of useful directions (as in general useful power engineering specialist for a people) a not alone number, got on the basis of year of birth, is analysed, and whole power card, where both a place and year, both month and day, is in a calculation accepted, and even o'clock of birth.

   Secondly, planning of house on Feng-shui is the same serious and difficult work, as well as architectural planning. And it is here necessary to take into account the great number of parameters: streams of energy into earth, presence of anomalous unhappy unfavourable areas and break a secret, energy of directions and its transformation into buildings, energy of people (both proprietors and neighbours) and other great deal.

   Placing of talismans of Feng-shui

   Where at home to place such things as Trekhlapaya toad, stone talismans and pyramids, metallic Chinese campanellis and air campanellis and т.п? Sense of all of such things - to support certain intention in consciousness of people: to "be protected", to "become more successful and rich", to "be sweet one" et cetera Therefore to be they owe foremost on a kind, all of time to remind about the proper intention. But to energy of space and Feng-shui they have no relation practically. It exactly is magic as such in a clean kind without Feng-shui.

   Rest room and bath

   It only in popular literature for a Feng-shui rest room and bath - "badly". But without bath and rest room in a house, treating is simple it is impossible (prohibit), it is necessary elements of hygiene. In a number of cases their placing in certain parts of house is even instrumental in his harmonization. All is determined after the leadthrough of calculations and analysis of energy of apartment of specifically in place. Good sense and comfort must stand on the first place and at the head of everything. Exactly good sense and pragmatism is underlaid Feng-shui.

   Not added on wild provocations to put a toilet in a room or kitchen (even as a rest biotroom). It is harmful and vulgar interpretation of Feng-shui. Moreover, engaged in resiting and transfer of rest room and bathroom in an already existent apartment (house, apartment) simply foolishly, harmful and will never help, because an apartment or house is already created, and speech must go exceptionally about correct registration of already existent hygienical apartments.

   To understand Feng-shui, it is needed carefully to study a theoretical base which he stands on. It, above all things, theory of unity of the world, duality of Yin-Yahn, world Trinity (ternary, tripartite), five elements and eight trigrams of Gua. Only understanding of these Chinese theories (not simply knowledge, but deep reception them in the life) will allow you to master all of methods of Feng-shui and successfully to apply them in practice.

   A mirror opposite an entrance door

   Opposite an entrance door is mirror, cleaning him is impossible. How to correct this situation, not taking away a mirror? Make an attempt a bit open out a mirror, underlaying under one edge a small object (small box from under matches, wooden bar, and other) so that an incoming in a door people did not see the reflection. If it does not turn out, engage in registration of mirror.

   Door opposite a window

   Door in an office is opposite a large window. How necessarily to suspend a crystal on a window, that did not energy of Ci flow away, or it is possible simply to put him on a window-sill? A crystal conduces to more high activity of energy in a that place, where you place him. Therefore if you will hang up or will put him at a window, only will strengthen the stream of energy through this window. By the real method to decrease a power draught from a door in a window there is placing of large objects between them, setting is jalousies, window shades and window curtains.

   How to create the atmosphere of success in an office?

   Success in an office is ability of every worker to correspond energy of firm and office, it is the correctly balanced energy of all of areas of apartment. In this case energy of people harmoniously co-operates with energy of apartment, creating an atmosphere, attracting success. In actual fact, as it to do is a question very and very not simple. The deep understanding of Feng-shui and experience is required. To correct an unfavorable situation, at times it is required cardinally to change all of office, including rebilleting departments, and interior in them. And at times and it is it is not enough, and a move is required in other, more friendly to the firm apartment. Touches the selection of people on accordance of the personal energy and energy of firm. All of it requires careful research the real specialist. But it however enough it is.

   One Feng-shui as such little - above all things it is needed to know and study the modern marketing and economic theory and apply them in practice, and Feng-shui to use as an insignificant help and considering for the improvement of microclimate in a collective. Therefore never outlay a lot of money on Feng-shui, if you it is not enough studied microeconomics. Moreover, if Feng-shui does not find support for the employees of firm and if the real specialists leave from it - immediately give up him and never work with consultants on Feng-shui, provoking such negative consequences.

