Modern interpretation of Book of changes of "I-Czin" (commercial variant of fortune-telling) -->rus

   The interpretations published below for fortunetelling are taken from the book of Dyuly Khernadi "Temples of happiness". The Hungarian writer-fantasy, in same queue, used interpretation of American Barbara Kheyslip, which does not hide that processed and simplified formulations "to the maximally commercial level". Thus, we very convincingly ask you never to accept the resulted text and to him similar "creations" for the translation of the present of Iczin (Chinese Book of changes, water Pacific ocean tsunami, Great Limit Boundary Line End "Tay-czi", "Tai Chi" , Asia) and not to search no philosophical depths in him.

   Making a fortune-telling guesswork hexagram is necessary strictly from a top to the bottom: that at first you draw a lowermost line, after - that above it and so to most overhead. You may need three ordinary coins. In all you need to draw six lines from below up. Accordingly and you throw chinks up six times. If more "eagles" (coats of arms) fallen out, you conduct a continuous line. Otherwise - irregular. It today most commercial and popular, but not indigenously canonical method of fortunetelling on Iczin.

   There is another more canonical variant: it is needed to prepare for 6 identical bars with inflicted on one side a continuous and break line (only 12 bars) and to decompose them in a fortuitous order so that denotations were not visible. Further drag out on one bar 6 times and draw a hexagram from a top to the bottom according to the extracted and opened image.

bottom \ top
1 43 14 34 9 5 26 11
10 58 38 54 61 60 41 19
13 49 30 55 37 63 22 36
25 17 21 51 42 3 27 24
44 28 50 32 57 48 18 46
6 47 64 40 59 29 4 7
33 31 56 62 53 39 52 15
12 45 35 16 20 8 23 2

   1. Character consists of six lines of Yahn. Kind sign. It is a people's hexagram, meaning a month April and spring hopes. But be wary! you on the top of mountain and possibility to get down for you it is not. So be vigilant and reasonable, while are above. Not later what in six months, wait large changes. Time plays in the favour of your undertaking. In the personal life for you the known vagueness, it is necessary to cast light in it. If desire your is reasonable modestly, it certainly will be carried out. Someone resists you, but, if you will be decisive and inflexible, you are expected by success. You will pass muster.

   2. Gods woke up Mother-Earth. You work hard, and in two months of effort your will be crowned great success. You are a cultural and thirsty knowledges people, with love behave even to the smallest garden-stuffs of the labour. Very tied to mother. Now not time to give a vent self-interest, so that not think too much about a financial benefit. Desire your will be carried out, though not immediately. In a nearest period it is not recommended to set forth for a road - and to one, not with somebody. Soon a people, feed-in strong interest to you, will appear in your surroundings.

   3. One of the most ill-fated combinations. Whatever you embarked on, all would fall down from hands, not giving a result. There is nothing other, how to wait more good- of pleasant time. At least three months try to conduct the reserved way of life, that, certainly, quite not means that in this period it is not necessary to try to think over plans on the future. Be patient, listen to the sonnets of woman. About a luck, driving in businesses presently it is out of the question.

   4. All you see around, as though through a certain shroud, but it soon will fall and the world again will find a clarity for you. However, as presently nerves your are strongly shaky, not accept hasty decisions. If want to score a success, not ignore advices of the authority, consider in them; all will change soon. Cheer up! Don't give up! More time spare socializing with children. New plans, new prospects arise up already, but even close there is not new love. Concentrate will on carrying out only- singular wishes.

   5. Wait and gather oneself up, very soon they may need you - when a spring will come, snow will get off and flowers will effloresce again. The too hurried actions now can bring harm only. You will suffer yet a bit, month two, while there will not be a certain people which will help you how you do not wait. If you now resolutely and vigorously will engage in planning of further actions, a help and support will come yet quick. Your financial position suddenly will be improved. Possibly, you will feel appetence to the people more senior than you. Try not too to find out the interest to him. Desire your will be carried out, if you will operate purposefully and in a sufficient measure warily.

   6. You feel disharmony. A conflict comes to a head. Behave modestly and with restraint; if a glove (call) is given up you, not lift it. Endeavour to moderate the requirements, kept out in no enterprises alone, while circumstances will not change to the best. Opposite, take part in joint with somebody work. Let all go the order, then the world and rest will come, and you superfluous time will make sure in that vital problems not only depress but also teach.

