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   Historically folded so, that people, populating territories in the pools of the rivers of Inda and Ganga (India), Yellow river stream (China), middle and lower flow of Nila (Egypt), Tiger and Euphrates (Babylonia), before other entered on the way of transition from a primitively-communal line-up with his nomadic life to slaveholding, which the settled way of life, development of agriculture and handicrafts is characteristic for. A farmer is forced was give estimation to all of separate elements of nature - soil, hypsography, animals, to inhabiting this locality, vegetation, climate, to times of year It defined et cetera, morally, that exactly on Old the East a culture began to be engendered.

   As history shows, theoretical presentations of thinkers of Old China and Old India appeared more developed and developed on an elementally materialistic way. In philosophical literature of Old India and Old China on the border of end second and began the first millenniums to sew on eras a question about the substance of life decided on the basis of five first-elements, or elements. On presentation of ancient Indians and Chinese, along with "air" (in ancient India is the life-giving breathing - prana) as a transmitter of "beginning" was examine other elements of nature - so-called space first-elements: earth, water, fire, metal, tree. Thus water, earth, metal behaved to the elements which bodies are composed from, a tree materialized "principle of growth", and a fire was the sign of "motion and development". Air, acting at breathing, renders a "animating" action. Between all these first-elements exist connection (on principle of pentagram) and all is correlated with an environment, flow of time and space influences.

   In Indian philosophy to five first-elements is added sixth is "consciousness". In Old Greece and Old Rome also there were studies about first-elements, lyings in basis of the world (Empedokl, Seneka, V in. to B.C.). All of the world phenomena was laid in presentation about first-elements. In Old China studies about five first-elements was expounded Czy Sy (V-IV century to B.C.), Men-czy (IV-III century to B.C.); this studies found a strickter form in exposition of Czou of Yahn (III in. to B.C.).


   This term is more frequent translated as "five elements" (first-elements), although more correct to talk about five phases of lengthening, five motions (SIN - motion is literal). Old Orient East scientists paid a regard to recurrence of the closely between itself phenomena nature: night and day, morning and evening, the winter and summer, cold and warmly, and also recurrence of functions of people: vigil and sleep, inhalation and exhalation et cetera Connections of day's cycle were determined as follows: a day is "given" by an evening, an evening is night, night is a morning and, I.e. it was considered that organization of nature the cycles of alternation are underlaid Yin - passive force and Yahn - active force, and each of these cycles consists of alternation of the successive states: birth or growth (spring, morning and), maximal activity (summer, midday and), decline or oppressing (autumn, evening and), minimum activity (the winter, night and). Like it the east (sunrise, morning) corresponds birth, south - to maximal activity, west - to the decline (setting of sun, evening), north - to minimum activity.

   Maximally summarizing and disengaging oneself from the concrete phenomena, Old Orient East scientists divided the world into five large categories; compares these categories (law to five first-elements) of M. Rubin (1974) to the theory of "assemblies" in mathematics. To each of four successive states of nature there was character: tree, fire, metal, water, fifth character was after added is earth, as all of cyclic changes take a place on earth, on presentation of Old Orient East thinkers, each of five first-elements is character of vital processes, flowings both in nature and in a man, which are depending on passive and active forces. A tree is character of birth, growth (transition from passive force Yin to active - Yahn); a fire is character of maximal vital activity (maximal expression of active force of Yahn); a metal is character of beginning decline (from Yahn to Yin); water is character of minimum activity (passive force Yin); earth is a center and ax of cyclic changes of all of the universe.

   In outward things (large world, macrocosmos) a man is the world in a miniature (small world, microcosmos) and consists of those to five first-elements, which get in an organism with food, and submits natural laws, differing from all of other only by reason. The body of people consists of anatomico-physiological units - organs, interactive between itself and with an environment. Each of organs corresponds certain first-element and co-operates with other organs.