   To change a husband or to move a bed?

   People meet, unite, years live together, and then someone appears and talks that at one western group, and at other east, therefore they do not suit each other. And their heart talks - befit! Maybe, in speech this coming something not so? I join in with voice of heart. And do it not on the intuitional choice, but on the basis of Feng-shui! This theory talks that the personal energy of people is described the very large complex of parameters, where by a central aspect will be one of descriptions of birthday. Those numbers of Gua, which many books interpret about, are based only on one description: on the year of birth. Thus qualities of personality are not taken into account, although exactly on such qualities people and meet together.

   Further we will consider the fixed assets which are used in Feng-shui for adjustment of unfavorable situations. It is illumination, candles, mirrors, crystals, pendants, campanellis, mobile objects, plants, water, electrical appliances, sound and other Using them, not forget about basic principles, considered by us higher. Any intelligent changes, sure, will improve your life, however if you obtained certain successes already, think, before to undertake decisive actions. It is not needed to practise upon mirrors, plants, decorations, in fact you must obtain an equilibrium, proportion, the best location of object in circumferential you space. Choosing objects, take into account style of your house, your personal tastes, and also tastes of your household. It is not needed to use Chinese or east symbolism, if you do not test the special inclination to it. Every mean described below has the features. Knowing them, understanding a general idea, you will be able to use them in the most different circumstances.

   Illumination (light, lighting)

   Light mightily stimulates energy of Ci and outside, and inwardly at home. As light is closely related to the element of fire, his action stronger than all shows up in Sonth part of house or separate rooms. He similarly well complements qualities of earth on a south-west and northeast. The best source of light is natural illumination. If you consider that your house is lighted up it is not enough, it is possible to change brise-bises on more lights or to hang up a mirror from one side from a window. If illumination is too bright, that means predominance of energy of Yahn, it is better to hang up dense brise-bises, as bright illumination is favourable not everywhere. Rooms for rest, in particular, bedroom, must not light up similarly brightly, as rooms in which you execute some work or host.

   Light can be either strong or weak, but he must not irritate sight. Fluorescent illumination in Feng-shui is considered unfavorable for a health. It is not necessary to dispose powerful lamps forth above a head, especially if you conduct greater part of the time near them. Such lamps are inappropriate will be at a workmount, in to the living room or dining-room. By floor-lamps and sconce it is possible to do a room more light and at the same time to create the effect of soft, dissipated illumination. Lamps, having switches with smooth regulation of luminosity, are very good, especially in rooms which are used for different aims. For example, strengthening illumination in to the living room in the day-time, you will do its noisy and animated, and muffling illumination in the evening, will create a quiet, pacified atmosphere, cooperant rest.

   The candles

   Of Candle serve as the source of light only then, when you them set a fire, therefore it is not needed to hold a candle in a room simply as a decoration. Set a fire it from time to time, and a fire will be filled by your house of favourable Ci. Certainly, it should be remembered that candles of associated with fire risk, hazard (flammable, nonfireproof), and to use candlesticks, and also not to abandon a conflagrant candle without a supervision. Candles, on Feng-shui, it is recommended to set on a northeast, to strengthen influence of earth. If you fire light in an alcove or in coal of room, it will help to disperse standing too long there energy of Ci. It is not needed to set a fire a candle in the Sonth area of room, as the element of fire activated in this part will begin to prevail above an environment, and it not always favourably.


   As mirrors attract and pass energy of Ci, in Feng-shui they are used variously. If from the features of planning some area of octagon of Ba-Gua absents in a room, by a mirror it is possible to create the "effect of presence" and thus to recover the lost equilibrium. It is possible to reflect noci-influence of acute angles a mirror; to send the stream of energy on a narrow or chocked up passage-way; by sight to mask separate places, for example, rest room located next to an entrance door. Mirrors are doubled by those objects which they reflect, therefore place anything useful or pleasant before a mirror. For example, by a mirror it is possible to double the amount of meal on a table in to the dining-room (maybe, therefore in prestige restaurants is it so often possible to meet mirrors?).