   7. This hexagram symbolizes conscious solitude. Your present state like the state of general, decision, when the best of all to launch an offensive. Be attentive, take away itself in the allies of people with kind intentions, and this success presently accompanies you, not forget about precautionary measures. You will get unexpected information or you will be visited by an unexpected visitor. A present tense is carried out for you romanticisms, that, however, did not prevent the origin of discord with a near people. Plan all of future businesses carefully and reasonably.

   8. Most worst already behind, but some difficult problems were yet saved. Participate in common causes, success expects you in a collaboration with other. Khranmte loyalty, not ignore the duties. Loving each other just need mutual respect and understanding, as a teacher and student. Carrying out wishes in a great deal depends on that, how you will take advantage of advices of the authority and friends. For reckless games time is not suitable.

   9. Driving, success not too characteristic for your present position, but it is necessary to mean that night is most dark before dawn. A situation is not clear you, you do not own it, but it is the transitional state. Events which will change him to the best, already on approach. And while take patience and wait. Privykli to consider you a people to which a money flow in hands. Be far-sighted, not quarrel on little things with friends and acquaintances, not overdiligent in-process, not to exhaust itself. In three months of money will indeed begin to the flow to you.

   10. Presently your command must be underline polite, friendly and restrained. Shrink into oneself and properly think over the position. By all means manifest respect to the authority, now it will go you on a benefit. An unexpected event which will deliver you large gladness will happen. For flirtation time is not suitable. Ladies, communicating with it is not enough well the acquainted people, must be especially careful. It is a period, when against life it follows claim to reduce to the minimum.

   11. Now, when happiness favours you I the career of Basha moves up and upwards, exactly now think of friends. At the same time be not frivolous and careless. If want, that driving and success accompanied you as possible longer, endeavour to support them successes and in other areas. Desire your will be carried out, but does not aim artificially to accelerate his realization. Presently you are inclined to throw a money about; restrain itself, stick to within the framework of the financial possibilities.

   12. A great deal does not clear you, fluster the problems of public life. People, unworthy you, reach after you. Be vigilant and far-sighted, not accepted for anything substantial. Your surroundings do not understand you; you without sufficient on that grounds quarrel with one of friends. Desires your will be carried out percents on eighty, but also that not immediately. In these days watch after the purse. Tie up moor (make fast) to advices of the authority, but make a decision at discretion. Position will change soon.

   13. Wherever you left, will get in good society. You can boldly enter into a fight, pursuing high aims; you will be supported by a people which you did not count on. Very soon put your will go in way. You a few uncertain and uneasy, it is investigation of easy stress which you are century Nevertheless desire your will be carried out, thus so full, as far as in earnest you will behave to the help of elders offered to you.

   14. A sun lights brightly. It means that you feel itself now especially free; in addition, you are fully rich - as with material, so and from the spiritual point of view. Concentrate will on execution those the desires realization of which is needed for success з businesses. Although this period is friendly to you, try not to overload itself, constantly hold a primary objective in sight. You do not throw a money about!

   15. To earth the branch of tree was inclined under weight of snow, to on soon it again will be straightened and will occupy former position. Circumstances your presently can be named only moderato favourable. If conduct your will differ now by moderation and restraint, afterwards you will become master of the situation. Presently for a number of reasons, including financial order, you test some confusion and anxiety, but not worry, soon all will change to the best. If will not reject a help other, desire your will be carried out. Financial businesses will put on weight in future.

   16. Your sun will climb just about, success on approach, you waited it long enough. Time plays in the favour of every family to entertainments, mainly - not to carry with them beyond measure. Be ready to success which will follow soon. Happiness will accompany you in realization of new projects, and also in a game. Stepping on the way of success, not forget to look under feet, not stuck in pettiness and mercantileness. Carried out wishes certainly, but it is needed to wait yet a bit. Be careful, not outlay more than get.

   17. Time more befits for strengthening of leading positions, than for recruiting of supporters. Be faithful the principles even in case that your will change a purpose. In future satisfied while small victories and successes, they certainly will entail and more large. Go with a stream, but not against him, and then all will come in an order. Desire your will be carried out with the large stake of probability, but be ready to the serious changes in life.

