History of use application of crystals and stone is in physiotherapy
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   Between traumatic reflexology and acupunture and untraumatic point and zonal massage there is intermediate, today a rare enough and exotic type of reflexology is affecting active points, areas and meridians of human body through sharp crystals, tenon pin Druses crystals and treated cabochons stone (smooth rounded surface of stone). As adding to these ancient enough "shamanistic" attributes of reflexology modern industry of XXI century offers smooth and tenon pin massagers, trainers and carpets from a nephrite, jasper, noble worm-pipe, obsidian, mountain crystal, and also the treated stone balls, eggs, pyramidions and crystals etc.

   Unlike traumatic reflexology (needles, lancets, knives etc.), the sharp apexes of crystals and Druses (aggregates of crystals on a maternal sole) usually do not injure and not pierce the skin of patient. Unlike a point massage which is conducted the pillows of fingers or even nails (in urgent cases), the area of action of sharp apex of crystal far less than, and a hit in active points can be executed far more precisely. In rare cases the sharp apexes of crystals or Druses (aggregates of crystals) can it is slightly superficial to scratch the skin of patient, not touching the deeply located layers and tissues. Tenon pin nephrite massagers have the special construction which prevents serious scratching and traumas of skin even for amateurs.

   Thus, this method of action is untraumatic or almost untraumatic. It should be remembered that at affecting patient it is needed to control pressure the apexes of crystals and aim not to cause harm a patient - not to scratch and not press too strongly, not to used excessive pressure etc. It is not necessary to used too large mineralogical standards, crystals and druses. Favourite joke of specialists of this exotic direction of reflexology - to offer to each other or colleagues to act on a patient by a crystal weighing 10-15 kg, to press down him pebble kilogram under a 100 weight or to cram him in an amethystine or "crystal" cave in high in human growth in by a goal kind for the general health-improving actuate tope up (tonus, tonic) massage of total-body.

   Biggest-selling and widespread on earth crystals are the coloured and colourless varieties of quartz (oxide of silicon). His hexahedral crystals with sharp apexes it is difficult to entangle with other stone. He is very decorative and beautiful even in a "wild" kind without treatment. Small crystals in druseх shine and sparkle almost diamond brilliance. It is a hard and durable mineral which scratches glass and is standard in crystallography and physics of crystals. Every respecting itself magician and shaman also usually has in the order crystals of quartz and studies them.

   A quartz fills tendons, cavities and cracks of the earth's crust both as the designed crystals and Druses and in a monolithic kind. The transparent crystals of quartz name a mountain crystal (by the stone of meditation and contemplation), goldish - by a citrine (by the stone of love), violet and lilac - by an amethyst (by the stone of priests), smoke-coloured and brown - smoke-quartz (obsolete - smoke-topaz) or smoke-coloured quartz (not to mix up with topaz which is not smoke-coloured), black crystals - morione, black-quartz or "mineral pitch rosin" (by the stone of magicians and magicians). The green, dark blue and red varieties of quartz in form the designed crystals meet rarely, such quartz is painted admixture additions or passing minerals. By the way, usual sand consists exactly of quartz.

   While a primitive man did not learn to process stone, he used the stone saving a true form and color found in nature. Literally a find not only for an ancient but also for modern man are the well designed crystals of quartz, which either broke away in the process of destruction of mountain rocks or formed separately into a cavity, are the so-called macles with two apexes both-side or growings on the sole of large crystal small crystals, and also fragments of breaking away shining apexes crystals of Druses. Naturally, that such rare finds elevated their "primitive" proprietor in the eyes of circumferential and became the attributes of leaders and shamans, and the places of finds of crystals became "sacred" and even "secret".

   As soon as crystals got in the hands of shamans, pedigree leaders, their wives and primitive doctors, they became the so-called "magic attribute", which was usedd both for meditation and autogenic therapy (individual and group) and for primitive reflexology and physiotherapy, - as SPA accessories, tenon pin massagers and even as a "professional" instrument of tortures.

   When a man learned to used primitive tools, he began to break off crystals, stone and fragments of Druses. With subsequent development of civilization of persons learned to polish, it is superficial to process, cut and polish stone, and then to cut out different objects from a stone, including intended for treatment, meditation and autogenic therapy. The first money was made out of rare stone and nuggets of metals. Skills of domain crystals and treated stone were passed from a generation in a generation in the narrow circle of "devoted" - doctors, shamans and priests, and the real scientific and practical knowledges became overgrown with the enormous amount of concomitant ears, interlaced pseudo-science views. Even today there is dominant influence of pseudo-science knowledges, "false guru" and "false specialist, false expert" in area of "amateur" mineralogy and professional Medical stone therapeutics (treatment stone) as a section of general physiology, massage and reflexology.