   But scarcely this method will be appropriate on a kitchen, where a meal only prepares and not always looks so appetizingly. In the bedroom of mirror nowise must not reflect the bed of the married couples, as "double appearance" of marriage is here created, that very unfavorably from point of Feng-shui. It is not necessary to hang a mirror opposite a rest room or entrance door. Doing it, you will be instrumental in that energy of Ci will not get in your house, as at once reflected back. In an antechamber it is needed to hang large mirrors, that they reflected complete appearance of people. Round a mirror place furniture so that a reflection was not put restraint. In an ideal variant a mirror in an antechamber must show all of family members, not "cutting" off a leg for children and head at adults. It is necessary to contain mirrors in a cleanness, regularly wiping their moist rag. And, certainly, as quick as possible will replace or will throw out the cracked mirror.

   Even on the Russian sign the broken mirror is brought by a hoodoo. If your mirror cracked or, heavens forbid, broken up, immediately take away him from home and purchase new. We already talked that by the mirror of Ba-Gua - special mirror of octagonal form, having images of trigrams on an external rim, - it is possible to use only outside at home. With his help you can reflect negative energy, outgoing from crossing dear, corners of buildings et cetera not forget to trace, where you redirect energy: it is not needed to blight neighbours, in fact scarcely it will help you, rather vice versa.

   Bamboo flutes

   Bamboo flutes are Chinese character, bringing success and guarding from an evil. They can be used for dispersion of negative energy, created, for example, by ceilings beams. Hang up the pair of bamboo flutes on a ceiling beam under the corner of 30 degrees, that openings specified downward. If to bind by bamboo flutes a red ribbon, it will bring additional success.


   Of Picture are especially powerful characters. It is necessary to choose them, only following the personal taste. In accordance with principles of Feng-shui, in a house they can occupy either very noticeable position or unnoticeable in general. If that is represented on a picture, is related to five elements or their characters, it is necessary to dispose a picture in the proper this element place. For example, ideal place for a picture, representing an in love pair, is a south-west side which is related to the relations in family. However picture, representing a be single traveler, plodding on the deserted beach, there scarcely will be appropriate.

   Sounds can either calm a sound

   You or irritate. It depends both on character of sound and from a mood in a room. Additional sounds move an equilibrium aside Yahn. Therefore a radio receiver, included in to the living room, will bring back to life a room, if it seems too gloomy. And vice versa, in a working cabinet or in a comfortable bedroom a loud sound is unfavorable, can even irritate. Regulate a sound-level in accordance with destiny of room and necessities of lodgers. Here you can follow only by good sense.


   As plants are living creatures, they, as well as we, use energy of Ci. But at the same time of plant are a this energy source, symbolizing life and refreshing an atmosphere in a house. It is necessarily needed to take the care of after plants, in time pouring them, that they did not dry up, as then they will leave off to be the source of Ci. Flowerings plants will help you the color to activate certain elements. Plants can be used for stimulation of Ci in the corners of rooms and for the revival of space which is not used. They splendidly smooth out acute angles and diminish negative influence of "secret pointers", especially if pots with plants mask the corners of bookshelves or office furniture. With sharp leaves a more plant contain Yahn and compel energy of Ci to move quick. Plants with the rounded leaves anymore reflect qualities of Yin. All of plants are related to the element of tree, it is therefore necessary to dispose them: for the reinforcement of element of fire - in Sonth parts of rooms; for the reinforcement of element there is earth - in a center, on a south-west and on a northeast.

   The best rooms for plants are a living room and dining-room. In a kitchen and bedroom of plant it is necessary to dispose warily. Cactuses and other prickly plants can not be placed very close to people, especially on a south-west - in the area of human mutual relations. However much some authors advise to place them on a window-sill as an original "psychical protecting" from thieves. Artificial plants and flowers are less effective, but all the same can stimulate motion of Ci, if to contain them in a cleanness and regularly wear away a dust a wet rag. Compositions from dry plants in principle do not influence on a power equilibrium. If you have them, hold them in the least accessible places and change years in accordance with time.