   The Old Orient East Orient doctors applied conception of U-SIN to the analysis of vital functions of organism of people and for organization of essence of the varied relations of people and nature; likenesses between these relations and five first-elements was set exceptionally on the basis of analogies. These analogies were generalized and first presented as tables in the treatise of "Khuandi ney-czin", however inexhaustible a list of similar analogies is practically.

   In presentation of Old Orient East Orient thinkers a tree was followings characteristics: origin by growth in a warm period, green color and, therefore all of things (phenomena), possessing such properties, belonged to to first-element tree. A fire is characteristics of heat and going up flame, therefore this element in medicine designates localization of heat, or inflammation, in overhead part of body, and all of things (phenomena), possessing properties of fire, are taken to to first-element fire. For earth fertility, feed and transformations, is peculiar, therefore under first-element earth the similar phenomena are incorporated. Properties of metal are emptiness, cleanness, fragility, slenderness and lightness; therefore things (phenomena), similar on properties with a metal, are taken to to first-element metal. Water possesses fluidity, coolness (cold), ability. to motion back, therefore the phenomena, possessing such properties, unite under character first-element water.

   A main practical conclusion from the studies of U-SIN is recognition - indissolubility connection all to five first-elements. Thus each of first-elements is related to other by means of productive and destroying processes ("a friend is an enemy"). Sense of productive processes consists in the following: water is instrumental in growth of tree, a tree can make a fire, a fire gives earth (ash), earth makes a metal, a metal grows into water (liquid). Destruktivnost' shows up in that water can liquidate a fire, a fire can soften a metal, and a metal can cut a tree. As each of first-elements is related to four other first-elements by productive and destructive influences, each of these processes is dependent and related to other processes, is under their influence.

   Obviously (from the modern point of view), it is possible to talk that sense of productive and destructive influences and interdependence to five first-elements is near to the picture of laws of maintainance of mass and conservation of energy; in the conditions of equilibrium of the system there is Yin - Yahn each of five first-elements can not neither collapse fully nor infinitely to arise up.

   Some researchers at consideration of conformities to the law of connection of organs within the framework of cycle of U-SIN mark some their competence, from positions of modern physiology. So, functional connections between buds and urinary bladder, a liver and gall-bladder, желчным-пузырем and stomach, by a stomach and thin bowel, by a thin bowel and colon, is not require proofs. Successive stimulation can be interpreted as a "functional help", and destroying - as a "functional oppressing". For example, chainlet a heart is lights - a liver is a spleen: permanent and intensive work of heart requires energy which as oxygen acts from lights, lights take in energy as sugars from a liver, if necessary the additional amount of blood (haema sanguis), deposited in a spleen is forced in a liver. From positions of modern physiology such going near research of co-operation and intercommunications of internalss can be attributed to approach of the systems, at which the study of vital functions of organism of people is made on the whole, but not his separate structures, functionings independent of each other.

   From these positions the cycle of U-SIN presents the difficult dynamic model of intercommunications of organism of timber-toe by an environment. It can be presented as a spider web, in which hundred circles, designating the different levels of the world phenomena, as beaded and five radial lines, characterizing functional connection of all of the phenomena. Each such radial line designates one of five first-elements trudged; for example, along a radial line tree disposed consistently liver, gall-bladder, nails, spring, the east, sour, rotten, star, wind, sight, tears, anger, green et cetera In spite of seeming ridiculous set of the different on the quality phenomena, here is certain sense and order.

   Conception of U-SIN joins presently in conception Yin - Yahn: a first-elements metal and water take to to Yin, tree and fire - to Yahn, first-element earth forms as though a turning point between Yin and Yahn. "Vital energy", arising up in the process of co-operating of organism with an environment, serves as basis of intercommunication of parts of integral organism, one of forms of display of this vital energy is unity and fight of two opposite beginnings - Yahn and Yin. In other words, the picture of organism of people is shown out of fully financial picture of five space first-elements, and as space first-elements is material, an organism is material, and, finally, as all of parts of organism are between itself, an organism is single unit. Old Orient East doctors found out the integral going near understanding of essence of nature of people and his diseases. They asserted that a man was component part of surrounding nature and is with it in permanent and close mutual relations. In a book "Su-vey" is said, that life of people is formed Chi (Ci) Heaven and Earth and is under influence of four times of year. I squeak, air of persons gets from circumferential him nature, to the terms of which he must adapt.


