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   Today China (Southeast Asia) is offered by the very wide assortment of different balls, massagers and trainers for the individual training, self-massage and for a professional massage.

   There are two types of massagers from the nephrite of the most different construction - smooth for sedative (weakening) and harmonizing action (both short-term and of long duration) and tenon pin with the effect of massager of the Kuznecov is industrial development of XX-XXI century for active and actuate tope up (tonus, tonic) action, dosed sessions for 10-15 minutes. Separately exist also intimate massagers for the professional and semi-professional use.

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   Balls as trainers - on co-ordination and musicality "Crane clicks exercise a bill". You will place one ball between direct index and middle fingers, clutch other ball large and nameless fingers. A little finger is pinned against nameless. Begin to rap balls at each other, clicking as by castanets. It is especially good to execute exercises with heavy balls, jumpings away at contiguity. Gradually you will catch a rhythm, and your wrist also will join in this jaspelite. you will feel the wholesomeness of action of this exercise on Your of forearm quickly (on video above).

   Massagers with a smooth surface have a SPA effect. It can be with a handle or without it. Beginnings masseurs and persons, executing a massage to itself and near, often massagers used with a handle. Professionals during the long sessions of vindicatory massage can do without a handle or take off it (it can break from strong and powerful influences). Often usedd for a self-massage.

   Depending on a size smooth massagers is intended for the massage of hands and person (small massagers) and for more "active" massage along the muscularly-tendon meridians of the back - along a spine, and also buttock and leg. Use sedative receptions are powerful and strong jaspelites, strong pressure on muscles and muscularly-tendon meridians, jaspelites are frequently executed slow enough and smooth.

   Smooth massagers never massage the area of stomach practically, groin, foot, neck and skin on a head, for women they are not massage a breast and sucklings glands. Does not massage any areas with trauma or especially sensible a skin, with ulcers or abundant pimple. Does not used for an anal and vaginal massage. At a massage smooth nephrite massagers does not used auxiliary aromatic butters and massage creams usually.

   Massagers with a smooth surface have the rather expressed SPA effect and weakening effect, usedd for the prophylaxis of different professional diseases and for sportsmen, for strengthening of health of chronic patients in the period of ремиссии, for the improvement of work of the nervous system in an ordinary period.

   In place of visit in a SPA salon will visit the salon of masseur better, grabbing with itself smooth nephrite massagers in an assortment. you remember that any massagers behave to the articles of the PERSONAL hygiene and must be the own. They can not be leased "out", abandon without a supervision or to use so-called "collective" ("public") massagers. you remember that some skin infections and fungi can be passed and through "socialized" massagers. you keep massagers in individual small boxes in an inaccessible for extraneous persons place (as a money and values, for example).

   Tenon pin massagers with the effect of massager of the Kuznecov. To beginning of XX century tenon pin nephrite massagers behaved rather to the articles of luxury and were very dear. Their real availability became possible only due to openings of XX-XXI century in area of electrification, technologies of machine-tools with computers and instrumental steel. Tenon pin trainers is often usedd, especially for brushes and feet.

   Instrument of professional masseurs, doctors-traumatologists, rehabilitologist and physiatrists. If you or Your near pass any rehabilitation after traumas, wounds and operations, strokes, coma, amnesia, nervous shocks, physical and moral overloads and any similar grave conditions - acquire a complete assortment tenon pin nephrite massagers and trainers with the effect of massager of the Kuznecov.

   Suppose short-term sessions for 10-15 minutes of actuate tope up (tonus, tonic) or harmonizing massage of practically any part of body with the purpose of renewal of the broken functions of organism and rehabilitation. Can be usedd both for treatment of separate areas of body and for work along muscularly-tendon meridians.

   Assume the use of the unconcentrated aromatic butters which do not abandon fat tape and tracks on a skin and does not cause its irritation. It is possible to process even the skin of head at a hearth pelade. Useful to active and intensive treatment of hands of hands and feet of feet.

   No tenon pin massagers and trainers, tenon pin rollers and marbles can not be usedd for an intimate, anal or vaginal massage, they can not be pushed in in a mouth, nose, ears etc. It is categorically forbidden to process tenon pin massagers trauma and especially sensible skin and mucous membranes !! It is impossible to swallow tenon pin marbles and rollers wholly or by fragments (from within ANY massager does not treat, but maims). Tenon pin massagers for an intimate massage can used only professional doctors-physiatrists with specialization "sexology, sexual pathology and intimate massage".

