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   1. Dwelling nowise can not be built on the comb of mountain or on motion or output of mountain canyon, because here not only not be success, caused a geographical factor but also vice versa, easy to get different diseases.

   2. Dwelling can not be built on the T-graphic crossing, and also in the place of crossing of streets. That before a house there must not be a street, straight going to him, otherwise not to consider misfortunes - above all things, it is high winds and fires. If will not drive, the street straight directed on a house can result in that a house will collapse, and people to die. Hidden influence also in a great deal negative: can result in injuries, losses in business.

   3. Dwelling can not be built at the end of deadlock. Not only because in case of fire for neighbours will be hardness evacuated but also because in such house often there are conflicts, judicial lawsuits, and also it is possible to lose the state, get injury.

   4. If westerly a large road passes from a house or apartment, it is large happiness (but only if a house is not turned a facade westward). The benefits of such location followings.

       a) It is possible to save private life of family. That the personal life of people will not be exposed to external aggression, nobody will begin to interfere from outside, as on either side of house very little extraneous doors and windows, and noise from a street is uneasy to get to the house (for example, a blank wall goes out westward, and from a south and north garden).

       b) It is possible effectively to use space inwardly at home, because except for a side, directed to the road westward, other directions little influence on a court and rooms in a house.

   5. Right in front of entrance there must not be large trees, as they not only hinder arrival of positive (jansky) energy (Yahn-Ci) in a house but also the negative (Yin, Yin-Ci) retires hardly.In addition, there is a threat of blow lightning, and falling off leaves are easily added to the house.

   6. Before an entrance nowise there must not be a dry tree, the more so - large, standing or lying on earth. It is special harmful for elderly people, and also results in impoverishment. The best of all and to stub roots.

   7. A large tree on a north-west from a house brings large happiness. (A north-west on the chart of subsequent sky (houtian) behaves to the cleanly-jansky trigram Cian- creation). Seed of tree can protect the lodgers of house, bring all the gladness. If cut down a tree, there will be neither children nor grandchildren.

   8. The single dwelling must not be higher circumferential, material unwell-being is otherwise expected in facilities. In addition, there is a danger of inflammation, floods, hoodoos, outgoing from skies. When a house is opened in all of sides, it is impossible to be insulated, lodgers have the hidden anxiety, as though from every quarter fries a sun from which not to take shelter. Yahn in surplus, Yin in failing, and disharmony of Yin-Yahn conduces to illnesses.

   9. Dwelling for children it is impossible to build in a court at home parents. This limitation touches families, formed children. Families of both children and parents fall into decay otherwise. However much it is a requirement, mostly, attribute for all of sons, except for a chief. (Daughters, on the Chinese consuetude, abandon a paternal house).

   10. When there is an expectant mother in a house, it is impossible neither to build a house nor engaged in repair. It is even necessary to avoid light maintenance all of forces, especially are replacements of tile or brick. It can result in abortion or migration from home.

   11. When base of house or apartment (I.e. a court, surrounded a wall, or house, is in a plan) at the front low, and behind high, it is a sign of large happiness, and an opposite situation is unhappy.

   12. If in the base of house or apartment on a north-west coulisse, although it does not harm valuable Ci, however however conduces to diminishing of sons (trigram Cian- creation has harm as though, and daughters in old China were not appreciated). It also very unfavorably for the organs of breathing.

   13. If in the base of house or apartment coulisse on a southeast, it, above all things, unfavorably for birth of sons and growing of daughters, but, eventually, does not harm enriching.

   14. If in the base of house or apartment coulisse on a south-west, it badly for a stomach and intestine, but in a social plan, vice versa, usefully.

   15. If in the base of house or apartment coulisse on a northeast, although it does not carry large troubles, but can negatively influence on the digestive system.

   16. If base of house or apartment or room in a plan on the right long, and on the left short, givings birth sons either become orphans or by poor people.

