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   For today there are two acknowledged traditional directions of reflexology - a point and zonal massage of separate areas of body and pointed massage along muscularly-tendon meridians (including with the use of nephrite and stone massagers) and needlereflexology is an acupunture of active points, meridians of body, and also extrameridional points, located along (method on Gavaa Luvsan - to the acknowledged world specialist in area of traditional east reflexology).

   It is methods, requiring the special preparation and protracted skills of practical work - teaching begins literally from little up and further conducted only in the specialized establishments, self-training is in general uneffective, the transmission of experience is carried out only from a man to the man with the use of the special books and manuals.

   In the second half XX - beginning of XXI century these methods were not only in detail systematized and described but also widely inculcated in medical practice, they are officially studied not only on the specialized courses but also in medical school, college and universities. In particular, in Kharkov they collect everything large popularity both among citizens and among the students of medical educational establishments.

   An intermediate is the use modern and smooth SPA -massagers and tenon pin massagers and trainers with the effect of massager of the Kuznecov. It less traumatic and painfully, what acupunture (has less contra-indications), and more "mightily" and effectively, what amateurish or amateur massage by hands and fingers. Application of nephrite massagers is given by a good effect even for amateurs and nonspecialis, layman, nonexpert, which do not have powerful base preparation of professional physiologist, masseur and reflexologist. Such massagers at home and on rest with success many very doubtful procedures of "SPA salons" will replace and in general must be literally in every house, in every apartment and in every modern family as physical therapy and individual SPA accessorys.

   Massage with the use of stone, and in particular nephrite, worm-pipe and jasper massagers leaves roots in deep the pas. If woolly primates (lemurs and monkeys) a lot of time outlay on caring for after wool and comb-out itch each other, a man, initially deprived hair cover on greater part of body, outlays a lot of time enough on the care of the skin is a massage, SPA medical procedures, grinding aromatic butters, acupunture. A man ("naked" primates, deprived wool on greater part of body) differs from the woolly congener above all things that lives at water and very widely useds stone, mountain rocks and minerals (even many native metals are a copper, silver, platinum, iron - in nature meet in form malleable stone, pellet, rolled briquette of alluvial mineral deposits, sprigs and other).

   By prototypes modern smooth rollers massagers usual river and marine pebble served with a SPA effect - in particular, in China and on Far East green, yellow and white nephrite rounded pebble is in the river-beds of the purely-clean rivers, flowings down from the slopes of nephritis mountains. Unlike usual grey pellet, rolled briquette, the green color of nephrite river pebble happy by an eye and notedly selected on a general background (pays attention on itself man). These primitive SPA medical procedures with the use of a stone pebble and shells of shellfishes were saved in modern civilizations with the elements of the primitively-communal mode of way of life (for example, on the small islands of the Pacific ocean and in the foot-hills of Pamire and Tien Shan).

   When a man learned to process a nephrite and jasper, first massagers appeared with superficial notches. At mastering of treatment of metal (in particular, native copper, silver and platinum) a stone and metal began to connect in different combinations of massagers. And only with development of technologies of machine-tool treatment of stone the first appeared tenon pin massagers is one of the last achievements of the civilized humanity. Massagers with the effect of massager of the Kuznecov, put on production basis, are the last innovative developments of humanity of the second half XX - began XXI ages (you value scientific and technical progress !!).

   Acupuncture appeared, on visible, after some time after the first stone massagers and SPA accessories. As the first needles the tenon pins of unpoisonous plants were usedd, and also кости finfishess and some animals. As soon as a man learned to process a stone, wide needles, blades and similar objects, appeared for reflexology and acupunctures from usual flint and topaz (at cleaving topaz is able to form very thin and sharp plates are pricking out of crystals of topaz on cleavability). And, finally, in XX century industrial needles and other objects appeared from modern medical steel and similar special alloys.

   Today China, Mongolia, Uruguay and row of other direct suppliers of minerals, to the world market spare primary attention the questions of radiological and chemical safety of delivery items from a stone (in particular case beads, bangles, balls, massagers and trainers) and mineralogical standards. Control and measuring equipment at the end of XX - beginning of XXI century it was set straight on deposits and on a primary production with the complete cycle of teaching from the side of the attested specialists from Ukraine, Russia, USA, China and North Korea. Watching and international control of the use is made dangerous for a health and environment of methods of ennoblement of stone and minerals.

   For today exactly Ukraine is a leader on technologies of control after radiological safety of stone and minerals, including due to enormous successes in liquidation of consequences of failure on Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (NPP, 1984 year, XX century) and direct international agreements with suppliers and producers in the field of wares from a stone and passing materials, and also to direct support of different handicrafts and folk trade in the field of medicine and lifeless nature. Without attestation in Ukraine today it can suppliers be said no in legal access to the world market of stone and wares from them, and also in the spheres of concomitant services and use of any wares from a stone. In Ukraine all of minerals and stone trainers, supplied in a country legally (for example, by direct postal parcels and containers), pass obligatory dosimetric and other control on a custom, and radiation and chemical safety of minerals is controlled by the specially authorized public organs - SSU, custom, services metrology and standardization.