   18. You will become the participant of row of changes and transformations to the personal life other. Carefully analyse, estimate events. It follows you to boss position, that gradually will become possible in itself, due to your present state. You can lose a friend. Soon you will accomplish nothing such, that will stun your acquaintances, and perchance, and you. Relationships with circumferential not in your order, arising up from here problems are able to thwart your desires, so that relations must clarify clear up. Be far-sighted! you outlay too much.

   19. For what you did not undertake now, you are waited by success. And than you will obtain greater results, the more successful there will be circumstances. A period during which large successes are possible at once in many businesses and spheres of activity approaches. Resolutely labour for the set aims, but be here wary, not to offend, not anger and not jaundice friends. One of near you people, which you know very well, will force you to change a relation to him.

   20. Be ready to the unpleasant surprise. Endeavour reasonably and in detail to comprehend matter-position, see them how they are in actual fact. Possibly, you will have to change job and inhabitation. Now we must be especially attentive, not allow important notes to slip out outside your influence. Tscha-el'no think over and then will get all of actions help from there, from where wait less all. Carried out wishes, but not so quickly, as you wanted. Prettily think over and analyse possibilities of realization of your plans, and if businesses will go successfully, not forget to help other.

   21. Something torments you, you feel unhappy. Make an attempt embark on new business, and the circumstances of your will be improved. Conscientious work gradually and steadily coming you to very large success. You consider itself the victim of injustice. If will constantly think about that, how such could happen, it will not help business. Obviously, in something you assumed an error, one of those, what in an enormous great number assume et al. Take a courage and draw the due moral from happening. In respect of carrying out your wishes, just now somebody assists it. Remain reasonable and wait quietly, then very soon all will be changed to the best for you.

   22. This hexagram is friendly only to businesses, relating to the theater. It means that you hide the authentic person and that circumferential you people also behave not fully sincerely and honestly. Love businesses presently are enough problematic. Certain successes are possible on the walk of life of show-business. Carried out wishes after some delay. Accept life such, it is which am, and draw the morals.

   23. In the near future you are expected by large changes. Now not set to no new business, you can not get in foolish position. Possibly, someone talks scandal to our address, dismisses scuttle-butts. Desires your will be carried out hardly later. Not shy, if it will appear at some instant, that it is impossible to expect friends for help. Be wary in socializing with the hypocritical representatives of other floor.

   24. It seems to you that you were quite tangled in an environment, and you are strongly nervous on this occasion, however substantial hindrances are, and you will manage with them very soon, if will be zealously and conscientiously to work. Certain fully certain term - seven days or seven weeks, and perchance, seven months - will find a large value for you. In all likelihood, you and feel that cost on the threshold of serious changes in a fate, and it is actual so. Yet a bit, and all will settle down. Gradually, coin to the coin, save a money. Resolutely and irrepressible you will be directed new a way.

   25. Unity of clarity and simplicity, which will bring you a benefit, dominates, if you will conduct deserving projects in living by deserving facilities. Time higher activity did not yet come. A fate soon will smile you, but only in case that you are able patiently to wait. At times you are too concerned love businesses, but not worry, all of your desires will be carried out in the term.

   26. Not trifle force away, a pause came in your fate. Wait its completion in complete readiness, not change energy on little things, soon there will be more pleasant and useful application it. Carried out wishes, but only in case that you set a slat not too highly. A help will come from those, who ran into problems, similar your. Not try by force to accelerate motion of things, a result can appear reverse.

   27. You too much talk and eat too much. Not tittle-tattles about other, so you harm not only by him but also to itself. Carried out wishes, but little different, what you wanted. You will break off to complain on a fate. There would be not the superfluous you to seem to the doctor. Be ready to the quick changes in life.

   28. You feel itself very happy. It is desirable to take oneself in a hand, as your temperament, if to give a vent him, can injure both other and to you. Be not superfluously self-confident, your judgements presently not at all most faithful. Not try to score a success by force. You will restrain itself and think over above the state of businesses. All will change time. Desire your can not be carried out quickly. Beware to offend the ardor other.

   29. One of the four worst combinations. Presently for your life losses and defeats are characteristic. Unique, that you can do, it to shorten the number of shots of fate to the possible minimum. Take patience and wait, while the goddess of happiness again will award with you look. You have a lot of time, engage in scientific researches. Through 2, greater - in 5 months position will begin to change to the best. Until then keep a calmness and not fall a spirit. It is a period, when self-examination and sober estimation of position is much more important, than hotshot fight against a fate.