   17. If base of house or apartment or form of room at the front wide, and behind narrow, forming the stair inverted by appearance, after a residence here hardness to save facilities, the amount of people diminishes also.

   18. If base of house or apartment or room, vice versa, at the front narrow, and behind wide, forming by appearance as though stair, after a residence not only enriched here but also will thunder.

   19. If the base of house or apartment or form of room forms a triangle, a front edge with back expansion is named the "inverted brush". After a residence here both people and riches carry losses. Especially easily there are hoodoos, brought women, or hoodoos threaten women. When edge behind, and at the front widely, it is named by " Mars pulls a tail". It very badly: suicides, incurable illnesses, are possible.

   20. If base of house or apartment or room on the left long, and on the right short (look from an entrance door), after a residence all of family will suffer here.

   21. If after all of 4th the corners of base of house or apartment or form of room there are coulisses, here living is impossible quite.

   22. If a base of house or apartment or form of room is a rectangle, prolate from a north to the south, it is large happiness, the resident will be rich and noble, to have a lot of children and grandchildren, live in gladness.

   23. If it is a rectangle, prolate easterly westward, it is unfavorable, especially badly on north and Sonth sides.

   24. If base of house or apartment or form of room both from a north and from a south has coulisses (in a plan - as a letter of "H"), in the period of residence here can constantly be judicial lawsuits, and people will often be ill.

   25. If these coulisses on the east and west, all is quiet here, but it is necessary, that life passed ordinarily.

   26. If the base of house or apartment or form of room only easterly has a coulisse, possibly hidden influence, resulting in the lack of clothes and food.

   27. If coulisse only westerly, it is attributed to the large hoodoo, to live it is here impossible nowise.

   28. If the base of house or apartment or form of room has a coulisse only from a south, present strong tendency to riches, however permanent spores and scandals are in family, there is not rest.

   29. If coulisse only from a north, it is attributed to the large hoodoo, permanent threat of fires.

   30. If the base of house or apartment or room has a form of square, to live large happiness here, all the family expects riches and prosperity.

   31. If before a house or apartment there is a pool in form half-round, by an oval side outwardly-directed, the hidden possibility dishonestly to make riches appears.

   32. If base of house or apartment or form of room at the front rounded, behind square, after a residence here will be both riches and exalted station.

   33. If south of house or apartment there is empty space, it is taken to great happiness, a residence calms a heart here.

   34. In a court your dwelling cottage can not be seated large trees, otherwise is a misfortune.

   35. Between cottages (especially when a base horseshoe-shaped or a court is square) it is nowise impossible to seat trees or concrete a court, otherwise is a hoodoo.

   36. The court of house or apartment can not be paved the measured brick or stone flags, otherwise will attract negative (Yin) energy, the fate of family will weaken.

   37. If a brook flows in a court, it is a large misfortune.

   38. A circumferential a house wall must not be too high (as some build, warding off thieves), otherwise the resident will be "as the tired out beasts" and will reach to the need.

   39. A surrounding wall can not be put too close to the house: nearer 60 sm

   40. When little people live in a large house, it badly: a fate will lead family to impoverishment.

   41. When a house is small, and resident quite a bit, it is happiness: there is glory and riches in the fate of family.

   42. When a house looks at a south, it is ordinary not bad.

   43. Dwelling, where longitudinal depth more transversal width, hints at the long driving (look from an entrance door).

   44. A TT-graphic house, where a "cross-piece" is wiredrawn and long, threatens asthma.

   45. The number of apartments in a house influences on gladness and sorrow. One apartment is happiness, 2 - there is not harm, 3 is a misfortune, 4 - also misfortune, 5-7 is happiness, 8 is a misfortune, 9 is happiness (take into account a kitchen, bathroom unit and other).

   46. When the first dwelling room or living room is in a center all of apartments, it is large happiness.

   47. When in a house or apartment of room mainly by an area 8 square meters, it is a large misfortune. If in a center a house or apartment there is an apartment of such area, children and grandchildren will become unruly, lazy, that will result in the loss of property. If such room is not in a center, but elsewhere, however there will be a tendency to that family fall into decay gradually.

