List of diseases and human organs, positive influence of minerals -->rus

   In history of humanity the art of врачевания by minerals has very deep roots. It was engendered as early as a paleolith and was related to the centers of origin of human culture in Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Middle East, Near Asia, India and China. In most ancient from reaching to us treatises about jewels almost always comes into a question them effect on one or another illnesses or on the feel of man. Information about healthful stone it is possible to draw already from the Egyptian papyruse of Ancient Reign. Precious and at the same time medical stone were described in the days of antiquity of Gerodot, Plutarkh and Pliniy is Senior.

   Interest of researchers and doctors of the last centuries to the minerals as to potential врачевателям clear. On a background very misty pictures of that time of physiology of human organism and often these unusual creations of lifeless nature made the magic impression of transmitters of mysterious forces of higher order very strange from the modern point of view pharmacology. No wonder that almost after every type of jewel in history the long mythological loop of legends stretches about his curative capabilities. We bring opinion over, but does not advise beyond measure to depend upon this list, because speech above all things goes about the effect of placebo and psychotherapy (no more !!) and some public opinion. Stone will NEVER replace treatment for a doctor-specialist and does not abolish the reception of medicinal preparations.

  1. alcoholic dependence: dumorterite, iolite, cuprite
  2. allergy: hessonite (cinnamon stone), Garnet
  3. quinsy: coral, chrysocolla
  4. anaemia: goethite, cat's-eye, prehnite
  5. appetite: wulfenite
  6. arthritis: amazon-stone, cat's-eye, Labrador, petrified wood, scaploite
  7. asthma: alabaster, apophyllite, vanadinite, coral, lazurite, lapis lazuli, olivine peridote, sapphire, schungite
  8. atony of intestine: celestine, zircon is natural (not phianite)
  9. balance of calcium: howlite
  10. fruitlessness: belomorite, jade, Labrador, crocoite
  11. causeless fears: grossulare
  12. insomnia: amethyst, belomorite, turquoise, emerald, lazurite, lapis lazuli, ruby, sapphire, sodalite, topaz, tsavorite, tourmaline, cerussite, zircon is natural (not phianite)
  13. myopia: jade
  14. pains are in the back: beryl, morganite, sapphire
  15. bronchial tubes: calcite, cat's-eye
  16. bronchial asthma: cat's-eye, tiger's-eye, cerussite
  17. phlebeurysm: mountain crystal
  18. thymus gland: adamit, aquaaurite, angelite, cuprite
  19. viral diseases: red agate
  20. inflammation of throat: hessonite (cinnamon stone)
  21. inflammation of gums: titanite
  22. inflammation of joints: agalmatolite, belomorite, ruby, schungite
  23. inflammatory processes: almandine, onyx, amber
  24. secretory system: rose quartz
  25. psilosis: aventurine
  26. hallucinations: azurite
  27. gastritis: ametryne, citrine
  28. piles: pearls
  29. genetic diseases: uvarovite
  30. hepatitis: Millstone, Flint Stone
  31. gynaecological diseases: beryl, verdit, wulfenite, morganite, chrysocolla
  32. high blood pressure: azurite, pearls
  33. glucopenia: bowenite
  34. hypophysis: apophyllite, verdelite, klinogumite, malachite, opal, zircon is natural (not phianite)
  35. eye illnesses: emerald, lazurite, lapis lazuli, scaploite, chrysoprase
  36. glaucoma: scaploite
  37. head pain: alabaster, turquoise, mountain crystal, Garnet, dumorterite, worm-pipe, coral, sagilite, cornelian, scaploite, uvarovite, charoite, amber
  38. dizziness: verdelite
  39. vocal cords: apatite, turquoise
  40. throat: agate, adamit, aquaaurite, angelite, apatite, covellite, smithsonite, zinc spar
  41. hormonal balance: anhydrite
  42. hysonosus: lazurite, lapis lazuli
  43. mycotic diseases: andalusite