   30. Outwardly all is primely, but in actual fact it not so. You are in the captivity of illusions, if not to say - conscious self-deceit. Listen to advices of friend. A fate presently favours you,, but it is the deceitful impression, it can enter in an error and to inflict serious harm, if you wholly will depend upon fortune. Desire your will be carried out due to intervention from a people more senior than you. In businesses, related to writing and mediation, large successes are possible. Listen to that is talked by people.

   31. To the emotional state which you are in, driving and success accompany usually. You are adjusted on a good wave. Approaches a few unexpected and very advantageous for you events, almost every your step will bring success. The real results will exceed the most bold expectations even, that will bring in unprecedented rest in your soul. Unique negative factor: after all of worries there is a necessity for a short time to go away from businesses and rest.

   32. You are torn to pieces, trying to move at once in two directions. If will save self-control, all will be completed with a benefit for you. You do not aspire to the changes. Desire your will be carried out, if you will be patient. Not superfluous now to conduct the internal taking of inventory and make an effort properly understand further plans, intentions. For the new undertaking a moment is not suitable.

   33. You will win only, if will a bit restrain itself. Assertiveness presently will not bring a benefit. This hexagram is friendly to interesting rest and entertainments, and also for consolidation of plans on the future. Will set aside realization of plans to completion of present period of uncertainty. Use him for meditation.

   34. You aim on a foreground too actively, more, than it is advantageous you now. You are ready to trample circumferential, that put it mildly, would not deliver them pleasure. There is nothing bad in ambition, but it certainly must be accompanied tactfulness in circulation with people. Desire your will be carried out, if you will behave a few more modest. Endeavour to find a golden mean in that behalf.

   35. Success on approach. You are waited by respect and confession, which you legally expected on. A reward will be yet higher in the future. Depend upon the happy star and boldly step forward, here let does not sadden you, that desire your will be carried out only with some delay. You unexpected surprise will meet with a people which was not seen in year one. Endeavour to outlay a bit, in future such economy will be rendered you hundredfold.

   36. Presently success accompanies you, but be not too presumptuous, a situation will change soon. Operate considered and far-sighted, not carry with love gambles. Outside you make the impression pet of fate, and fully possibly, that the circumferential interpret your acts wrongly, but not worry, in the near future all will become into the places. Desires your now will be made a default. Be economies.

   37. Your place there, where a heart heaves up, there you are waited by prosperity. Hopes will be carried out with an extraneous help. Possibly, about itself you think that a grass is more green somewhere, but trust, if will abandon the edge now, will make sure very soon, that made an error. Enjoy domestic life, socializing with friends, rest in a house.

   38. This hexagram means that this period of your life is deprived harmony. It seems to you, as though all around carp at you, ill-intentioned mischievous is adjusted. Even the most insignificant little things destroy you from itself. Calm down, not nervous, position will reform soon. Associates, finding hardness now to you. A certain woman operates you on nerves. Watch after the words and not accepted for anything new. In the field of your interests presently there is a number of things, quite not proper your veritable desires.

   39. One of worst hexagrams. What you add more efforts, the farther appear driven back back. Hardness to say, why exactly, but presently your fate does not interest Fortune. The best of all now to submerge in studies or scientific activity and in them to find calming. Fully possibly, that a few your friends will come you for help, will render support. You watch after the charges: in this unkind period a danger is real to remain without facilities.

   40. You outlived the long period of anxiety and troubles. To this period flooring end. Again there will be on the go success. Immediately start acting, otherwise will miss out possibility to obtain a magnificent result. Carried out your old certain wishes, new - also, but hardly later. New friends will appear for you. If will leave in a trip, it will deliver you enormous pleasure. A beginning period is favourable in order that it is good to begin to work.

   41. That you today give other, tomorrow a fate will return you with percents. Perchance, it seems to you now, you are too wasteful as though, too give presents other, but ego the impression soon will pass and you will be generously rewarded. Time plays in the favour of deliberation of plans and intellectual activity. Your most desires will be carried out, thus you will reap more than sowed.