   48. If in a center a house or apartment there is not in the use space, it is a large misfortune. If an internal court (in China is a "celestial well"), kitchen or rest room, is located in a center, also attribute to the unhappy placing, it is necessary to be maximally avoided. The best of all in a center to place a bedroom.

   49. A bedroom of owner in a center a house or apartment is large happiness.

   50. If a main entrance and back door of house or apartment are on one line, it for a house or apartment very well.

   51. If family lives at a shop, when a shop is on a northeast or south-west from a house or apartment, it very badly. These two apartments attract negative (Yin) energy, point-of-sale position will weaken certainly, financial means will gradually disperse.

   52. In the separate dwelling it is impossible not to have a postern, it is otherwise impossible there to live long, because there will be harm, mainly, to the married couples.

   53. If the separate dwelling is directed southward, a living room is located on a western side, and small garden - with east, it is large happiness.

   54. When a bedroom and main entrance are on one line, it is large happiness.

   55. When a bedroom is next to a kitchen, it is a large misfortune. When next to a bedroom a flag is placed or stove, it is not useful, above all things, for children.

   56. In a bedroom it is not necessary to put a closet with clothes, serving out the term, otherwise is a large misfortune.

   57. A location of kitchen or flag on the east or southeast is large happiness.

   58. In south-west part of house or apartment disposing a kitchen is impossible.

   59. Bedroom for elderly people it is needed to arrange houses or apartments in south-east part.

   60. It is not necessary to place the room of ordinary way (room of rest, triumphs) of life in a south-west side.

   61. Also badly in the south-west side of house or apartment to place bathroom, and in north-eastern - yet worse.

   62. If rest room in a center a house or apartment, lodgers, especially owner, fall ill easily.

   63. If a toilet in a rest room is directed on a north, it is a large misfortune which hardness to measure.

   64. If a toilet and main entrance in a house or apartment is directed in one side, there will be the hidden influence on resident, cooperant tumour illnesses.

   65. If allow terms, westering basic apartment (not including annexes and auxiliary apartments), separately from nearby with a basic apartment places, create a living room, in an interval is a connecting corridor. It is large happiness.

   66. If a stair is exactly in a center a house or apartment, it is a large misfortune.

   67. If the windows of internal side of house or apartment are opened east, it the best of all.

   68. However much it conduces to irregular monthly for women, that badly.

   69. If in a house, where live in western part, windows can be opened southward, gladnesses increase, and sorrows diminish.

   70. When family, above-ground at a shop, creates a niche for sacred cult objects, this niche must not go out outside, I.e. creating it is needed in an invisible for passers-by place.

   71. In dwelling with the small number of apartments a cult niche can be placed on a wall closet.

   72. When the cornice of roof or antisun peak is "pierced a tree" (I.e. tree just on the contrary), it is a large hoodoo.

   73. When in a structure, hanging over a ground floor (above an arch) do a living room, it is a large hoodoo.

   74. When there is a post in an apartment, from all of four sides of which there are doors, it is a large hoodoo, lead to illnesses of domestic.

   75. If a main post is outside visible in a room from a right side, impolite children are possible in family. It is necessary to avoid it.

   76. If a main beam in the roof of house or apartment pierces an apartment not on a straight line, especially in an one-story house, it will dominate above large misfortunes in a house.

   77. At building of house posts must be larger than beams. A post for an overhead beam is chosen in a lucky day and assemble in a that day. If for one day not to finish, posts put in the first lucky day, and in other lucky day lay an overhead beam on them. Otherwise is a large hoodoo.

   78. If half in an apartment and half out of him are on a different height, half in an apartment must be higher, otherwise easily there can be diseases, fires, conflicts and contradictions. The most suitable height of floor is no more than 45 see

   79. If dwelling from a right side has W-graphic ledges, present tendency to the fires and dispersion of riches. It is necessary to avoid it.

