Conception Yin-Yahn, basic philosophy of treatment from China (on Gavaa Luvsan)

   World-view basis of ancient Chinese medicine was made by studies about two opposite Beginnings Yin and Yahn. Originally hieroglyphs, in-use for their writing, were designated by the phenomena everyday life. For example, meant Yin black-out side of object, Yahn - lighted up. Later Yin and Yahn began to be examined as "forces" or "energies", or as the financial complementary phenomena (sides) of the subject world, in this connection any phenomenon, any creature and each of his states it is possible to attribute to two opposite forms is Yin or Yahn. All that, that can be attributed to strong, hot, hard, heavy, high, brilliant, and also one or another ponderable signs - it Yahn, and all of opposite is Yin. So, activity and rest, light and darkness, excitation and braking, intangibility and corporalness and many other pair of opposite phenomena, objects and properties can be perceived from position of conception Yin - Yahn as unity and fight of two oppositions, or "arctic forces" - Yahn (active force) and Yin (passive force). Thus neither Yahn nor Yin can not exist isolated from each other. By conception there is Yin - Yahn it is possible to express the opposite - side phenomena. For example, a heat (Yahn) reigns in summer, after summer solstice gradually a weather begins to prevail Yin, which contests with a heat (Yahn) and limits it; the winter is the top of cold (Yin), and after winter solstice a weather is gradually set yak, limiting Yin of the winter. In the classic Chinese medical treatise of "Ley-czin Fu-I", related to the period of dynasty of Mines (1368-1644), it is talked that it is necessary to regulate the state of overactivity rest; if Yahn attained a climax, it is necessary to overcome him with a help Yin. Herein mutual control of rest and motion finds expression, I.e. Yin and Yahn.

   One of substantive provisions of conception Yin - Yahn consists in that Yin and Yahn are in a state of opposing and limit each other. If one side prevails, there is a lack of other side and, vice versa, at weakening of one side an overintensification comes other. Without this fight necessary control of oppositions is impossible. In a book "Su-ven'" is written, that Yin fights inwardly, and Yahn causes agitation outside (I.e. specified on that Yin knows an internal environment, and Yahn - by external displays). It is written in the same book, that when Yin and Yahn oppose with each other above and down, there are the phenomena of emptiness and filling; thus Yin and Yahn "change each other" (I.e. both opposite beginnings never remain without co-operation and contradictions, moreover, they oppose and oust friend, friend). A permanent fight and aspiring to expulsing of each other, existing between Yin and Yahn, are motive force of change and development of things.

   As arctic oppositions Yin and Yahn interdepend; for example, Yahn means a top, Yin of - bottom (without a top can not be bottom, and vice versa). In accordance with traditional ancient presentations left of body corresponds Yahn, and right is Yin ("without a right side there is not counter-clockwise, without counter-clockwise there is not right"); a heat corresponds Yahn, a cold is Yin ("without a heat there is not a cold, without a cold there is not a heat"). Repletion, or surplus function, Yahn corresponds; emptying, or weakness of function, Yin corresponds ("without a repletion there is not emptying, without emptiness there is not filling"). Traditional east medicine takes into account numerous correlations in a human organism and in nature, based on relations between Yin and Yahn. Each of sides creates the major condition of existence of other side. This interdependence Yin and Yahn is designated in Chinese a "mutual root" and exposes a picture that Yin and Yahn serve as for each other the derivative beginning, I.e. mutually cause each other: Yin is unable to make itself, needs for this purpose Yahn, and vice versa.

   In regard to structures and functions of human organism Yin means financial making bodies, and. Yahn are his functions. Activity of organism falls into the category of Yahn, and food matters - to to Yin: Yin is saved inwardly and is financial basis for Yahn, and Yahn outwardly functions as a display of activity Yin. As a financial beginning is into a body, in traditional medicine шнъ is talked inwardly". As functions of body show up mainly from exteriority of body, it is talked: "Yahn sits outside"; Yahn becomes, thus, by a "announcer Yin". In accordance with presentations of modern western medicine of structure of organs, being into an organism, form financial basis of different functions, that in traditional medicine finds expression in words: "Yin is the watch of Yahn".

   Yin and Yahn never are at peace; they constantly complement and change each other. A rule operates under east presentations: "If Yahn retreats, Yin is increased, and if Yin retreats, there is an increase of Yahn". For example, a weather suffers changes from the winter through a spring to the summer, becoming all hotter, is corresponds retreat Yin and to growth of Yahn; at a drop in the temperature of weather from a summer through an autumn to the winter there is a process, equivalent retreat of Yahn at an increase Yin. It is considered in traditional medicine, that the functions of organs (Yahn) arise up due to the consumption of food (Yin) stuffs, here is an increase of Yahn and weakening Yin. At the same time the exchange of matters, got with food (Yin) stuffs, requires the expense of several of energy (Yahn). In this case there is strengthening Yin and weakening of Yahn. In normal terms these processes are in an equilibrium. If weakening or strengthening passes the known scopes, the state of equilibrium can be violated - there is surplus Yin or Yahn, that conduces to the origin of different pathological processes.

