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   With separate medical crystals work, in principle, exactly also, as well as in the case of cylinder-harmonization or pyramids. A difference consists only of that a crystal is in one hand, usually in right (for left-hander - in counter-clockwise). It is possible also to use two more or less identical crystal of one mineral. Both hands work in this case. On the crystals of some minerals it is also possible to insist water, clearing it. Water can be also insisted on balls, pyramids and cylinders from minerals.

   Behaves to this everything it is needed critically. Medical "mineral" water can be prepared two methods. In first case mineral particles come forward as an original filter which water is skipped through. The list of such minerals is very small. It is different variants of quartzs (mountain crystal, citrine, amethyst) and ceolite, and also already becoming classic in this area of schungite. In second case a medical mineral or decoration with him goes down in glass with water on a few clock (maximum on days). Then such water is drunk shallow gullets on an empty stomach in the morning or before eating.

   Thus it is very important to carry conviction, that a mineral which is used in like manner is unpoisonous, unradio-active and insoluble in water. On a crystal also there must be no superficial admixtures, especially washed off water and soluble. Otherwise consequences of such "medical treatment" can be not nearly positive and even to make off finish end in permanent hospital.

   You remember: speaking about Medical stone therapeutics, the informative are implied above all things, but not chemical affecting organism (effect of placebo). Some Medical stone therapeutics consider (although it is opinion in a root by mistake and to the contradict idea of brownian motion at a temperature substantially higher than zero) that water can have an enough difficult structure, formed the three-dimensional "nets" of its dipole, and as a result to keep tracks of original "informative imprints" of contacting with it molecules, matters and objects (it can be executed at a temperature near the zero of degrees on Celcius, in more to the high temperature - very doubtfully). The safest is the use of clean transparent crystals of mountain crystal (a crystalline quartz is an oxide of silicon), amethyst or citrine. Actually this list for beginners exhaustive.

   Shungit and flint are an exception from this rule, because in on schungiteе or millstone (flint stone) water some soluble components, chemical elements and molecules of compounds, contained in a mineral, pass insisted. Clean flint is more safe and harmless. But remember that there can be the contra-indications and even unbearableness at schungites water, as at any other medicine (disbelieve advertising about perfect security of schungite).

   Both in the first and in second cases use the defended water of room temperature, in an ideal - spring or artesian. The boiled water does not fit. If you are not sure in acceptable quality of water from under a faucet, use the unadvertised butylated or being for a sale on an overflow table water for drink (not medical mineral !!).

   As well as in the case of other methods of Medical stone therapeutics, during the reception of curative water a general positive mood which unhardness to learn to create by the simple receptions of autogenic training therapy is very important. Present that with every mouthful of such water your body is filled with curative positive energy which fills all of his volume gradually. This life-giving moisture ousts all of negative informative influences, which you could undergo, and which inevitably left the tracks in your body and consciousness, as though.


Millstone, Flint Stone of Ukraine for satiation of water, for treatment -->rus

   About healthful properties of flint mentioned as early as many treatises of ancient philosophers. Lyuda applied made of flint cap lid for healing from many illnesses. And even in near the pas the habitants of Byelorussia usedd Millstone, Flint Stone for cutting away of warts, laid out them pits for storage of meat, sprinkled wounds silicic powder, preventing a gangrene.

   Millstone, Flint Stone is opal-chalcedonic connection, and the presence of petrifying organic matter in a mineral does Millstone, Flint Stone giving a phenomenal biotcatalyst, able to process energy of light and in thousands of one times to accelerate redox reactions in поде, it healthful property. Millstone, Flint Stone uniting with water, represses the bacterium of rotting and fermentation, destroys in sediment the lost morbific microflora and connections cut-in in water of weight toxic metals: zinc, lead, cadmium, iron, mercury. Neutralizes a chlorine, nitrate connections.

   Method of preparation: a 1 packing of flint (3 see cube) is insisted in 3 litres of unboiled uncooked water.

  • Millstone, Flint Stone is usedd for clearing, water, preparation, activated dining-room of mineral water and use of it for daily drink, preparation of food, May, and also for outward application.
  • For people, protractedly accepting the made of flint water, hyposthenic immunity is restored, maintenance of cholesterol goes down in blood (haema sanguis), practically there are not malignant tumours.
  • Used for treatment of atherosclerosis, high blood (haema sanguis) pressure, gastroenteric and kidney disorders, inflammatory processes of the urino-genital, genito-urinary system, cholelithiasis , gallstones and urolithiasis, disbacteriosis, food poisonings, paradontosis and other diseases of cavity of mouth, strengthens vessels.
  • Instrumental in the improvement of exchange of matters prevents appearance of wrinkles, strengthens hairs and improves their growth.
  • The made of flint water is a good mean for delivering from alcoholism, instrumental in the conclusion of alcohol from an organism.
  • It is a good mean for washes and washing of wounds and burns.
  • As an additional energy source, made of flint water, especially needed, to the hyposthenic and elderly people, and also children.

   Testimonies to application:

  • Water, insisted on flint, through days suitable for the use, but for the receipt of the highly activated water of Millstone, Flint Stone must be insisted 7 days.
  • After the use of the insisted water (sediment to unite 4-5 see), Millstone, Flint Stone to wash and again inundate fresh by unboiled water.
  • Capacity, with water not to propose on direct sunbeams and not close a dense lid.
  • To boil water, if there is Millstone in it, Flint Stone, forbidden. (It a rule does not spread on the made of flint water).
  • The term of action of flint is protracted, because he loses the properties only in 500 years after extraction from a chalk.
  • All of these surprisings properties of healthful flint were presented in the reports of laboratory researches different scientific establishment on the theoretical and practical seminar of labours the "Phenomenon of flint: reality and prospects".

   We offer Millstone, Flint Stone from west Ukrainian chalky deposits, because he does not need additional cleaning from a shirt and can be used at once. Millstone, Flint Stone is presented in large enough pieces which it will be enough to you for the use of over a long period of time.


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