   80. If dwelling, looking in a type, has a ledge, ridge pole driving away in the middle high, and on edges low, it is a hoodoo: results in the peculation of riches, will serve reason of orphanhood.

   81. When earth under a house or apartment soft - large misfortune: merchant not able to live, an ordinary people will live, but fall into decay.

   82. House, built above a former well - to the hoodoo: there can be visual and auditory delusions, therefore an old well needs to be earthed.

   83. Before to build a house on earth, where jungles of herbares and trees were, it is necessary necessarily to stub their roots, the roots of hoodoos will be saved otherwise, and hoodoos will follow one after other, and at resident in such house of event will go time-lagged, sorrows and difficulties will go a continuous train.

   84. To conduct building of house from a backside to the facade is large happiness, and to develop from a facade inward - unfavorably.

   85. In a dwelling-house in times of residence it is not necessary to be engaged in partial repair: for example, to redo a kitchen or living room, domestic businesses will be braked otherwise, children-grandchildren will not follow generation after a generation and eventually, it is possible that family will be halted.

   86. If dwelling, originally former marriage rests, later will count up insufficient and will tune the third floor, it is attributed to the large misfortune.

   87. If two houses are united in one, connecting cornices, it is a large misfortune: family degrades not only, an economy falls into a decay, but often and cracks appear in a health, and in the name (to the fame). Cornices connect, and dividing before posts can break a secret, that aggravates a calamity and even can result in death.

   88. If dwelling is built badly and wind - large misfortune gets to the cracks: patients, domestic strange and bad sleeps see often, will appear among domestic. Cracks often are in the door and window openings or in connections of wall blocks, to it is necessary to belong attentively.

   89. If with the purpose of giving habitation of luxurious kind or for a decoration on walls hang too much decorative objects, it is a large misfortune. If outwardly beautifully, and a purpose is a cleanness, it is happiness.

   90. If during building to use arboreal material in the inverted kind, it is a hoodoo. When butt of tree is sent up, and top downward, domestic expect hoodoos. It does not behave to the modern reinforced-concrete houses, however door boxes, windows often make out of tree, so that foregoing it is necessary to take into account, especially when for the sake of economy of material use insertions and connections.

   91. In one-story houses a tile must not swing on a roof. If storms and thunderstorms or people, climbing on a roof, will split a tile, it is needed at once to repair, otherwise, unfortunately, the domestic will be ill.

   92. A door box or door posts must not have bends, otherwise easily there will be illnesses.

   93. A large entrance door in the little dwelling is a hoodoo.

   94. When there is a court at a house, and the sewage system is located on a south-west is a large misfortune, hoodoo and in case that there is not a court. (To the south-west in the chart of subsequent sky, related to earth, but not to sky, a Yin trigram corresponds Kun-discharge. It would seem is accordance with the delete of garbages, but in the system Feng-shui harmony is and in the case of opposition).

   95. Sleeping belongings in a sleeping room (quilts, pillows, covered and other) than drier, so much the better. If a bed is ever-higher, although climb- get down uncomfortably, it however better, than too low, because moist air as heavy as lead.

   96. A battery (especially for western colour lovers) can not be disposed in middle part of the ridge driving away, otherwise on an owner hoodoos will be brought down. Fire-place - it is impossible the more so. But if for the steam heating to project the stove equipment of submersible type, problems are not present.

   97. If in a house or apartment there are windows or doors southward, it is needed to have a cornice or peak, otherwise among domestic often there will be conflicts and hoodoos, senses will easily change between the married couples.

   98. If there is the personal garage in a house, before a garage it is needed to have a wide ground - then happiness, and if narrow, squeezing the soul is a misfortune.

   99. If a main entrance in a house or apartment is exactly opposite the corner of next door is a large misfortune (the corners directed on something always harmful).



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