Interpretation of trigrams of Sun Lutan, invincible master of internal style Ba-gua (canon) -->rus

   A translator is undertake the attempt of translation and research of classic work of prominent master of martial arts of China of the scientific erudite Sun Lutan (1861-1932, XX century, Asia). Master leave fond memories of oneself not only as a prominent fighter but also as doctor, practitioner of medicine, astrologer, philosopher. This work though in a small measure will help to open a depth and breadth of practical application of Canon of Changes of "I-czin" (fragments are resulted). The correct reading of trigram is made from a top to the bottom, as accepted in China (Asia, East - Pacific ocean and wave tsunami of the absolute Great Limit Boundary Line End "Tay-czi", "Tai Chi"). T'ai Chi Ch'uan. Based is school of the Chinese art of writing calligraphy beginning XX century, Asia ("The Hero"). Physics of tsunami.

    Tay-czi (T'ai Chi) is the starting-point, which was also the finishing-point, of a cyclic cosmic process (cyclic flights of comets in space, visible on nightly sky, preceding passing of planet Earth through the comet tail, to the meteorite shower and subsequent blow of wave of tsunami). In Chinese art, the symbol of the Great Absolute (the End, kill Pacific ocean wave tsunami, symbol the "one plus one", "sky plus meteorite"," waters plus fire, bolide fireball in waters", "waters plus land, is wave tsunami", "wind of the ocean plus waters tsunami", unity and fight of oppositions - Pacific ocean wave tsunami). It consists of a curved line bisecting a circle, one half of which is red and the other black.

   Having happiness to help mister Sun Lutan in drafting of book of Sini of Zuan Syue, I, Pu Yahn, took advantage of possibility for the deep study of this Studies. The idea of Teacher is directed to establishment of justice and prosperity of all of society, to protecting of him from numerous calamities. Achievement through Ba-gua of the Zuan state of solemn sublimity, allows to use by force, to the prisoner in the changes of the Become Apparent Shown World (Khou Tyan'), and breathing - biological energy Ci human of stream of Eternal Everlasting Father Sky (Syan'-tyan'). Principle of Ba-gua Zuan corresponds sutra of Bao Si, and consists in achievement of complete unity a people with Great Emptiness. Changes contain associate motion of body and harmonious life vital biological energy Ci of the human. It is the motion of Shun' balanced, centrifugal and centripetal and does not result in accordance with by Way rescue from the killing wave of tsunami from an Pacific ocean - the Dao, to intuitive and corporal unity. Infinity of skies and nullity of the people (tsunami).

   All of making is intended for the practical prosecution of itself. The forms presented as trigrams are contained by all of basic principles. A benefit is great and in physical education, and finding of kind health. Orthodox school is a high-efficiency self-defence. All of changes of Ba-Gua and are receptions which are given in sequence with all of necessary details. It is necessary only constantly to practice and practice. Always identically zealously, identically humble. Always in accordance with the rules resulted here, shutting out disorder and slackness. A main benefit of this transmutation (transforming) will be in acquisition of possibility to influence on the course of events through liberation of internal energy forces (Ci).

   Trigram: Cyan'

   Trigram of "Cyan'" is known as character of "Sky" (sky object, with which on earth burning hot meteorites fall before forming of water wave a tsunami in the World Pacific ocean, it is based on scripture of jewries, state Israel, manuscript Dead Sea scrolls "Torus", Pentateuch of Moses, the Biblical Old Testament European Ortodox, religion individual survival in nature). Cyan' - it that possesses power and all of Jansky properties, in fact all of three lines of this Gua, as is generally known, jansky. The substance of Cyan', as we know, matters "Divine Sky". At that rate, Cyan' symbolically talks about properties of substance. Three continuous lines have character of Cyan', also and in a form have three moments, ascending to the head, due to which get a structure, symbolized Cyan'-gua. If in Zuan follow in obedience to characters, then a pulse in a body is serene, and energy and power is increased. Cyuan' will be false then, when Cyan' is pushed on Chzhen', and it results in unpleasant complications: Cyan' is approached to Kun', and Heart is lost by possibility to open up, and herein the development to remove internal barriers

   Trigram: Kun'

   "Kun'-gua" - it that symbolizes "Earth" (our planet Earth, on which a meteorite falls before forming of water wave of killer of tsunami in Global World Pacific ocean). Kun' - it that operates concordantly Shun', I.e. It Yin property. And 6 lines of this Gua, as is generally known, Yin. The substance of Kun', as we know, matters "Earth". Certainly, Kun' symbolically talks about properties of this substance. Here we have very flexible, free retreat on motion the action of partner - Shun' with a rotation and turning. Internal and external, overhead and lower - all must be soft and pliable. 6 irregular lines essence of which is symbolized Kun'-gua have this appearance of Kun'. This Zuan requires the easy, mobile structure of body, sharp in displays, resembling waterspout or tornado in turns. Cyuan' will be wrong, when Emptiness absents in a stomach. It will not allow the structure of body to function arranged and expressly.