   42. Time plays in the favour of personages. to on and for other fruitfully. The planned will be carried out, it will be prepaid done. You will be able to give a help other. Certain business which will charge the authority you will turn around the personal benefit for you. Someone prepares to do you advantageous suggestion. Carried out wishes by higher linden-tree. In the near future is possibility unexpectedly, but substantially to remedy financial businesses.

   43. In a real period you are lucky, but it can happen easily, that from own obstinacy will make an error and will push away from itself those, who helped you usually. Go them to meet and show more tolerance in relationships with them. Fully possibly, that in this period you will come to love a people which sympathize with little, and it, certainly, will have influence on your conduct. Not play reckless games.

   44. Well, if the personal touch of your present conduct will be restraint. Behave attentively to the changes in contacts with people and make an effort estimate their actions less critically. Carrying out wishes and hopes problematic. Be economies. Inwardly prepare to that unexpected events, promising you nothing favourable, will follow soon.

   45. All, that you will do in this period, in what will wade, completed a successful result. Certain invisible force will strengthen your relationships with people, will help to string new close contacts which in any case will become for you favourable. Former labours and efforts will be prepaid. You are pursued by a woman, it aims to block up you a way, to prevent realization of your intentions, to interfere your life. In spite of it, desires your will be carried out.

   46. Above what you work already long time, finally will give a favourable result and will be prepaid. It is necessary only yet a bit to do some the work, insistingly and conscientiously, then it is soon possible to count on a high estimation and confession. Bold and decisive actions now are much more favourable, than inactive waiting. You will depend upon the good sense and intuition, and then desire your certainly will be carried out. Ideas which you think over presently probably will bring success and in financial sense.

   47. One of the four worst hexagrams. It is a not that period, when it would be needed to set to anything. You will be harboured and wait. Ideas your it is not enough clear. Someone from your surroundings, occupying pride of place, will stretch you the hand of help. Listen to advices of this people. Vera in own forces for you now very weak. But not accept an event too tragic, in fact and this negative period will pass and circumstances your will be improved.

   48. Well, if you will stretch other the hand of help, even if for you business go not fully smoothly. You will make sure afterwards, that such appearance of actions is very advantageous. In this period it is hardly possible to count on confession of your capabilities and achievements by the authority, that, certainly, unpleasant. You wish passionately, that circumstances changed, but time now does not play in the favour of it. Can be carried out your modest wishes and now, and large - no. Strangely enough, present your financial position not so badly.

   49. All round you is now afoot, all changes, but eventually kind results will surpass your most bold expectations even. Presently you do not feel in itself a confidence, but soon it again will go back to you together with new prospects, circumstances will change to the best. You will change the recent plans and will leave there, where before and not going. In a game you are now lucky.

   50. This hexagram has a positive value for you, if resolutely will undertake the role of leader. Your successes not happy gladden somebody, but take no the notice on these people. Beware to undertake or promise more than able to execute. Strong influence on you and on your relationships with people a number has three. Business for which you were accepted together with two like-minded persons will result in success. Carried out wishes, though and not quite how you planned initially. You too much outlay on entertainments and on a hobby.

   51. You are near to success, but someone adds forces, to prevent you to attain him. Not disordered from it. That you aimed to get as a necessity to you in business will appear completely another, not such, what appeared, so that boldly and with the quiet soul can yield to it the competitor. Soon nothing unexpected and unpleasant will happen in your surroundings, however, it an event will injure nothing you. A period is friendly to rest. Not nervous because circumstances are folded just like this, but not differently. Hardly later and a fate will smile you.

   52. Presently progress in businesses is problematic. Obviously, it is necessary to wait a bit and only after again to begin work. It is better to renounce from the planned journey or trip. Reconciled with circumstances and carefully think over the position, before to embark on anything. Higher head! Victory over difficulties and intrigues of ill-wishers will be after you, thus very soon. About carrying out wishes without persistent efforts from your side it is out of the question.

   53. If you will move up, carefully thinking over every step, success and success will not change you in future. Happiness and in future will remain your companion, if, not added on persuasions, you will not begin to pass ahead an event. At not less tortoise of chances to come to the finish of the first, what for a hare. You are at the beginning of long way. Carried out wishes eventually. Financial businesses will put on weight substantially.