Classification of analogies of macrocosmos and microcosmos on conception of U-SIN

Nature kind
Five (U) base first-elements (SIN) Man (microcosm)
Five types of taste Five
Five dimensions of life Five impact of nature Five sides of light Five


   A cycle of generation and structural connections between first-elements is positive co-operation of energies, which passes on the reserved circle, is water -> tree -> fire -> earth -> metal (air) -> water. This cycle is also named the cycle of compatibility, or positive cycle. One strengthening of first-elements in accordance with this conception draws also a few less increase of next first-element. It is impossible to strengthen one first-element SIN, not strengthening the here following on a circle after him. It is very important key property.

   Water symbolizes the origin of organic life. Beginning in a quiet and calmness, it feeds a tree. A tree grows upwards and in sides. A tree grows and dries out. A tree becomes food for a fire. Fire - hot, pulsating, saturated is character of active activity. Going out, a fire is abandoned by an ash and grows into earth. Earth collects and keeps energy. It hardens and generates a metal. Metal of fuse, melt and becomes a liquid which is associated with water.

   Water strengthens and generates a tree
   A fire strengthens and generates a tree
   Earth strengthens and generates a fire
   Earth strengthens and generates a metal (air)
   A metal (air) strengthens and generates water

   A cycle of destruction and destructive connections is negative co-operation of elements. Otherwise he is named the cycle of incompatibility: qualities of one element are in opposition to qualities other in a sequence water -> fire -> metal -> tree -> earth -> water. It is easy to present this process, imposing him as destructive connections on the cycle of generation. This sequence creates pentagram (star) - traditional character of destructive force. At strengthening of one first-element simultaneously necessarily relaxes and collapses element on destructive connection (following after him on a circle through one).

   Water extinguishes a fire. A metal melts and destroys a fire. A metal is chopped by a tree and destroys his life-breath. A tree feeds on juices of earth and bores in it openings by the roots. Earth takes in and links water. It the general reasonings for the best understanding of destruction.

   Water destroys and oppresses a fire
   A tree destroys and oppresses earth
   A metal destroys and oppresses a fire (air)
   Earth destroys and oppresses water
   A tree destroys and oppresses a metal

   Cycle of softening and harmonization (first-element buffer-mediator). Harmonization. As all of elements co-operate, therefore, a that element which stands between two other (buffer) can soften them cross-coupling. A tree is a mediator between water and fire, it absorbs and retains water. Water feeds a tree and gives him a fortress, that counterbalances destructive influence of metal. A fire is a mediator between a tree and earth, as he is able to take in a tree and become earth. A metal is a mediator between earth and water, because he gives birth from earth and grows into water.

   In obedience to ancient Chinese tradition, five basic elements is water, tree, fire, earth and metal. Word for word the translation of word "element" - it nothing a stable, immobile, but Chinese word "SIN" means motion and changes, therefore more close translation is "five elements", "five motive forces" with the symbolical names. A great deal in China is successfully described conception of U-SIN and intercommunications of these first-elements.


   is North. Water - it first-element, which all of other originate from. It plugs in itself all of liquids. Water is an explorer of energy of Ci, therefore it is associated with the stream of Ci and with roads in town. In addition, water symbolizes riches. Its color - dark blue and all of dark blue-purple gamut. Objects, related to water, have undulating or fluently bent surface. Water possesses clearing and refreshing influence. It serves for an update and recreation. However much surplus of water results in a languor and dejection. Also water is associated with an emotional sensitiveness. It is necessary to use characters of water warily, as you can feel flooded, but not cleared and renewed.