   Both sides of relations between Yin and Yahn can suffer development which is expressed in their converting into own opposition. So, Yin can transform in Yahn, and Yahn - in Yin, and if processes of reduction and increase Yin and Yahn consist of quantitative changes, process of transformation Yin and Yahn (and vice versa) is a change of quality. In a book "Su-ven'" is talked: "When Yin arrives at a maximum, he transforms in Yahn... When a cold reaches the summit, he becomes a heat, when a heat attained a top, there is a cold". However Yin not can suffer transformation without the presence of several of Yahn, but Yahn can not be exposed to transformation without Yin, I.e. by a condition that transformation can happen in general, there is a presence of certain amount of the opposite beginning. Thus, conception Yin - Yahn includes the followings elements, complementary each other and not thought without each other:
   1) presence of opposition between Yin and Yahn;
   2) interdependence Yin and Yahn;
   3) mutual addition and limitation Yin and Yahn;
   4) an interconversion Yin and Yahn.

   Dialectical model Yin - Yahn it is necessary to examine in unity of its separate elements, not losing their internal dependence and cross-coupling from to the kind. It is needed to take into account also that both poles (Yin and Yahn) can be both reason and investigation.

   Conception Yin - Yahn serves as basis of not only theoretical presentations of ancient east medicine but also by basis of diagnostics and treatment. Thus came from next positions. Vital functions of human organism the balanced correlation is underlaid Yin and Yahn, complete "harmony" of their display. Violation of this equilibrium conduces to pathology, expressed (in a general view) either in predominance of Yahn or Yin or in weakening of Yahn or Yin. On the whole, any bodily or psychical condition at which surplus is as compared to the accepted norm is attributed to the Yahn-condition, and insufficiency - to Yin-condition (for example, heat it is the Yahn-condition, and a chill is Yin-state). In other words, all of typical symptoms of the different sickly states can be broken up on two basic groups, determining two from basic, "leading", syndromes is a Yahn-syndrome and Yin-syndrome.

   Coming from principle of equilibrium Yin and Yahn the main task of treatment was renewal of the broken balance Yin - Yahn, providing of "harmony" (that, on modern presentations, is the task of renewal of homoeostasis, stimulations of protective forces and reactive ability of organism), what ancient east physicians gave a basic value.

Yahn Yin Yahn Yin Yahn Yin
Sun Moon Hard Soft Long Short
Sky Earth Light Dark Glad Sorrowful
Male, men's Womanish Large Small External Internal
Strong Weak Heavy Easy Complete Thin
Hot Cold High Low Mobile Static


   All must be in a state of equilibrium. If energies fall short of each other, there are troubles, problems begin. The traditional Chinese view on energy of earth is a cosmology Yin and Yahn, which are considered primordial opposite forces and can not exist one without other, that without Yin it is not Yahn, and without Yahn it is not Yin. Yahn is the masculine beginning, Yin - womanish. Uniting, they form Dao is universal principle on which a man unites with to the universe and which allows a man to find out an universe in itself.

   As be obvious from a table, Yin and Yahn is two complementary oppositions, thus each has the attributes and fields of energy. Yin and Yahn can not exist without each other. It co-operation of oppositions is traditional character of universe. Light side of circle - it Yahn, but in him am and dark point of energy Yin. Energy Yin is a dark side of circle, it contains a light point - energy of Yahn also. Wherein Yin and Yahn are in an equilibrium, exists Dao. These two beginnings must be in perfect harmony, therefore they need to spare a lot of attention. If somewhere equilibrium Yin and Yahn is strongly broken, this place is considered unfavorable or in general useless for habitation of people. For example, hot sterile deserts - clean Yahn, and the cold Antarctic glaciers are clean Yin, and a man can not live there.

   Everybody possesses individual balance of Yin-Yahn also. For an energetic, sociable, noisy person Yahn prevails obviously, and at bashful and reserved is Yin. Therefore to the bashful man it will be very uncomfortably in a house or elsewhere, where Yahn prevails, and vice versa. It is also necessary to be taken into account. Entering opposite it qualities in a situation, you will be able to obtain a wonderful result, blowing about dejection or quieting stormy emotions.

Yin is in nature Yahn is in nature
Darkness, rest, lifelessness, death Light, brightness, activity, life
Moon, night-time of days A Sun, daily illumination
Cold, valleys, stagnant water Fire, elevated hypsography, mountains
Femininity, passivity, weakness, mildness, pliability Courageousness, motion, prevailing, hardness

Yin is in a house and office Yahn is in a house and office
Dark colors Light colors
Muffled tones Bright tones
Smooth bent lines Straight lines and corners
Upholstered furniture Office furniture
Muffled illumination Bright illumination
Dampness, basements Dryness, garrets, mansards
Low furniture (sofas) High furniture (walls, closets)
Soft pillows Wooden benchs
Quiet (bedroom, rest room) Loud sound (kitchen, living room)
Coolness (windows, ventilators) Warmly (stoves, batteries of heating)
Immobility (heavy furniture) Mobility (furniture on casters)


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