   Elements of water can be used and inwardly at home, and out of him in form fountains, ponds, skuttlebutts, aquariums. Dispose them in the north, on the east and southeast. As we talked already, water symbolized a money. If in your aquarium goldfish lives is the sign of the special success. A number of fishes must be odd, and better, if one of them will be black, to absorb any negative energy. To provide success in financial businesses, it is necessary to dispose an aquarium in the south-east corner of room. Water in him always must be clean, saturated oxygen and constantly to move. An aquarium with musty water scarcely will help your financial measures. In the north a living room can put a decorative bowl with water, for example, as a tortoise. It will underline smooth and unimpeded character of your trip on life. To stimulate the proper areas in a house it is also possible by pictures and pictures with the image of clean running water. It is good to hang them on the left of entrance door as a wish of success.

   Heavy objects

   the Large and heavy objects symbolize stability, reliability and longevity wherein it is necessary. Decorative boulders and sculptures can be used outside at home, to create quiet, pacifying an atmosphere, if a surrounding landscape seems to you too disorderly or uncoordinated. It is necessary to place large objects so that they did not block motion of energy of Ci.

   Square forms

   the Square forms behave to the element of earth. They strengthen all of presenting the element of metal. Very well, when square ledges are located in northwestern and western corners. They bring success and in case that are in south-west and north-eastern corners. As co-operation of element of earth and water element of north destructively, square ledges promise a failure, when take a place in a north corner, and also if an entrance door is there located.

   Round and half-round forms

   Ledges of such form behave to the element of metal. They strengthen the north, north-western and western corners of house. Well, if an entrance door is located in one of these corners. However much round ledges can carry a failure east and south-east corners or if an entrance door is located in these corners, because a metal is destroyed by the element of tree of the east and southeast.

   Rectangular forms

   Rectangular forms are related to the element of tree. They attract success, if located in south-east, east and Sonth corners, and also when there is an entrance door in one of these sectors. It is considered that they hinder success, if located on a south-west or northeast.

   Salient corners of three-cornered form

   Such ledges behave to the element of fire. Favourably, when the salient corners of three-cornered form are located on a south. They are also excellent for south-west and north-eastern corners. At placing in north-western or western corners take away success.

   Lunoobraznye ledges

   Such ledges behave to the element water. They attract success, if located in the north, the east or southeast, and become ruinous, when are on a south.

   Other successful and unsuccessful forms of ledges

   Except for the estimation of rightness of form of application of characters of elements, masters of Feng-shui use other methods for determination of favourableness of forms. For example, the method of "measuring" of building success is widespread, when on possibility try to define, on what Chinese hieroglyph it building alike.

   A choice and creation of regular shapes

   Is Next important, substantial for good Feng-shui principle is related to the rightness of form of lot lands, buildings and other structures. It reflects philosophy of perfection and symmetry. Perfection supposes that structures and forms must not have failings corners or sectors. Symmetry implies an equilibrium which the surplus prevailing of any separately taken element or type of energy must not be at. Any contour deprived equilibrium is considered in Feng-shui unfavorable. This principle is used at the estimation of plots of land, buildings, rooms and articles of furniture. All of favourable forms differ a rightness, unfavorable forms are usually wrong and have failings corners. Figures of favourable forms - two-dimensional, three-dimensional, vertical or horizontal, and also all of projections. The figures of unfavorable forms are characterized the presence of failings corners or wrong lines and crooked lines. Three-cornered forms are considered unfavorable. If a building form is unfavorable, a decision role for determination of success of house is played by the location of central entrance.

   Failings corners

   the Regular shapes always favourable, as there always are failings corners in wrong forms, and it conduces to the disbalance. Failings corners take away success of concrete absent corner, thus the size of danger depends on attitude toward life of above-ground there people. Easily to notice failings corners, if to enter a house in a quadrangle or rectangle. Imposing a rectangle on the plan of house, you will see failings corners at once. Correcting a situation, conditioned these failings corners, is possible in several ways. It is necessary to erect annexes, wrap-round the examined area. It will put in an order the form of house. It is possible in each such corner outside at home to set a high lantern. If a house has a N-duality form, lanterns can be disposed on each side from included in central part of house. It is possible to use a wall mirror which will extend walls visile. This method can be used only if an entrance door, stair or rest room, will not be reflected in a mirror.