   Trigram: Kan' (based)

   "Kan'-gua" - it that symbolizes "Water". For example, kill sea shock wave tsunami (second) as prototype Eastern Budo art of war Ba-gua - a secret of martial art is a killing blow of three marine Pacific ocean killings waves of tsunami (dialect "dancing wave"), not far, on small distance from the source of earthquake in the ocean of the East region is Japan, China, Korea, Sumatra, North Australia, martial art, fighting sports. "Submissive put palm" ("to collect waters in a hand") - it and there will be this form of Zuan. Kan' - it that submerges. Kan' turns out from Kun', when Yahn appears in a center. Yahn submerges among Yin. Yahn, penetrating, generates dampness. Character of Kan' has plenitude in the middle, and direction water glance (glitter, glare)s in which is a north. This Zuan - outwardly soft and pliable, but inwardly - solidly hard. A form requires sufficientness of biological energy Ci human in Contribution of Tyan'. Thus internal and external, as water, meandering, fills a river-bed, does not have breaks and does not stay too long in cracks. When sufficiently energy Ci in Contribution of Tyan', then Heart of Dao is engendered, and in the bowels of the earth of heart Yin disappears fire. But if it not so, then sickly dimness of consciousness and disorderly shrivel appear in eyes. And such Zuan will be false because kidney ren - water empty and weak, and the fire of heart is lost by possibility to go down downward. Then in any way not to avoid dizziness and darkening in a look! Affecting vulnerable points is the method of this form of Zuan. A heart is a characteristic of intolerance to sufferings other, possesses a compassion to the human calamities. A cruel people destroys on your own possibility of origin of Heart Dao. Whatever a reception was, operate point and at easy influence scotch, and at heavy - kill. Who understands it, will not show frivolity. A proverb says of that if will not do an evil, will not get evil in reply.

   Trigram: Li

   "Li-gua" is a trigram, symbolizing "Fire" (conflagrant falling on earth cosmic space meteorite, Christian Apocalypse Bible is an analogue of the Europe, West of Eurasia - the Revelation of St. John the Divine, Rus Europe continent orthodox IX-XII century and Ukrainian Chernobyl disaster 1986, CIS). Fire - it also that lights. Li turns out from Kun', there is Yin in centers this Gua. Yin blossoms among Yahn. Yin, co-operating with Yahn, generates light. Therefore this bright fire is straight on a south. Such flaming essence and makes forms. Speaking about actions in this form of Zuan, will name a reception a chopping blow in a life-threatening point. This Zuan - outwardly hard, monumental, and inwardly - soft, yielding, perceiving. That Cardiac Center possesses Emptiness is symbolical, that creates appearance of fiery Li-gua. If, making Zuan, contain Cardiac Center in a inspiring clarity, then self Heart of transmutation. When Heart of people of transmutation, then the Secret is engendered. Really will such Zuan be false? But when in a heart darkness and ignorance, then in Zuan not to find a spiritual regeneration. A therefore aspiring student with all of energy realizes and creates, exposing Heart this from dark ignorance. And he, getting spiritual transmutation of Shen', secret understands Dao (on the way in mountains, help rescue of life from a tsunami, not canyon).

   Trigram: Chzhen'

   "Chzhen'-gua" - it that symbolizes by itself "Thunder" (sky portends an iron-fall or bolide in an ocean as a source future of wave of tsunami). Chzhen' turns out from Cyan', at the beginning - Yahn. Primordial Yahn is Ruler, originative a great number. Direction of this Gua is the east. On the east a flowering tree is symbolized by property of this substance. Trade consists in unexpected changes, in fact appearance of Dragon is carried by the swiftness of flight. About this character Canon says of that the quiet contains aspiring to mobility. Sense is in that the standing in bottom base line of Yahn gives dynamic quality all of figure which is Chzhzn'-gua. Carrying out Zuan, pursue the purpose of harmonious distribution of hepatic Ci. False Zuan results in tension of this Ci and to hepatitis. Then the structure of body is unable to be in tune with Цзю-эр - by the second from below strong (Jansky) line of trigram. "Czu-Er" - it that internal Ci means in Zuan, the psychoenergy power-producing state. Therefore a student with all of energy aspires to harmony in this question.