  44. thorax: quartz
  45. pressure of blood: will break a secret, lazulite, obsidian, olivine peridote, Arizona ruby (pyrope), sapphire, scaploite
  46. depression: diamonds of Gerkmayer, vivianite, onyx, rutile quartz, ruby, tears of apaches (obsidian), chalcedony
  47. dermatitis: aventurine, cornelian
  48. detoxication: iolite, covellite, kridite, stiblite
  49. diabetes: bowenite, emerald, Millstone, Flint Stone
  50. dyspepsia: celestine
  51. longevity: actinolite, petrified wood, rose quartz
  52. heartfelt rest: aquamarine
  53. gall-bladder: danburite, calcite, topaz
  54. stomach: aquamarine, wulfenite, nephrite, obsidian, tears of apaches (obsidian), spinel, jasper
  55. gastroenteric diseases: white opal, Millstone, Flint Stone
  56. gastroenteric highway: ametryne, jet
  57. cicatrization of wounds: aventurine, lazurite, lapis lazuli, smithsonite, zinc spar
  58. stammer: chrysolite
  59. locks: hessonite (cinnamon stone), Garnet, cornelian, zircon is natural (not phianite)
  60. toothache: aquamarine, howlite, neptunite, amber
  61. ovenweight: unakite
  62. immunity: benitoite, Garnet, lazulite, obsidian, okenite, prehnite, rhodolite, rutile quartz, sagilite, cornelian, tears of apaches (obsidian), staurolite (granatite), tourmaline, charoite, spinel, epidote
  63. innervation of organs: kridite
  64. stroke: morione
  65. heart attack: dioptase, morione
  66. infections are bacterial: agate, opal
  67. ischemic illness: mountain crystal
  68. sciatica: lepidolite, potstone
  69. stone are in buds: will break a secret
  70. cataract: scaploite
  71. intestine: goethite, obsidian, tears of apaches
  72. cellmetabolism: cyanite, sodalite
  73. skin covers: aquamarine, alabaster, amazon-stone, aragonite, vesuvianite, Garnet, demantoide, conichalcite, tanzanite, tourmaline
  74. marrow: rose quartz
  75. conjunctivitis: pearls
  76. blood vessels: anhydrite, cuprite, uvarovite, chrysoberyl
  77. blood formation; hematopoiesis, hematogenesis: alexandrite, benitoite, wavelite, anhydroferrite
  78. bleeding of gums: pearls
  79. circulation of blood: aventurine, almandine, anhydrite, mudstone, heliotrope, diopside, coral, Arizona ruby (pyrope), rhodolite, rubellite, tourmaline, fluorite, chrysoberyl, spinel
  80. circulation of blood is a brain: amethyst, cornelian, chrysoprase
  81. laryngitis: cat's-eye
  82. lights: adamit, aquamarine, diopside, calcite, quartz, uvarovite
  83. lymphatic system: rose quartz, smithsonite, zinc spar
  84. manic-depressive psychosis: lepidolite
  85. melancholy: azurite
  86. menstrual cycle: pearls, cuprite, chrysocolla
  87. migraine: lazurite, lapis lazuli, sagilite
  88. myocardium: cuncite
  89. hysteromyoma: smoke-coloured quartz
  90. seasickness: aquamarine
  91. urinary bladder: emerald, moonstone, crocoite
  92. urinoexcretory ductings: moonstone
  93. muscular clamps: agalmatolite
  94. obtrusive fears: variscite
  95. narcotic dependence: dumorterite, morione
  96. abscesses: coral
  97. cold: beryl, morganite
  98. neuralgia: lepidolite, sapphire
  99. neurosis: variscite, pearls, chalcedony
  100. neurodermatitis: schungite
  101. nervous system: alexandrite, variscite, hyalite, rose quartz
  102. nervous tension: aquamarine, amazon-stone, amethyst, ametryne, cuncite, nephrite, chalcedony
  103. nervous break-downs: grossulare, orthoclase
  104. heterospecific stability: wolframite
  105. nasopharynx, rhinopharynx: covellite
  106. exchange of matters: almandine, andalusite, beryl, coral, moldavite, morganite, chrysoprase
  107. burns: emerald, schungite
  108. oncologic diseases: covellite, amber
  109. organs of sight: azurite, turquoise, demantoide, covellite, olivine peridote, rhodochrosite, scaploite, tanzanite, tsavorite, uvarovite, ulexite, eudialyte, epidote, amber, jasper
  110. breathing organs: aventurine, apatite, hessonite (cinnamon stone), yellow agate, Garnet, rhodolite, rutile quartz