   Scientific and technical breach and scientific and technical progress of XX century, and also fundamental scientific researches and openings of end XX - began XXI ages put an end pseudo-science views and distance scientific expl to many to the enigmatic aspects, to related to the stone and crystals. Development of control and measuring equipment and research of cerebration and nervous system of man with the use of knowledges from an area modern physics of electromagnetic co-operation, to medical physiology at the level of cellular processes and general principles of transmission of impulses in the nervous system of man allowed to dissociate pseudo-science views from objective scientific and theoretical and practical knowledges of humanity.

   It was scientifically well-proven that a color and form of stone can affect psyche of man: contemplation and possessing stone is able to affect centers of pleasure of cerebrum by means of sight and touch - these researches a long ago are conducted in Ukraine and USA. Scientific confirmation was got by the theory of existence of active points, areas and meridians on-the-spot human body - researches are conducted in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, China and USA. On active areas and points bodies can effectively influence sharp apexes of crystals or rounded surfaces of stone at the level of physiology and reflexology. The medical affecting is well-proven organism of man of large magnets and electromagnetic field. Thus, many knowledges, transferrable "from mouths in mouths" and through "secret treatises and manuscripts" in the narrow circles of doctors-physiatrists and some shamanistic flows with a "medical slope, found scientific confirmation".

   Modern doctor-reflexologist looks something like an ancient shaman, because he makes the direct affecting certain areas of human body, utillizing including ancient, tested time attribute and methods - stone massagers, crystals, druses, stone pellets, rolled briquettes etc. By the way, the row of physiologists and reflexology is certified not only on the line of modern European and Chinese medicine - they are objectively acknowledged by shamans and nationalities, anchorwomen "near to to nature" way of life with the elements of the primitively-communal mode of way of life. From some stone it is possible to make musical instruments - especially noise and percussion, to imitate noise of wind, waters. (ability to make or correctly use these instruments is obligatory skill of modern medicine man, shaman-"doctor" and doctor-reflexologist of international category).

   Doctors and specialists, utillizings meditation practice and autogenic training, often used in meditation and for contemplation large crystals and druses minerals, stone balls and pyramids. Organization of health visits and hikes is possible to the places with beautiful natural stone forms with the purpose of making healthy, meditation and receipt of charge of good mood as to one of forms of meditation Medical stone therapeutics, and also for a massage and sessions of reflexology "on fresh air" "in nature's lap". One of types of such Medical stone therapeutics is visit with the health sessions of row of accessible caves - so-called speleology therapeutics, and also health hikes and excursions in mountains, on waterfalls and on deposits.

   Masters of folk creation actively used small stone and minerals with minimum treatment or in a "wild" untilled kind for creation of original decorations and registration of the articles of way of life - possessing these objects and their contemplation positively tells on the psyche of their proprietor. Stone and minerals and their wide public (public) use are formed by national consciousness and consciousness, public and social traditions at whole people, countries, religious flows, influences on a culture and way of life of nations and nationalities, shows historical and cultural connections between countries and continents.

   For example, orthodox christian religion and tradition (abroad it is named "orthodox") has deeply get-away in history roots - to traditions of Russian orthodoxy registration behaves practically by the untilled stone (or by stone with minimum treatment) of icons, articles of religious cult, attributes of princely and tsar's power, separate solemn articles of way of life. Pearls are widely usedd. One of the most valuable and dear historical treasures of Russia contain almost untilled precious and color gemstones stone-semiprecious stone. The Center of Russian Orthodoxy religion is church Troice-Sergievaya Laurel (Moscow region, Europe, Russia, CIS), and cultural centers basic works of art from a stone and most valuable mineralogical standards are concentrated in which are Moscow and saint Petersburg.

   In traditions of Russia is making from the gemstones color stones and rare carpentry stone of large and very dear articles of way of life - vases, small boxes, fire-places, bowls, polished flags. - for palaces and locks of and so urgent "office places" in the capitals and large cities of Russia, and also making of by volume stone busts and sculptures. In Russia it is not accepted widely to used "wild" stone and untilled surfaces.

