Crystals, druses, ball burnishing and cabochons as instruments of untraumatic reflexology -
Massage of druses, by crystals, models stone, by stone balls and nephrite eggs -->rus

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   Besides hands, fingers, stone balls and eggs and nephrite massagers, as instruments for a point and zonal massage (point and zonal reflexology on the method of Gavaa Luvsan) can be usedd "wild" and with minimum treatment crystals, druses and other unpoisonous, unradio-active and insoluble in water natural minerals.

   Affecting active point or area of human body is made the sharp apexes of crystals or "tenon pin" surface of small Druses. Apexes must be not very much sharp (beyond measure not to scratch) and not too dull. Crystals must be physically cleared and chemically proof and neutral, and also hard and durable.

   At a point or zonal massage crystals are assume insignificant superficial scratching skins of patient. Advantage of apexes of crystals before fingers consists in that it is possible very exactly to get in a skin surface-active point, not injuring and not pierce the skin of patient. In addition, crystals of quartz are dielectrics and in the dry state does not behavior an electric current.

   Many renounce an acupunture only from dread of needles, and the type of the patient set needles can frighten off persons interested to pass the session of needlereflexology. And not every reflexologist to consent to work as sharp needles is fear before breakage of needle in the body of patient with a subsequent operation on its extraction and fear before sets of patient needles ("as a hedgehog") can be even physically insuperable, especially for Europeans, some Africans and nationalities of the European orientation. Here then and remembered other "shamanistic" tradition.

   For all of suspicious people, "European" reflexology and those, who needles are contra-indicated, it is possible to used alternative to east point massage by the apexes of crystals and zonal massage sharp druses crystals. For the search of active points it is possible to used a control and measuring equipment or depend upon intuitional and extrasensory capabilities to catch hands weak distinctions of electromagnetic biofield of patient (the last meets very rarely, without natural predisposition and innate hypersensitiveness to the electromagnetic field, developing this sense is impossible).

   Usually for a massage through crystals and Druses used the specially turn and treated on machine-tools crystals of quartz - mountain crystal, rose quartz, smoke-coloured quartz, amethyst, citrine and morione (black quarz). If man not stone expert and not geologist, he must not used "wild" crystals, because they can be dangerous, there can be superficial admixtures on them, crystals can be poisonous and radio-active etc.

   So the large (by mass more than 700 gramme) natural natural and untilled split off crystal of mountain crystal (apex on the left) looks with the growings on his surface little crystals of mountain crystal. It is not only a mineralogical standard but also industrial raw material, from which on machine-tools it is possible to turn hexahedral crystals, balls, pyramidions and other wares for Medical stone therapeutics and physiotherapy. Sure, that such crystal is not usedd for physiotherapy or used only the professionals of the top drawer.

   A mountain crystal quartz is widespread enough and relatively by an accessible mineral on Earth, him it is possible industrially or in passing to develop, a price on wares from him is real and accessible for specialists and amateurs. In the process of crystallization he forms a dense crystalline lattice and tears away greater part of admixtures. A colourless transparent and semilucent mountain crystal "automatically" is chemically clean (it is possible easily by sight to check up on a computer scintiscanner houses or in an office). The radiation damages of crystal of quartz form color.

   Today industry supplies with high-quality balls and small (comfortable in a hand) crystals of quartz and mountain crystal, turned from the array of quartz on machine-tools with computers. A rose and smoke-coloured quartz meets rarer, yet rarer than citrine and amethyst. The crystals turned in a due form imitate natural crystals exactly enough, does not have cuttings and not injuring edges and apexes and ideally befit for alternative point reflexology. They ideally befit for a point and zonal massage as an alternative to the acupunture and stand comparatively inexpensively. Chemically proof and neutral.

   For a physicist-crystallographer such crystals, sure, do not fit, because crystal-like form was given them artificially - crystals at which verges were treated and a natural form is stored meet far rarer, they act from workshops of Urale, Russia and Ukraine and are for a sale on exhibitions for skilled craftsmen. All, that mass and it is inexpensively brought from Brazil, Mongolia and China, is turned from the array of stone of trainers, massagers and facilities for meditation, imitating the natural form of crystals of mountain crystal. Such crystals need to be examined as wonderful instruments for Medical stone therapeutics, trainers and massagers (for this purpose they, strictly speaking, and done).

