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   Go in a room, sparkling the iridescent specks of light from a hanging on a window crystal, you feel the heartfelt getting up at once! A crystal refracts sunbeams and disperses light on a room. And it symbolic add more positive vibrations in your house. Crystals focus and activate energy, promoting its level. They work the best of all, when they hang on a window and all of light stream passes through them. A crystal can be put also on a window-sill.

   Where to dispose a crystal. As a rule, a crystal is most effective, if hangs in overhead central part of window. As he activates energy of that area in which is, it is necessary, that all, that is nearby, was symbolic expression of your aspirations.

   If for you a window is opposite a door, a crystal on a window is not hung and on a window-sill does not put. In this case it is recommended to put crystals at a visible place so that a sunlight fallen on them, they played and sparkled on to light. Exceptions are made by the crystals of amethyst, which burn down on a sun light and from lilac can grow into grey, crystals of aquamarine and all of crystals which are afraid of sunlight and burn down on it.

   By crystals it is possible to strengthen some area of the Bagua in a house, or to fill in skipped. In last case simply hang up a crystal on a window, going out in the proper side, to attract energy in the house, or put a crystal in a necessary place in a house. Attentively read properties of stone and minerals. Analogical crystals a function is executed regular shape stone pyramids or balls and eggs on support.

   Look after after the crystals. Never use crystals with the removed edges or apex, by trauma crystals. They can distort the streams of energy, that will result in undesirable results. you always contain the windows and crystals in an ideal cleanness. Not forget to wash the crystals of one times per a week, or, at least, one time per a month. The best method on Feng-shui not forgetting about it is to wash them in the first day of every month in running or spring water. For this purpose not necessarily to take off them: simply bring a cup to them, will put them into a cup with clean spring water, and then give to dry. Look after after the crystals, and they in reply will look after about you!


   Crystals - it one of basic characters of element earth, it is therefore necessary to dispose them in the south-west, north-eastern and central areas of rooms. The transparent crystals of mountain crystal are usually used, but it is possible to shelve to the friend (brush) of crystals of amethyst or green Garnet (uvarovite), that joints of shallow crystals is in a that kind in which they meet in nature.

   Crystals will improve quality of natural light and will disperse him, in all of ends of room sending favourable energy of Ci. A crystal, suspended on a lace or chainlet before a window or near him on the way of light stream, will attract more light and energy in a room. Such crystals very well will walk up for dark or sullen apartments.

   Cut crystal, suspended before the window of living room, in fine days will create the rainbow of Yahn, refracting and reflecting sunbeams. It will play in the favour of a good mood and instrumental in active activity. Such crystals especially befit for a living or child's room.

   What crystals to use. The best of all - clean, many-sided, iridescent on to light crystals of natural and synthetic origin. Feng-shui does no difference between a natural and synthetic crystal. The best of all the crystals of mountain crystal or synthetic colourless quartz will walk up in around crystals. Ideal will be the large and large colourless cut fianites (synthetic zircons, having the greatest brilliance among stone after the cut diamonds). The complete spectrum of flowers of rainbow activates all of forces, necessary for opening of your higher potential. Pick up the size of crystal in accordance with in size windows, on which you going to hang up him.

   Crystals and minerals of spherical form possess a general harmonizing effect. They are the most different sizes. That of them, that smaller 20 mm is in a diameter, ideally befit for nurseries and small apartments. More large, for example 70 мм in a diameter, fully appropriate in banquet halls. Pyramids operate more soft than crystals, but more actively, than balls or eggs.

   A crystal or glass ball, placed in the south-west corner of living room, will fix mutual relations, located on a northeast - will stimulate traction to knowledges and education, on the east - will allow successfully to carry out quarry (job work) plans.


   Wind China handbell, bell , plunger. Metal. Known attribute of Feng-shui. A sounding metal attracts Ci and disperses negative influences. They are often popular in Feng-shui and used in one row with stone and minerals. Vetryanye campanellis are used in Feng-shui mainly in an order to restrain energy. Imagine feeling, when you put the palm wind. If you hold fingers together, wind as though breaks against your palm and pressure of him strong.

