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   Feng-shui was engendered more than 6 thousand years ago in China, Asia, and originally existed as a method of burial place (actually, positive necromancy). It was considered that the grave of ancestors, organized on set rules, favourably influenced on life of descendants. By an example the period of rule of Mao Dzedun (China, Asia) serves that. There is opinion, that in an order to come to power, Mao (China, Asia) found master Feng-shui and that to bury his parents correctly. Right after this Mao Dzedun (China, Asia) came to power and first of all executed master. And all, who knew about this burial place. That nobody could injure that force which holds him. And then in general forbade this studies.

   In communist (XX century) China Asia Feng-shui was declared vestige of the pas and forbidden, but for establishment of financial domination in Hong Kong the bank of China (Asia) which is considered the standard of application of laws of Feng-shui at building of buildings was built in 1988.

   Sources also tell that in a XV century to sew on eras a certain prince Lyu invited court master of Feng-shui for determination of favourableness of place for the book-mark of city which will bring success the prince. It the veritable, greatest setting of Feng-shui, reaching to us from the remote past. The correctly built city determines force of the state. Fen-shuy today all acquires large popularity in the western world.

   In Ancient China talked: "If there is harmony in a house, there will be an order in a country. If there is an order in a country, there will be the world on earth". For this purpose it is needed to live in harmony with the surroundings. And it means - to appear at the right time in the right place, to "be in a stream". And when you know where and what time and place is - you hold the fate under control. Although word of Feng-shui of the Chinese origin, practically in every culture (Japan, India, America, Europe and Middle the East) there is the form of Feng-shui, related to clearing and sanctifying of places. Something can be adapted for sew on to modern life. Geopatogennye influences, space radiations, biosphere, environment, harmony with nature, a culture of dwelling is all of modern concepts.

   But all of them was known a few thousand years back and described the system of deep laws, born Chinese civilization, on which the whole financial world is sew on planets. A theory purchased the name Feng-shui comparatively recently, on measurements of Chinese history. Only 500 years back. In translating into the Russian language "look at sky", and Yuy - "study earth". "Look at the laws of sky and understand their display on earth".

   The words of Feng and Shui are word for a word translated as wind and water. It is two forces of natural energy. Natural energy - it Ci, that flows through Heaven and Earth. Ci links everything together, that is in to Universe. Speaking it is simplified, Feng-shui is a theory about the streams of space energy. Feng-shui is engaged in harmonization of all of sides of human life. Examining a people in unity with outward things, a specialist sees on Feng-shui, how it is possible to do a people more perfect by external objects, by what he lives in surroundings. In other words, power to give a people from outside what does not have him inwardly. Important note: change Feng-shui anything gradually and only after clearing of space, by non-violent methods. Apply the methods of Feng-shui step by step.

   Today out of limits of China commercial Feng-shui gets all of greater distribution, and not so much as philosophy and world view, but as specific commercial version of Feng-shui for earning (or even deflations) of large money from clients. It is known that building, landscape design, design of apartments (both consulting and execution) behave to very dear services which require high capital-intensive customer and bring in huge returns performers. Unfortunately, one of such methods of deflation of money is today become by Feng-shui. Specialists on false-Feng-shui can force a customer to do huge alterations, sometimes even conflicting with good sense, Gostam, state standard specification and sanitary requirements, and it will have no effect for a customer, except for new problems. To compel a customer to pay a large money for not necessary him and very dear services as resiting of apartment, replacement furniture, saw down of fully good tree and landing other alongside etc. simply so without motivation difficultly (and even unreal). Other business, when under it tricked into allegedly philosophical base of Feng-shui, then it is possible boldly and to saw trees, and new to seat, and to prang all of apartments and build anew, and windows are old to pawn, and new to break through, and to sell a client new furniture, and in general to plunge a people in the ocean depth of astronomic charges without good sense. In any apartment necessarily will be average 50% that dissatisfies the theory of Feng-shui. We bring criteria over, running which you must understand into, that it not Feng-shui, but quackery and method to begin to work a money on an even place:

   - It is not tried to teach you the real philosophical bases of Feng-shui and all of Chinese philosophy (five first basic elements, four elements, conception of Yin-Yahn and internal essence of trigrams etc.) or this teaching very rapid, dear and superficial. Feng-shui requires a deep study, penetration in this philosophy, its real understanding, that is arrived at teaching years and requires certain natural internal alteration philosophical looks of people. In addition, in Chinese philosophy it is not accepted to take a too much money for teaching (expenses must be feasible).