   Most popular and safe for pin point Medical stone therapeutics durable and hard mountain crystal Quarz, tested generations (both natural crystals and turned on machine-tools). Unlike any metal, a crystalline unalloyed quartz (a mountain crystal is an oxide of silicon) is a dielectric and in the dry state does not behavior an electric current, does not generate the electromagnetic field and hindrances, does not influence on testimonies and work of electric and electronic control and measuring devices (as, for example, fingers or metallic needles) is allows to get the so-called "experimentally-clean" indexes without external noises.

   Unlike a plastic, a mountain crystal in the conditions of contact with medical electrical appliance not fuse, does not burn, shuts out electric hasps at normal tensions and does not crumble. These unique properties of mountain crystal do his standard mineral in pin point Medical stone therapeutics as a section of reflexology and general physiology. Thus, a quartz and mountain crystal is practically an universal natural stone for physicists-crystallographer, practitioner of medicine-reflexology (litotherapeutist) and even for shamans !!

   A mountain crystal for similar wares usually is not ideally-transparent and absolutely clean. An absolutely clean mountain crystal is valuable and by very dear industrial raw material and sale does not enter. All of natural materials, in-use for making of crystals, balls, pyramids and massagers, contain veils, areas of suckling haziness and opacity, bubbles and internal cracks necessarily. It talks about the natural origin of mountain crystal, citrine and smoke-coloured quartz. A rose quartz usually is opaque and milk-rose or greyish.

   Attention !! Never acquire for Medical stone therapeutics, during the sessions of which electric devices are usedd, the so-called "purely-clean" and large attributes of Feng Shui are balls, large stone in cutting, pyramids and crystals, executed from a blameless synthetic mountain crystal. On verification they can appear even by a plastic and does not possess physical properties of natural mountain crystal. They stand cheaper and meet on sale far more frequent. Speak to the specialized salespeople of stone !!!

   It is not needed to buy Fluorites, calcite, gipseous and selenites stone which a crystal-like form was given to - it soft, fragile and easily destroyed minerals, good for meditation and contemplation, but not for contact Medical stone therapeutics. Not buy for the needs of contact Medical stone therapeutics and reflexology untilled and the more so unknown crystals with the considerable including and any superficial contaminations, if you not mineralogist and not able them independently to process on a machine-tool.

   An exception are the so-called like sceptre crystals of amethyst and citrine, which were got by cleaving large Brazilian and uruguayan Druses and which contain no superficial and internal soluble including, - all of large and middle like sceptre amethysts and citrines of comfortable form can be used for contact physiotherapy, if they are unradio-active and were legally brought in on territory of Ukraine through custom control.

   Sceptre crystals of amethyst from split Druses usually milk-white down, transparent and semilucent in the middle, and violet is only an apex. Goldish like sceptre citrines usually appear anneal amethysts and also can be used in reflexology. Check, that a crystal was comfortably disposed in a hand and was not very much large. you remember that an amethyst and citrine lose a color on a sun light and under ultraviolet lamps. Not buy dark and almost black amethysts - they were ennobled x-ray photography or in atomic reactors and does not suit for Medical stone therapeutics.

   Brazilian and uruguayan "typical" amethystine druses is usedd for a zonal actuate tope up (tonus, tonic) and pointed hit massage along muscularly-tendon meridians on methods, to the analogical methods of the use plastic or wooden massager of the Kuznecov, and also nephrite massagers and trainers with the effect of massager of the Kuznecov (without rolling on a body). It is possible also to lay out druses large place (like massager of the Kuznecov). Exactly sharp stone in the middle of XX century pushed of the Kuznecov on the idea of creation tenon pin plastic and wooden massager. In connection with stormy market of amethystine Druses development today analogical methods are actively developed for the use "standard and typical" amethystine Druses with the purpose of receipt of massage effect of massager of the Kuznecov.

   An effective mean for a zonal massage is the use small dense rounded Druses of amethyst on bottom layer from an agate and maternal rock. Druses of amethyst from Uruguay and Brazil for today are one of most preferable, because they are comparatively undear and accessible, crystals are cased very densely in them, they are high enough and even, does not scatter and are not afraid of the insignificant loadings, have a comfortable for a hand form and can even be for a sale with pedestals from a woods.

   Yellow druses usually are anneal amethysts and also suitable for reflexology, although they can be more fragile as compared to the natural not ennobled amethyst.

   The surface of amethystine Druses must contain no contaminations, extraneous admixtures and the more so foreign crystals. There must not be dents or salient crystals on it. Bottom of amethysts is ordinary milk-white, overhead part of crystals is painted only (so-called "Druse"). The surface of Druses must consist of apexes of crystals practically identical or alike size.