   Contra-indications, as well as for traditional reflexology and acupuntures are tumours and great pains of any genesis, visit of bath-house and sauna, high temperature, sharp states, hypertensive crisis, pregnancy, excessive nervous and physical exhaustion etc

   The so-called "nephrite carpets" and "massage carpets" are more frequent than all made from inexpensively nephrite, jade and noble worm-pipe (such worm-pipe can appear more beautiful and decorative nephrite at the maintainance of health-improving effect). A medical effect from this good shows up in ability of nephrite, jade and worm-pipe to take in from the sick area of body surplus thermal energy, which arises up in investigation of inflammation, overheat or other parafunction one or another area of body. Preliminary warmed-up carpets are rarer usedd for heating of different areas of body at health SPA treatment manipulation and at the chronic supercooling. It it is also pleasant to contemplate good at meditation.

   Nephrite, jade and worm-pipe carpets is intended above all things for amateur and amateurish application and usedd only as adding to basic treatment, to appointed a doctor. Are not a panacea from all of illnesses, as it sometimes by mistake illiterate authors write in populist literature. It rather is a wonderful SPA attribute (far better than pebble and pellet, rolled briquette, offered in SPA salons), but not good for valuable treatment - a nephrite or worm-pipe carpet in home terms with success can replace a comparable at price expensive visit in the so-called SPA salon.

   There are carpets in which nephrite, jade or worm-pipe is sewn on on tissues - it is not recommended to wet such carpets in water or wear away. They are cooled and warm up on air. If nephrite carpets are made without tissues with the use of silicon - they are intended for the semi-professional use, it is possible to cool and heat them in water, and also wash in water with soap. All of carpets (especially on tissue basis) are the articles of the individual use.

   "Socializing" with a nephrite and on the basis of natural stone and minerals it is usually measured out other carpets by small sessions - for 15-20 minutes in a day. It will allow to avoid the effect of habituation. An exception is made by nontextile carpets which each 10-15 minutes can be cooled or heat in water. But even in this case health and medical SPA sessions with nephrite carpets it is desirable to limit by 2-3 hours in a day by courses for 10-15 sessions with interruptions between courses.

   Carpets have the harmonizing affecting organism of man - both healthy and patient, therefore their action must be examined as health-improving SPA impact in the period of absence of illness (as a prophylaxis), as an auxiliary mean at convalescence and in the period of remission of chronic illness in default of contra-indications. Not used for ANY violations of psyche, for drug addicts, alcoholics and other "dependent" patients, at pains of the unstated genesis and especially at wandering pains, and also at persons with enhanceable and the more so sickly suggestibility and suspiciousness. Not used at wounds, ulcers, pimple and similar violations of integrity of a skin cover.

   Massage sticks of different length from the valuable varieties of stone are the instrument of professional masseurs, instructors and masters of martial arts and used mainly for the power sedative and harmonizing (with some pressure) slow rolling along the muscularly-tendon meridians of the back, for the massage of buttocks and muscles on the back-end of feet. Popular in professional circles. Sticks preliminary need to be warmed up.

   Massage sticks from a stone also used for a massage and training masters of martial arts, practicing work with one or two sticks (for example, masters of "chaku" or militia club). The employees of power constabularies and militia subdividing into the educational trainings can used long massage sticks from a stone for working off survivabic and reasonably-traumatic shots (beat on a pillow, built blanket, sheaf of straw, to the sack with sand and other), and after training to apply them on the direct setting - for the direct massage of the tired muscles of the back and feet.

   On a photos massage sticks are executed from the expensive valuable (prices) worm-pipe which at price will confront with a nephrite or even dearer than him. Massage sticks are not used for the massage of hands, person, head, stomach and feet at the front - it is possible to provoke complications. Usually not used for an intimate massage, because in default of the higher special education and skills of practical work can injure a patient (this form of massage the specially trained masseurs practice sticks only). Police & militia trainers.


   Today steel widely know enough nephrite trainers "Venus eggs" for vum-building, woman-building (wom-building) are three eggs of different size in a giftwrap. Unfortunately, I am not able by them to use "on the direct setting" (for introduction in a vagina) and can not give the proper instruction on their vaginal use.

   I including used these eggs the same as and balls - for a rotation and rolling in hands, for development of hands and general health-improving massage along muscularly-tendon meridians in place of nephrite balls, stone pebble and pellet, rolled briquette (require greater adroitness, what single solitary roller massagers without a handle, and more effective than balls).