   54. Always and in everything be careful, especially in love businesses. What be going on perceive quietly and calmly, otherwise can get in very unpleasant position. Carrying out wishes delays. It is a period, when it is better to wait and think. It is simultaneous period, when profits are exceeded by charges. The nearest weeks are very friendly to preparation to the following, to more positive period.

   55. This hexagram symbolizes the autumn reaping, taking the rich crop and means that your happy star lights up all of your businesses brightly. They go successfully and exactly, and in the future, possibly, will go yet more successful and more even. Not forget that for you it is very important always being is good informed and that it is necessary to put aside certain part of the earned incomes. This period is especially friendly to businesses, related to agriculture, art and show-business. However, although now success accompanies you, there is not a complete confidence, that desires your will be carried out.

   56. There are all of pre-conditions for success in businesses. An oversea scientific journey will pass successfully, if such is planned. You are very ambitious, be wary, not to spoil a relationship with friends and colleagues on work. Carried out wishes, if your are not too high claim and you do not wait a great deal too. You very much and very nervous concerning a certain unpleasant event. It is not reasonable, forget and not remember.

   57. Position your tangled, and presently not so it is simple in him to understand and estimate him. You are inclined to represent events too darkly. Follow on a way which will specify you persons from your surroundings, and make sure, that it is the best output. In five months your fate will change to the best. Something hinders carrying out your wishes, to remove hindrances you will be helped by a woman. In this period nowise not allow to persuade itself on such actions which consider inappropriate and erroneous.

   58. Happiness already step of way to you, it will blow about a present dismal. This hexagram relates to everything, that is related to the organs of speech. Not ignore kind advice of friend and beware bad to speak of circumferential. Very favourable period for everything, in respect of singing and trade. Not nervous concerning that you however to change not in forces. Save a calmness; happiness, success already on approach.

   59. After the long period of failures a sun of success ascends again. It will bring you everything, what you aspire to. Possibly, you are expected by the protracted trip. Not outlay a lot of money. In respect of your scientific, production and love businesses, they will go brilliantly. In the near time an unexpected chance to occupy leader position will appear for you. Desire your already will be carried out wholly, if you still will add persistent and purposeful efforts for this purpose.

   60. Your time came, actively set to business, but, certainly, remembering about a necessary foresight, otherwise all of efforts will go ashes. Not accept that suggestion which it was just done you or will do just about too hastily. Fully possibly, that it much less advantageously to you, than seems on the face of it. The same behaves to your new love and friendly connections. Carried out reasonable and real wishes. For trips, distant journeys time is not suitable. You remember a proverb: not swarm to other the pit, in it will get.

   61. To work not to one, but in a collaboration with other for you now most advantageously. Beware to over-estimate the mental abilities, not to become arrogant and lacking self-control. It can put realization of your plans under a threat. Endeavour to be more modest and more restrained. Only in this case, if desires your are reasonable and honest, they will be carried out. The authority in the near future will pay a regard to your capabilities and possibilities, will appreciate at its the true value them, that, naturally, to a great extent will help you afoot on the way of success.

   62. Possibly, you will be disappointed in that, who love, but not perceive everything too tragic. You lost the the best chance which was more faithful than any other instrumental in carrying out your wishes. But the new will appear soon. This period is marked possibilities of good monies, however for distant journeys befits little. Presently you give a too much value little things and change the same, humiliate itself.

   63. If you will get across somebody, quickly will appeal to the third linden-tree with a request to come forward a mediator between you. Not added a desire again to repeat the once attained success. If properly will think over this advice and will follow him, by a reward there will be complete realization of your desires you. Presently not give up all of forces on the new undertaking, it will not result in success. Carried out the thought concrete wishes with some delay.

   64. Success which will mark all of your businesses stands on a threshold. But to operate so far early. If will move up warily enough, circumstances will begin to be folded better day by a day. Carried out wishes in the near time. There is a happy fortunate period of your life on approach, remains to wait which quite not long.



  • Runes, rune amulets and talismans from a bone (heathen pagan and slavonic themes)
  • Numerology, magic of numbers (on Pythagoras and Corneliuse Agrippa, numbers from 1 to 9)


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      Aries (Ram) 21.03-20.04 - symbol of Zodiac Aries (Ram), horoscope of the stone
      Taurus (Bull) 21.04-21.05 - symbol of Zodiac Taurus (Bull), horoscope of the stone

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