   - from you require volte-faces, large alterations and high starting capital investments. It contradict of all of Chinese philosophy (and especially philosophy of harmonization of Feng-shui) which interprets any volte-faces as simply negative factor and even as a calamity or catastrophe of local or global scale. Chinese cultivate harmonious and smooth of one element in other, non-violent and naturalness of process for a people. No breaking of the already folded foundations and stereotypes being does not must in general.

   - You are told that greater part of work will be done for you, you are enough it will be to accept the prepared work and enjoy its result in the future. In China the object of philosophical cult is Dao, protracted philosophical way of harmonious, independent recovery of sight and stage-by-stage achievement to the purpose by a people, his gradual conscious of certain higher purpose in the process of way. Result as such can already not have a ponderable value, because true is only a correct process of his achievement. It touched both the clarified emperors and ordinary people of the common people in an equal degree.

   - in the process of false-Feng-shui for you actively destroy the already folded harmony in a house, in family, in relationships with people, and in general unbalance you and the harmonious state, asserting that if you will not change something now, that you and so satisfies already, there will be troubles in the future (real intimidation with the purpose of receipt of money). It fully contradict of Chinese philosophy, which interprets achievement of any harmony in lives as the greatest philosophical value, veritable purpose of Dao and well-deserved reward of correct application of conception of Dao (correct advancement on a vital way). Any violent destruction of any existent harmony on Chinese philosophy is interpreted as and entails a decline, illnesses, problems in life and one only troubles. Not added on provocation.

   - from you does not require the personal protracted and persistent teaching bases of Feng-shui and Chinese philosophy. The personal teaching in China is erected in a cult as unique method of transmission of already existent knowledges from a people to the people (unlike divine recovery of sight something new, which is arrived at in loneliness). It teaching with a teacher must be protracted, permanent, systematic, regular, zealous, without oneself violence and violence, natural and fully humble. No disputes, debates, jerks, examinations, speed external and other similar attributes of teaching, in China are not cultivated.



  • Runes, rune amulets and talismans from a bone (heathen pagan and slavonic themes)
  • Numerology, magic of numbers (on Pythagoras and Corneliuse Agrippa, numbers from 1 to 9)


   Zodiacs, horoscopes stones

      Pisces (Fish) 20.02-20.03 - symbol of Zodiac Pisces (Fish), horoscope of the stone
      Aries (Ram) 21.03-20.04 - symbol of Zodiac Aries (Ram), horoscope of the stone
      Taurus (Bull) 21.04-21.05 - symbol of Zodiac Taurus (Bull), horoscope of the stone

      Gemini (Twins) 22.05-21.06 - symbol of Zodiac Gemini (Twins), horoscope of the stone
      Cancer (Crab, rayfish) 22.06-22.07 - symbol of Zodiac Cancer (Crab, rayfish), horoscope of the stone
      Leo (Lion) 23.07-23.08 - symbol of Zodiac Leo (Lion), horoscope of the stone

      Virgo (Native, Maiden) 24.08-23.09 - symbol of Zodiac Virgo (Native, Maiden), horoscope of the stone
      Libra (Balance) 24.09-23.10 - symbol of Zodiac Libra (Balance), horoscope of the stone
      Scorpio (Scorpion) 24.10-22.11 - symbol of Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion), horoscope of the stone

      Sagittarius (Archer) 23.11-21.12 - symbol of Zodiac Sagittarius (Archer), horoscope of the stone
      Capricorn (Goat) 22.12-20.01 - symbol of Zodiac Capricorn (Goat), horoscope of the stone
      Aquarius (Water Bearer) 21.01-19.02 - symbol of Zodiac Aquarius (Water Bearer), horoscope of the stone