   A tree
   is Symbolized by the east. A tree is symbolized any flowers or plants. The forms of tree are high, oblong, rectangular. Basic description of tree is a fortress in combination with flexibility. It symbolizes growth, creation, feed. Work with the areas of house, related to the tree, gives a shove creative capabilities. However much excessive zeal can result in idealism and ungrounded expectations.

   A fire
   is South. A living and inspired fire is a strong element, incarnating qualities of Yahn. He is associated with red and orange colors. Characters of fire are a fire, candles, electric light bulbs. Objects, related to the element of fire, have a three-cornered or pointed form. Characters of fire in a home situation promote energy and level of activity. If a fire is very much, it can result in a quick temper and crabbiness.

   Element earth sometimes located in a center. To this element yellow and fawn colors are related. The articles of earth have a square form. Characters of earth are crystals and (clay) brickwares. Earth means reliability, stability, confidence in itself, its characters are used for strengthening of spirit and moral support. Too strong influence of earth can create the atmosphere of stagnation and suspiciousness.

   A metal (air)
of Direction of metal is a west. Colors - white, gold, silver. Basic forms of metal are a circle and half moon, any metallic objects, especially chinks and talismans. A metal is symbolized by an abundance and success in financial businesses. Surplus of this element can result in a haste, imprudence and illegibility in facilities.

   Pervoelement SIN are Organs of human people
   Fire is Heart (Yin) and thin bowel (Yahn)
   Earth is Stomach (Yahn), spleen and pancreas (Yin)
   Metal (air) is Lights (Yin) and colon (Yahn)
   Water is Buds (Yin) and urinary bladder (Yahn)
   Tree is Hepar (Yin) and gall-bladder (Yahn)


Element Not harmonious (surplus or failing) Not harmonious (surplus or failing)
Water Problems with buds, urinary bladder
Fear / phobia
Pain in the underbody of the back, sciatica
Attachment to the things
Dissatisfaction by motion of the life
Frequent urination
Shade, B/Ss under eyes
Inability to carry a cold
Delay of water in an organism
Disorder of cns (central nervous system)
Satisfaction by motion of the life
Ability to trust in a fate
Rapid adaptation
Strong will
Kindness and mildness
Tree Problems with a Hepar , by a gall-bladder
Anger, his complete absence
Impatience, weakness of spirit
Problem with the eyes
Problem with an equilibrium, by co-ordination of motions
Problem with tendons
Insufficient flexibility
Persons of action
Cramp, especially in shoulders
Myshechnye spasms
Bitter Taste in to the mouth Irregular mensal
Mental and physical flexibility
Ability to organize, plan and make a decision
Ability to operate in difficult circumstances
Clear thought
Decision and courage
Light, Fire Problems with a heart, by a thin bowel
the Serdechno-sosudistye diseases
Anxiety, forgetfulness
Overdriven, requirements in stimulators
Excessive liveliness on public and depression, low spirits in loneliness Cruelty, insensibility
Pain in area of breast
Satisfaction by the life
Ability to feel a rhythm what
Be going on Knowledge of the possibilities
Solicitude Love
Earth Problems with a stomach and pancreas
Permanent anxiety
Problem with the immune system
Problem with digestion: accumulation of gases, a belch
Impossibility to be concentrated
Problems with the lymphatic system
Languid intestine
Surplus or insufficient weight
Permanent ideas about a meal
Feeling of trampling on one place, inability to be advanced
Soundness, calmness
Good imagination
Deep understanding and sympathy
Ability long to do without food
Ability to care of other, not forgetting about itself
Good digestion
Ability to pass plenary powers
Metal Sadness
Dermic an allergy, illnesses
Hay fever
Narrowity of looks, judgements
Good Organization
Tendency in the future
Ability to create an order
Good oxygen metabolism


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