   Trigram: Gen'

   Trigram of "Gen'" symbolizes "Mountain" (high firmness, stability - stone rock minerals, maintain the blow of water wave tsunami, rescue from the killing wave of tsunami on high mountains and drier, away from a coast exterminating walking ocean in mountains). "Ten'" - it that steadily. Ten' turns out from Cyan'. From above Yahn, and basis is quiet, therefore and disposed on a northeast it weak Yahn. Such is property of this substance. Speaking about actions in this form bottom base of which is an unexampled courage, will name ability to "Uproot trees". This Zuan above hard and solid, and in the middle and down soft and pliable. There is certain pliability, character of Gen'-gua is accepted. But it is necessary to know that the superfluous abundantness of this type of Ci will show up on the back and will spread on all of extremities. Such Zuan false because energy of Yahn from Dan' Tyan' is unable to rise on a spine, and content of thorax will be lost by co-ordination, because lowering has difficulty downward cardiac Ci.

   Trigram: Syun'

   "Syun'-gua" - it that symbolizes "Wind" (a transfer of sand waves is in the desert, stone sandy dunes of the Europe - wind blows toward an ocean before a tsunami, if wind blows east, Korea - a tsunami will come. it is a sharp ebb of ocean water before the wave of tsunami ashore and shock at sight of giant aquatic wave of tsunami, bearing on a coast East Pacific ocean death). Syun' - it that penetrates freely. Syun' turns out from Kun', at the beginning of it Gua Yin. At the beginning Yin and owner move up secretively, and direction of residence of it flowering Yahn will be on a southeast. Speaking about actions in this Zuan, will name trade of soaring. This Zuan, going up, hard and strong, and going down downward, - soft and pliable. This form is similar to the rotation vortex rotor, therefore it is symbolized the figure of Syun'-gua. Carrying out Zuan, pursue the purpose of free distribution of Ci from the center of body on all of extremities, that it pierced all of bones and got to all parts without an exception, that motions of body were likened to the rotation vortex rotor, circulatory without breaks. Cyuan' will be false then, when primordial Ci is unable to spread on the revolved body and eddy aside from the axis (ax) of rotation.

   Trigram: Duy

   "Duy-gua" symbolizes by itself "Lake mere " (some of salt and river water is inundated by a bank at the blow of tsunami and after departure at-sea of jet blow of killer wave of the tsunami on dry land remains in cavities, reserved aquatoriums and forms salt lakes and flat saline lands in earth). If to talk about "Duy", this Gua turns out from "Kun'", from above there is Yin. From above Yin, which determines the changes of dissolution. Therefore this Gua is straight on a north and has metallic brilliance. Such is essence of this substance. It owns the technique of energetic reduction (extremities move to itself considerably quick, than from itself). Real Zuan, going up, soft and pliable, but in the middle and at lowering downward - hard and solid. A form is short. Essentially, have appearance, symbolized a trigram Duy. Cyuan' is false at restless pulmonary Ci.


   All of technique training of Ba-gua Zuan, in principle, not that other, as different changes of direction on the ring of the double graph. In olden times a bellicose prince by Khou created 8 battle charts in which consists mysterious and unexpected changes of the rhythmic breathing. They in actual fact form a monolith from 64 hexagrams of Ba-Gua, only 8 * 8 = 64. Also unexpectedly and transmutation of spirit-Shen' comes perfectly. Probing their source, will see that all of it initially comes from outlines, read Bao Sis on the back of dragon, going out from the great river Hwang Ho (from the trigrams of Gua).

   It is not necessary to equate the book of Izmeneniy I-czin with elegant verses and prose of genre of Cy-fu. And, certainly, it is not necessary to limit to itself this making. That this method links the elements of Heaven and Earth naturally is important on principle, and Ci moves whole and consistently. All is associate. All is single and in no way separably.

   In deep antiquity a scientist lived from the sort of rulers of Podnebesnoy Bao of Si. Contemplating sky, he managed to see character of Space "Tyan'" in him. Contemplating Earth, saw it as character of law of "Di". Looking after birds and beasts, their language understood. He then yet realized the necessity of collaboration with Nature. Near-by, as a wholeness, overcame the body of people consciousness, but as distant integrity are all of things. Then there was "Ba-gua", dignity of which consists in achievement of spiritual recovery of sight. The system of "Ba-gua" aspires to classification all of pure, that is why the taken characters were got by such names.