   So-called "Venus eggs" (trainers for woman-building (wom-building)) professional specialists and masseurs in the field of intimate massage used ONLY as a "prelude" for ball-shaped massager (on a photo below), applied at a vaginal and anal massage.

   Before application of the ball-shaped massager patient rotined below "train" to this exotic and unusual many to the citizens to the type of massage through nephrite eggs - from a less diameter to greater for 10-20 sessions, stage-by-stage entering nephrite eggs EXACTLY in an ass hole (to both the men and women) and holding them for a rope with a marble outside (using of rubber glove for this massage strictly necessarily). Only after it, if a patient demonstrates the ACTIVE personal interest and absence of hysterics, let to apply ball-shaped massager on a flexible or hard handle. It allows to avoid nervous derangements and "amotivational" hysterics from the side of patients during an intimate massage at the valuable use of ball-shaped massagers on a handle (especially on a hard handle, made today on a спецзаказу). Without a multistage prelude as an anal massage with the use of nephrite eggs "for woman-building (wom-building)" ball-shaped massager on a handle for a vaginal and anal massage not usedd.

   For an intimate professional and semi-professional vaginal (vaginal) and anal massage the ball-shaped are intended nephrite massagers of the special construction. To beginning of XX century marble by a diameter about 35-40 mm (more large marbles meet rarely and usually executed on an order, the more shallow are often uneffective) fastened to the handle on a metallic or stone "leg". From middle of XX century in a sale began to act modernized intimate massagers on a thick flexible spring.

   Before the use of this massager it is necessary in detail to study the structure of organs of small pelvis of man and woman (especially sexual organs and lower departments of intestine) and pass a professional year to the intimate massage exactly this type of massager, and also to study an anal massage with stage-by-stage application of "Venus eggs" (trainer for woman-building (wom-building)).

   These types of nephrite massagers behave to jurisdiction not simply masseur, but doctor-physiologist and reflexologist with specialization "sexology and sexual pathology and intimate massage". Can be usedd both for women and for men. The sessions of such massage cost very expensive, teaching is ordinary dear and requiring payment (conducted only in official and state establishments), and there are very little professional specialists of this direction in the world (actually, units).

   Attention - ball-shaped massager on a flexible spring or on a hard leg not intended for a self-massage !! Never used this massager independently for satisfaction of the necessities and not allow amateurs to apply him on itself. At implementation of anal massage to the man or woman on massager a contraceptive is necessarily put on. Training is made on a erectopatent palm (without a contraceptive). Before the use massager heat bodies to the temperature.

   Used for a vaginal and anal intimate massage at violation of sexual functions and sexual disfunctions for women, if it not accompanied psychical diseases, bleeding and urgent states. Usually not used during menstruation (monthly). Allows considerably to postpone menopause and instrumental in the rejuvenation of organism. Usually causes interest of women after 35-40 years, for young girls and unparous women usedd extremely rarely and only on the order of doctor. Not used for the natives of ANY age (even parous, it is contra-indication).

   For men an anal massage is used for the improvement of sexual function and general strengthening of organism, especially in age after 45-50 years, and also for the prophylaxis of prostatitis and treatment of adenoma of prostatic in a state of remission. This type of massager practically is not usedd men under age 40 years and usually not recommended for the young men of traditional orientation (an exception is sportsmen, politicians, public servants and persons with objective nervous overloads at work).

   This type of intimate massager is actively usedd gays and is their "secret attribute" practically in any age, since 16-18 years. Requires the vocational training and special preparation. Never used for a self-massage. Can be usedd as professional phallus(penis)-imitator.


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   Tail-piece of account on specialists - mineralogist, geologists, physicists, applied mathematicians. With illustrations described a accessible language modern mathematical model of growth of the stone crystals traditional and cryptocrystalline forms (crystallography), object-lessons over and determinations are brought, modern physics of process is expounded. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS)
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   Expounded treanings and recommendation of the stone massage by medical magnets and survey physics of magnetic-field. Told, due to what treat magnets, what extrasensory influences and magnetic field are a to "itself extrasensory individual". Exercise with Balls of Health. Magnetic trainers and massagers. Briefly about the use of magnets in engineering creation, about their counterboring and about patenting. Most typical errors and blunder errors, related to the magnetic field and electromagnetic co-operations, briefly about "magnetic" and other swindlers - today treatment magnets and biofield is scientifically grounded modern physics. The Russian language (Ukraine, CIS)
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