   Salient corners

   In houses can be not only failings corners but also salient. It is considered in Feng-shui, that in places, where ledges are, energy increases. As far as a positive or negative role is played by failings or salient corners for your house, and also who of your family members is most subject to influence of enhanceable kind or wicked fate, it is possible to define, conducting the analysis of Feng-shui. Will find out foremost, what element is presented by this form. Will define then, how this element combines with the element of corner which a form is located century If co-operation of these elements is favourable, it promises kind success. If elements clash with each other, it means a failure.


   Characters are used for the power satiation of apartments, especially they are good in to the living room. It is possible to choose any suitable for you character. For example, by a red rose you can create a romantic corner. Below we bring a list over of some characters of Feng-shui and their traditional values. you can by them use in a house, creating a favourable atmosphere.


  • Butterflies are Love and gladness
  • Bamboo is Longevity
  • Fan is Defence
  • Soaring a shell is Prosperity and success in trips
  • Waterfall is Bringing in in the house of success
  • Trees in flower is Longevity
  • Dragon is Higher character of success and creative capabilities
  • Goldfish is Success in financial businesses
  • Umbrella or cover - For protecting from thieves
  • Ceramic pots - For the accumulation of energy Ci
  • Wheel of law is Defence
  • Campanellis - Disperse negative energy
  • Beautiful are landscape Success in life
  • Leopard is Bravery
  • A bat is Success in businesses
  • Lotus is Success outside the house
  • Coin is Blagodenstvie
  • Monkey - Khitroumie and protecting from failures
  • Deer is Riches and longevity
  • Eagle is Sagacity
  • Cock is Weathering Beauty
  • In flower is Success (Japan) and happiness in love
  • Elephant - Force (Power)
  • Sobaka is Reliable defence
  • Pine-tree is Longevity
  • Tigr is Courage
  • Phoenix is Prosperity
  • Fountain is Riches and abundance
  • Chimera is Protecting from an evil
  • Chrysanthemum is Success
  • Heron is Loyalty and longevity
  • Tortoise is Longevity



  • Runes, rune amulets and talismans from a bone (heathen pagan and slavonic themes)
  • Numerology, magic of numbers (on Pythagoras and Corneliuse Agrippa, numbers from 1 to 9)


   Zodiacs, horoscopes stones

      Pisces (Fish) 20.02-20.03 - symbol of Zodiac Pisces (Fish), horoscope of the stone
      Aries (Ram) 21.03-20.04 - symbol of Zodiac Aries (Ram), horoscope of the stone
      Taurus (Bull) 21.04-21.05 - symbol of Zodiac Taurus (Bull), horoscope of the stone

      Gemini (Twins) 22.05-21.06 - symbol of Zodiac Gemini (Twins), horoscope of the stone
      Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish) 22.06-22.07 - symbol of Zodiac Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish), horoscope of the stone
      Leo (Lion) 23.07-23.08 - symbol of Zodiac Leo (Lion), horoscope of the stone

      Virgo (Native, Maiden) 24.08-23.09 - symbol of Zodiac Virgo (Native, Maiden), horoscope of the stone
      Libra (Balance) 24.09-23.10 - symbol of Zodiac Libra (Balance), horoscope of the stone
      Scorpio (Scorpion) 24.10-22.11 - symbol of Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion), horoscope of the stone

      Sagittarius (Archer) 23.11-21.12 - symbol of Zodiac Sagittarius (Archer), horoscope of the stone
      Capricorn (Goat) 22.12-20.01 - symbol of Zodiac Capricorn (Goat), horoscope of the stone
      Aquarius (Water Bearer) 21.01-19.02 - symbol of Zodiac Aquarius (Water Bearer), horoscope of the stone