   The system of these characters fits and for Zuan-Shu. It will be in this case: a head is a trigram of "Cyan'", stomach - "Kun'", feet - "Chzhen'", thighs - "Syun'", ears - "Kan'", eyes "Li" -, hands - "Gen'", mouth - "Duy". As it applies to Zuan it looks so: a head is a trigram of "Cyan'", stomach - "Kun'", buds - "Kan'", heart "Li" -, from "Veylyuy" (first coarticulation of coccyx) to the 7th (large) neck vertebra - "Syun'", higher than him - "Gen'", stomach on the left - "Chzhen'", stomach on the right - "Duy". In the structure of trigrams of "Ba-gua" a stomach is infinite "U-czi", belly-button - by Great Limit Boundary Line End of "Tay-czi", buds - Two Beginnings of "LYAN-I", hands and feet - by Four elements of "Sy-syan" (4 basic elements).

   We will say and then: Infinite of "U-czi" is generated by Great Limit Boundary Line End "Tay-czi" ("Tai Chi"). Tay-czi generates Two "LYAN-I" Began. LYAN-I generate Four Elements of "Sy-syan". Sy-syan generate 8 trigrams of "Ba-gua". Eight eight and generate an amount, equal to 64 hexagrams. It corresponds maintenance of 4th extremities which will name Ba-gua. Buds are the root of "Syan'-tyan'", and spleen - "Khou-tyan'". A root, as the saying goes, is both bottom base and source. And buds are "water" and corresponds a north; "water" - began a source beginnings and mortgaged to birth. This character contains Emptiness. Speaking allegorically, a body is pierced a single barrel which rises as a lotus bud. A lotus bud connects buds symmetric girdle connection (by a meridian) between itself. It is known that a root of "Khou-tyan'" is in a spleen. A spleen is "Central Palace" is "earth".

   Earth is allegorical character of maternal "Productive Beginning". A spleen is a "owner", and "water", "fire", "tree", "metal", follow by him, which, circulating, 5 generate Pervoelementov (U-sin), 5 dense and subsequent 6 hollow internal organos "Chzhan" and "ugh", numerous bones et cetera All of it is life and guard of body. A human body contains and Syan'-tyan', and Khou-tyan', that to the not nearly contradict structure of Ba-gua. That, who treats, well understands this structure as principle of life, health and illnesses. And a people treats oneself on principle of trigram. In essence treatments is not that other, as Ba-gua. Repeatedly these repeat oneself 8 trigrams. Ba-gua are the actions of body, Ba-gua - it and self body.

   The graph of Ba-gua begins on a north-west the trigram of "Cyan'" (Sky) and completed on a southeast the trigram of "Kun'" (Earth). Trigrams of "Cyan'", "Kun'", "Pi" and "Hide" occupy four exteriorities, and "Chzhen'", "Syun'", "Khen" and "I" are internal four corners. In this graph Yahn begins on a north-west, and from this radius of Ci centripetally leaves to the center of the graph, where and finds itself a place. Since the southeast of Yin Ci the centrifugal follows outside and generates the hexagrams of "Khen", "I", "Pi" and "Guy". ) Corresponds "Sini of Zuan (dark blue)" to direction of Earth (Di). Related to Earth completes a form, because is in a center crossing of all of forces.

   In this circle of "Cyan'" - on a south, "Kun'" - in the north "Li", - on the east and "Kan'" - westering. "Yahn" rises to the right, and "Yin" admixs to the left. "Yin", coming, intermix with "Yahn". On one "Yin" engendered a line in "Tyan'" above and on one line of "Yahn" in "Di" (To earth) down. "Yahn" is engendered, engendered and "Yin". All of it behaves to the internal circle of the graph. A circle is symbolized by Space (Tyan'). Space cosmos from top to bottom unites "Single Ci" (I-ci), as a blow of meteorite as a precursor of killer wave of the tsunami is in Eastern Pacific Ocean ocean (type island Sumatra, 12/2004, tsunami), self-defence isle. I-ci is symbolized the rotation of "Yahn" and "Yin", which copulate pair mutually. Exactly it and there is "Single biological energy Ci human" of the Great Limit Boundary Line End "Tay-czi" ("Tai Chi").



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