   In Ukraine regular theoretical and practical seminars and symposiums (including closed for type specialists or with the very limited access) are conducted in the field of market of stone and minerals development, renewal and development of historical traditions of the different states in the field of wares from stone and minerals and technologies of the use of wares from stone.

   Ukraine conducts a number of scientific researches, in particular probes medical properties of schungite and flint at the level of state pharmaceutical academies and medical departments. In limits of official strategic partnership with Russia, Germany and China the Ukraine conducts works in the field of physical therapy and sanatorium-resort application of massagers and trainers from a nephrite, jasper, worm-pipe, mountain crystal, quartz and similar stone (both modern and historical and authentic). In limits partnerships with the USA in Ukraine the questions of influence and scopes of applicability of effect of placebo are studied in Medical stone therapeutics (crystals, druses and treated stone), and also chemistry- and radiological-safe technologies of meditation and autogenic therapy with popular stone and minerals, questions of objective influence of color and form of stone and minerals on a psyche and mood of man.

   The questions of sanatorium-resort health procedures are examined in limits Medical stone therapeutics as a section of general physiotherapy. Ukraine constantly develops traditions and legislative base in area of creation and exploitation of natural biosphere mineralogical preserves and nature protection areas on deposits. Ukraine keeps interesting from point of physiotherapy reserves of medical dirts and natural stone, suitable for physiotherapy SPA medical procedure. Ukraine also possesses the sufficient supplies of flint and topazs and interesting technologies of their treatment for making of the modern combined medical instruments on the high-quality-new stage of development of humanity people.

   At the end of XX - beginning of XXI century the question of renewal of alternative methods of traditional reflexology got up - to the point, zonal, and also to the meridian massage and acupunture (to the so-called "east" and "Chinese" methods of reflexology).

   At first, powerful development was got by making on industrial basis with the use of modern machine-tools with computers nephrite et al stone massagers and trainers, including stone balls and eggs from a mountain crystal, jasper, nephrite and other They enter sale on the legal ductings and are relatively accessible at price for great masses of population.

   Secondly, in connection with active introduction of modern scientific achievements, front-rank technologies and innovations in development of deposits, the more accessible for a population was become by the treated crystals of mountain crystal, citrine, rose quartz and partly treated and prepared druses of mountain crystal, citrine and amethyst. Their quality is permissible, and price - in relation to accessible for a population (our internetsite makes the sale of such wares on the constantly renewed internetcatalogue and their delivery by mail in any settlement of Ukraine).

   Thirdly, due to modern technologies of receipt of synthetic industrial diamonds, carbonado and corundums (carborundum) became more accessible treated cabochons unjeweller rubies, sapphires, cyanites and other hard stone and minerals which can be usedd as massagers and SPA trainers, before considered the articles of the special luxury and intended for the improvement of health and longevity "select" and "mighty of this world". It is a high price category and rare type of wares even today.

   Exactly modern inexpensive and popular wares from a stone must become alternative and simultaneously successive direction of development modern physiology and reflexology, complementary and developing at high-quality new MODERN level traditional methods of point and zonal massage and acupunture and built on their powerful theoretical and practical base (methods of Gavaa Luvsan, of the Kuznecov and other acknowledged specialists of this direction).


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   J.V. Kaphtanova. All about stone and minerals
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   Described basic types of massager and trainers, technique of massage nephrite massagers, druzes, balls, eggs and crystals, including author. History of the reflexotherapy and contact stone-therapy. Reflexotherapy. Point massage by stone crystals. Massage stone druzes with the effect of Kuznecov's massager. Intimate massage and his features. Treatment water, by magnets, a magnetotherapy is typical errors and blunder errors. Complexes of medical treanings, including for a rehabilitation and prophylaxis. 340 pictures with the charts of work. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS).
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   Tail-piece of account on specialists - mineralogist, geologists, physicists, applied mathematicians. With illustrations described a accessible language modern mathematical model of growth of the stone crystals traditional and cryptocrystalline forms (crystallography), object-lessons over and determinations are brought, modern physics of process is expounded. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS)
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   J.V. Kaphtanova. All about stone and minerals
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   Expounded treanings and recommendation of the stone massage by medical magnets and survey physics of magnetic-field. Told, due to what treat magnets, what extrasensory influences and magnetic field are a to "itself extrasensory individual". Exercise with Balls of Health. Magnetic trainers and massagers. Briefly about the use of magnets in engineering creation, about their counterboring and about patenting. Most typical errors and blunder errors, related to the magnetic field and electromagnetic co-operations, briefly about "magnetic" and other swindlers - today treatment magnets and biofield is scientifically grounded modern physics. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS)
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