  111. organs of digestion: hessonite (cinnamon stone), rhodolite, sardonyx, sodalite, epidote
  112. ears: adamit, covellite, onyx, uvarovite
  113. osteoporosis: will break a secret
  114. osteochondrosis: amazon-stone, potstone
  115. edemata: moonstone
  116. cleaning and disinfestation of water: schungite
  117. cleaning of blood: alexandrite, heliotrope, verdit, rhodochrosite
  118. memory: tektite (meteorite)
  119. parasitogenic infections: serafinite
  120. overfalls of pressure: jade, tsavorite, chrysolite, amber
  121. liver: aquamarine, wulfenite, heliodor, anhydroferrite, danburite, calcite, lazulite, rhodonite, topaz, tourmaline, charoite, zircon is natural (not phianite)
  122. pyelonephritis: ametryne, citrine
  123. digestion: benitoite, rhodolite
  124. gullet: goethite
  125. gout: jet, prehnite
  126. pancreas: alexandrite, heliodor, calcite, malachite, eudialyte
  127. spine: morione, olivine peridote, ruby, tanzanite, chrysolite
  128. post-traumatic rehabilitation: diopside
  129. potency: agate, almandine, variscite, anhydroferrite, onyx, spinel
  130. loss of appetite: grossulare
  131. buds: anhydroferrite, pearls, moonstone, calcite, obsidian, prehnite, cornelian, tears of apaches (obsidian), charoite
  132. prostate gland: Labrador
  133. overcoming of karma: tektite (meteorite)
  134. prostatitis: smoke-coloured quartz
  135. cold: beryl, morganite, olivine peridote, tanzanite, topaz
  136. rectum: crocoite
  137. psychical disorders: orthoclase
  138. psoriasis: aragonite, emerald, tiger's-eye, schungite
  139. radiation defeat: malachite
  140. radiculitis: lazurite, lapis lazuli, potstone, schungite
  141. rheumatism: amazon-stone, cat's-eye, chrysoprase
  142. regeneration of tissues: almandine, mudstone, verdelite, malachite, sardonyx, serafinite, topaz, spinel
  143. relaxation: anhydrite
  144. genesial function: verdelite, unakite
  145. births: almandine, white opal, Arizona ruby (pyrope)
  146. oral cavity: adamit
  147. taking of warts: aventurine
  148. spleen: alexandrite, heliodor, anhydroferrite, calcite, malachite, sardonyx, topaz, amber
  149. cardiovascular system: aventurine, alexandrite, dioptase, will break a secret, coral, red agate, rose quartz
  150. cardiac rhythm: heliodor
  151. heart: adamit, amazon-stone, bowenite, vivianite, jade, malachite, nephrite, sapphire, charoite, Zoisite Ruby, amber
  152. syndrome of Marfana: cornerupine
  153. sclerosis: fluorite
  154. decline of pressure: aventurine, jet, diopside, tsavorite, chrysoprase
  155. table of contents of haemoglobin: heliotrope
  156. union of bones: azurite, worm-pipe, sardonyx
  157. stabilizing of pressure: anhydroferrite
  158. senescence: rutile quartz
  159. stress: azurite, aquaaurite, heliotrope, howlite, mountain crystal, danburite, diopside, smoke-coloured quartz, cuncite, moldavite, onyx, staurolite (granatite), tiger's-eye, topaz, fluorite, chrysoprase
  160. cramps: jet, goethite
  161. tonsillitis: ruby
  162. tracheitis: cat's-eye
  163. tuberculosis: Millstone, Flint Stone
  164. weight is in feet: dravite
  165. improvement of feel: actinolite
  166. strengthening of exchange processes: tektite (meteorite)
  167. strengthening of energy: ammolite, tektite (meteorite)
  168. physical activity: heliotrope
  169. chronic illnesses: Haliotis
  170. cellulitis: mudstone, vesuvianite
  171. cystitis: ametryne, citrine
  172. thyroid: apatite, turquoise, blue agate, coral, lazulite, cornelian, chrysocolla, amber
  173. eczema: alabaster
  174. enamel of teeth: vesuvianite
  175. ejaspeliteal stability: actinolite, lepidolite
  176. hemadens: adamit, verdelite, red agate, muscovite, sardonyx
  177. epilepsy: azurite, moonstone, ruby, fluorite
  178. epiphysis: klinogumite, malachite, fallen
  179. ulcers are dermic: dioptase, coral


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