   Jewels and valuable articles of way of life in Russia were frequently concentrated in a very narrow circle "authority rule power of use" with the purpose of suggestion great masses of the " diverse" Russian population of respect, trembling and fear before power "from a center". Valuable objects are usually hidden in palaces, locks and buildings with the very limited access. Dear decorations in Russia also usually hidden from a "public and public look", concentrated in the hands of narrow circle "select" and used mainly for the closed and in the corridors ceremonies. The representatives of "elite" show off before each other in decorations with dear stone on receptions, in theaters, on the closed evening-parties and in similar "elite" places, practically not showing the wide layers of population "elite decorations" (a policy is usedd to "hide from extraneous looks").

   Traditions of Ukraine are much more "democratic" - at first, Ukraine never was beyond measure a religious country (more cynicism and pragmatism, what in Russia), and secondly, it more democratic and less authoritarian country not only on a form a rule but also on distributing of valuable stone and other riches among the wide layers of population. Mineralogical and historical museums and values of Ukraine practically are evenly scattered through this country. Ukraine is far more monolithic, even and unitarian, what Russia.

   Dresses and weapon of cossacks and petty officers, carefully designed natural stone, could argue at price with suits and weapon of the European monarchs, and about the coral, cornelian and even ruby necklaces ("beads") of the married Ukrainians of legend walked far outside the state. Mass collecting in the large volumes of rare and original wares and decorations from stone, and also a public decoration the dear stone of clothes is the characteristic feature of Ukrainians. This tradition is very actively restored today, it is supported by practically all of political jaspelites and political leaders of Ukraine, without regard to any political disagreements and contradictions between them. Tradition of production of pictures is also restored, icons, picture, bas-reliefs ("flat" images), stelas, balls, candlesticks, table business devices, original compositions and other works of art from a stone and stone crumb, active use of "wild" stone and "wild" surfaces of stone blocks literally everywhere.

   Besides registration of different palaces, state buildings and churches, valuable stone, public buildings and buildings, facades, shops, underground passage, memorial and memorable places, public gardens and parks are designed in Ukraine valuable and dear stone. And stone table devices and business belongings are on a table practically in every respecting itself to the state office both today and "from old Roman times". In traditions of Ukraine - to make the indelible impression on foreign citizens and foreign states, to surprise and shock them including by the active "public" use and wide ("as casual") demonstration among the population of dear and rare decorations, articles of way of life, valuable stone and minerals in large volumes (to "crush a politician mass").

   Traditions of Roman Catholic church also do not walk around attention valuable stone and crystals - for example, precious amethysts are considered the obligatory attribute of all of catholic priests higher grade. Today tradition of the use is actively restored in clothes and attributes of catholic priests practically untilled and even "wild" stone, and also natural dear stone with minimum treatment, aesthetic minerals and Druses (including Druses and crystals of amethyst). The specialists of many countries of the world are attracted for this purpose, including from Ukraine. Contemplation of Druses and crystals of amethyst and meditation with an amethyst positively influences on the psyche of man, instrumental in pacification and forms the contemplative state of the soul - for achievement of this psychological effect of druses and crystals of amethyst must be large, beautiful, aesthetically beautifully designed and accessible for contemplation.

   Many catholic temples are built and designed from within on the so-called "Roman" type - they have characteristic prolate half-round and rectangular niches and loop-holes in walls. Statues and figures of " father-founders" and "local saints are often disposed in these niches" (in Ukraine they carry status of "national heroes"). The location of statues and figures in the niches of catholic temple apartments appears unwinning - at first, the review of works of art is worsened at bad illumination and in a half-dark, and secondly, access is worsened to them as to local historical sights (in Ukraine it is accepted to propose the sculptural images of local men of mark on an universal review on streets, areas, in parks and public gardens). Figures and statues of local and catholic saints can be carried in more accessible place - for example, in a lobby, halls and wide corridors of catholic temples, where illumination and review is better, and placing is more accessible and winning, and also the leadthrough of excursions is possible.

   Characteristic rectangular and half-round niches in catholic temples and public buildings carry the name "Roman" niches - initially such construction of architectural buildings implies placing in them of large and rare "wild" crystals and mineralogical standards, balls from a mountain crystal, Druses of mountain crystal, amethyst and amethystine "caves" (an amethyst takes a place in dark part of building, where a direct sunlight does not get, because an amethyst burns down in the sunshine), rare large fossils etc. Rare and large standards which it is impossible to keep at home and it is not desirable to give in a museum take a place in these niches for their public contemplation. Shining druses, crystals and balls from an amethyst, morione, smoke-coloured quartz and mountain crystal, lighted up in the "Roman" niches candles and pointed sources of light, present a surprising spectacle in a temple half-dark, especially in the evening or at night.