   If you will move apart fingers, the currents of wind will penetrate through appearing cracks, and pressure will diminish, campanellis work the same way. They slow energies, regulating him. The beautiful garlands of campanellis ennoble energy as far as its passing. Pleasantly, certainly, to hear their ringing of bells, but all the same here by him quite not necessarily to ring. They were used for the needs of Feng-shui during many millenniums, and energy with which they co-operate in the invisible worlds activates their action in any case.

   What cases can Wind pendants may need in you? Well for example, if for you a stair is opposite an entrance door. In such situation suspended to ceiling anywhere between a lower step and door the garland of campanellis will moderate speed with which energy (and, at symbolic level, money) hands down from a stair and slips out through an entrance door.

   If your entrance door is located opposite a back door, you risk to lose the chance in life, as energy too quickly sweeps over through your house. A bluebell, hanging down out of thin air anywhere between two doors, will correct a situation. you also can hang up the garland of campanellis in a long corridor, to restrain locomotive energy too quickly, or to place it in the certain area of the Bagua with that to soften destructive energy, related to the certain aspect of your life. In addition, campanellis are used for getting up of level of energies in a house.

   The Chinese hollow pendants (SyamiSen) and campanellis create the vibration of air, that renders stimulant and clearing influence. They reduce the level of negative energy and instrumental in permission of conflicts. Hanging them is needed in those places, where they will periodically ring and create pleasant sound-effects. Sounding of campanellis can be different depending on a form, size and mutual location of pendants. Before to purchase the set of pendants or campanellis, necessarily listen, as they sound, will estimate, as far as it is pleasant you sounding.

   In the affected of metal or water zones, that in the north, west and north-west, it is better to use metallic pendants; on the east and southeast - wooden; on a northeast and south-west - ceramic. On Chinese tradition, the best of all sets sound from seven, to eight or nine pendants. Hollow tubes send the stream of energy of Ci upwards.

   To slow the rapid stream of motion of energy of Ci, on his way it is necessary to place pendants. In addition, they can be hung up and wherein the stream of Ci is changed by direction. It will help to smooth out sharp transitions. For creation of favourable background use sticking out beams and overhanging ledges. But act reasonably and not interfere with the passage-way of people on an apartment, otherwise it will bring in disharmony.

   Locomotive constructions, Wind mills, silk small flags or pennants, are used for the improvement of circulation of Ci, does not give energy to accumulate and stand too long in the corners of rooms. A clock bring in the element of motion also, but at their choice it is needed to follow above all things considering of the personal experience and good sense. Locomotive objects can be placed wherein you would like to stimulate energy of Ci. For example, a mobile construction in the north-eastern corner of child's bedroom will be instrumental in circulation of energies, related to knowledges and education.

   Chinese Feng-shui recommends to place Wind pendants next to included in a shop for smart trade, but it can frighten off unusual Europeans ringing and render reverse influence on them.



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  • Numerology, magic of numbers (on Pythagoras and Corneliuse Agrippa, numbers from 1 to 9)


   Zodiacs, horoscopes stones

      Pisces (Fish) 20.02-20.03 - symbol of Zodiac Pisces (Fish), horoscope of the stone
      Aries (Ram) 21.03-20.04 - symbol of Zodiac Aries (Ram), horoscope of the stone
      Taurus (Bull) 21.04-21.05 - symbol of Zodiac Taurus (Bull), horoscope of the stone

      Gemini (Twins) 22.05-21.06 - symbol of Zodiac Gemini (Twins), horoscope of the stone
      Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish) 22.06-22.07 - symbol of Zodiac Cancer (Crab, Сrayfish), horoscope of the stone
      Leo (Lion) 23.07-23.08 - symbol of Zodiac Leo (Lion), horoscope of the stone

      Virgo (Native, Maiden) 24.08-23.09 - symbol of Zodiac Virgo (Native, Maiden), horoscope of the stone
      Libra (Balance) 24.09-23.10 - symbol of Zodiac Libra (Balance), horoscope of the stone
      Scorpio (Scorpion) 24.10-22.11 - symbol of Zodiac Scorpio (Scorpion), horoscope of the stone

      Sagittarius (Archer) 23.11-21.12 - symbol of Zodiac Sagittarius (Archer), horoscope of the stone
      Capricorn (Goat) 22.12-20.01 - symbol of Zodiac Capricorn (Goat), horoscope of the stone
      Aquarius (Water Bearer) 21.01-19.02 - symbol of Zodiac Aquarius (Water Bearer), horoscope of the stone