   By the way, the half-round and rectangular "Roman" niches are very characteristic for architectural forms and public buildings of Ukraine are large mineralogical standards, balls and original stone forms in them are literally asked. The shallow and flat niches of public buildings and buildings target at exhibiting of stone bas-reliefs, pictures and compositions from a stone and stone crumb (including with the additional illuminating from beneath from below and from one side). Podiums in halls and lobby of public buildings and buildings (both in a center and at sthenes) are intended not only for exhibiting of statues and works of art but also for the public exhibiting of large and unique mineralogical standards, Druses, crystals and fossils.

   In traditions of moslem religion is the wide use and even sanctifying of stone and minerals in their "natural" kind or with minimum and reasonable treatment. Sacred are above all things emeralds - stone of color of prophet. The green colors of flags of moslem countries are neat exactly in tone of rich colour of emerald. A green color in the desert symbolizes life, rescue from a heat and killing desert. Sacred are quartzs-hairstone with the black sticks of tourmaline - they are named the "beard of Mahomet". Writing granite (pegmatite) - also sacred and reverent stone, symbolizes erudition and traction to knowledges, that self on itself already sacred process for moslems. The cuts of pegmatite remind Roman and Slavonic cuneiform and ancient Arabic letters, from the large polished cut of pegmatite with an interesting picture it is difficult to tear off a look (it is a wonderful stone for meditation).

Volcanic scheme and craters of extinct volcanos on a scheme and picture are batholites



   History of mutual reciprocal relations of Ukraine and Germany is traced on historical stone finds. For example, Ukraine possesses the unique in the world deposit of jaspelite - red streak pattern quartzite the predatory booty of which must be halted, and a deposit must get status of biosphere preserve and center of folk trade (making of author wares from a stone small parties). Jaspelite has an interesting structure from remittent black and red bars with rare disseminations and veins of white quartz. Also there are standards with the abundant including of goldish stars of Pyrite on a black background.

   Wares found in Germanium with jaspelite and even whole mineralogical standards talk about old and close historical and political connections between two states. Today balls, candlesticks, table devices and wall pictures, from Ukrainian jaspelite are the article of collecting and pride of large politicians and power public servants of Germany.

   The author wares of hand-worked are valued in the world market (political, power and state sectors) from a Krivoy Rog city tiger's-eye in jaspelite, having an unique picture (the bars of tiger's-eye as though are bulged-in and distorted under the action of local jaspelites of mountain rocks), and also very rare greyish asbestine cat's-eye in jaspelite. Most beautiful and unique standards of grey cat's-eye in black jaspelite with inclusions of falcon eye, reminding the languages of crimson flame. On the historical finds of these stone and wares from them old historical state and political connections of Ukraine are traced with many countries of the world, including very remote.


Ukraine morione ("Black Quarz"), the Web School of the Magics of the stone

   Another stone on which it is possible distinctly to trace political and historical connections of Ukraine in a "power" sector is morione ("Black Quarz", "Witch Stone", "Warlock Stone", "Sorcerer Stone", "Vampire Stone", "Magician Stone", "Wizard Stone") and dark brownish smoke-coloured quartz, and also citrines of deep intensive color (self-shade madeira "wine" without burning and treatment) from the Western Ukraine (CIS).

   Singing of the song "Where Magicians live? In the head's cerebral fantasies for Your ... " - it is the Zhitomir region, Volodarsk-Volynsky Pegmatites ("Trap Pegmatites ", "Pitfall", "Snare "), Western Ukraine (CIS). The Real School of the Magics of the stone. Morione is a stone, which in nature is near uranium and nasturane (pitchblende), very dangerous radioactive stone, devouring a human body on the Ukrainian "The Elisha Fields" of the Zhitomir region. Ukrainian folk epos about a stone.

Volodarsk-Volynsky Pegmatites and black Uranium (pitchblende) stone

   These most stone are had veils, bubbles of air and similar features (from what they are not taken in the "standard" cutting), and also characteristic deep even colouring in-bulk. Majority of Ukrainian morione (black quarz) is partly examined with x-rays on to light. These stone, their natural large pieces and practically untilled large cleavages of crystals (both in itself and as an element of artistic compositions of author work) is very popular among the representatives of power political and work elite of different countries of the world (including Germany and row of other states).


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   Tail-piece of account on specialists - mineralogist, geologists, physicists, applied mathematicians. With illustrations described a accessible language modern mathematical model of growth of the stone crystals traditional and cryptocrystalline forms (crystallography), object-lessons over and determinations are brought, modern physics of process is expounded. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS)
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