   Apexes must be not too sharp and not substantially damaged. The edges of druses must not cut and prick the hands of masseur. Druse must be even or protuberant and must not be ink color at apexes and painted in bottom base is talks about its ennoblement. It is undesirable to drop Druse - it is possible to break up it or break off the apexes of crystals. It is undesirable to keep an amethyst in the sunshine and in the area of ultraviolet light - druse will purchase a greyish tint or will fade. Its aesthetic qualities will suffer although, on Druse as on an instrument the reflexology change of its color will render no influence.

   Druses of mountain crystal utillizing is undesirable, because crystals in them can be mixeds, uneven, druse easily breaks a secret and crumbles. Druses of other minerals in contact Medical stone therapeutics in general is not usedd. Amethystine druses, suitable for contact Medical stone therapeutics and reflexology, usually formed in emptinesses, appearing in evenly-cooling off lava on the walls of blubs.

   Gradually on the walls of emptinesses (geodes) the layers of chalcedony were formed with subsequent growth of amethyst. It high-quality and durable clean amethystine druses, supplied to the world market of Medical stone therapeutics from Brazil and Uruguay. Amethystine druses from other countries frequently appear not suitable for the needs of contact Medical stone therapeutics (there are superficial admixtures and growths of other crystals, unevenness and fragility of crystals of amethyst, swamp ore, salient crystals or failures in Druse, too small height of crystals and their insufficient fastened on a sole, dicking of crystals in Druse etc.).

   Pyramids, turned from a stone, are not very much adjusted for the use as massager, because them not very much comfortably to get on the hip. Only specialists own skills of withholding in the hand of the LARGE pyramids by an edge upwards and by bottom base to the palm and works with them. Usually such pyramidions make from durable, hard and in relation to inexpensive gemstones color stones and carpentry stone. Desirably, that a pyramid had an aesthetic kind - then it it is possible to be usedd for meditation and for contemplative practice (to hold a pyramid on a palm and admire by it).

   Correct pyramid or not, actually has no value, because a stone is a neutral dielectric. The correct is name a pyramid with a square in bottom base, at which side are equilateral triangles. No influence on a biofield and on the surrounding electromagnetic field and radiation a stone pyramid (if it is not done from a magnet) does not render. On the electromagnetic field the sources of electric power and magnetic objects influence only with the static or variable field which can be measured the real devices.

   Stone balls, eggs, pebble, tumbled stone (stone, having the rounded form after the special treatment) and cut cabochon (rounded polished surface without facet) stone, also can be widely usedd as smooth SPA -massagers for a zonal and pointed massage along meridians. Their massage influence is reminded by a massage by a palm or smooth massagers.

   For this type of massage hard and aesthetic stone are usedd is jasper, mountain crystal and coloured varieties of quartz, agates and chalcedonies, obsidian, cornelians, worm-pipes, nephrite, anhydroferrite, and also ignoble beryls (aquamarines and emeralds), rubies, sapphires and corundums. For a massage soft, hygroscopic (absorptive moisture) and fragile stone are not used is fluorite, talc, calcite, gypsum, semiopals, selenite, malachite, Pyrite, and also stone with sharp cleavage and corners, soluble, poisonous, radio-active and other dangerous for a health stone and minerals.







   Contra-indications for a massage it is coincided crystals with contra-indications for a point massage and acupunture, testimonies for application also are very similar. In Ukraine there are specialists which officially study reflexology by the sharp apexes of crystals, applying for the search of active points both the electric control and measuring devices and the special computer-controlled complexes (if man extrasensory not individual and not biotherapeutist) and developed innate extrasensory capabilities certificated and safe for a man. Such capabilities of man carry exceptionally auxiliary diagnostic and intuition character and never usedd for basic treatment (the more so for treatment of serious diseases). No extrasensory capabilities never are a panacea - they rather behave to jurisdiction of general physiotherapy.

   Today in Ukraine also it must prove these capabilities ONLY on devices and make a comparison of opinion of extrasensory individual and biotherapeutist ONLY with the testimonies of the CERTIFICATED control and measuring devices, officially sufferet for medical aims - ALL of extrasensory individuals and biotherapeutist must be either able to use such devices independently and to demonstrate comparison itself and testimonies of devices or execute the special comparative exercises and tests before an independent state commission. The percent of coincidence of conclusions and results usually must not be below 97% threshold, and a general amount of the prodiagnosed patients must be not smaller hundred.

   Guessing, thefts, fortunetelling, espionage, use of pressure, subornation and forgery is shut out (it is done in TV show). Use of imitation and falsification of documents, deception, give false evidence and other breaches of law is shut out and punished strictly in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine (such precedents were with "false guru" and "false specialist" - for their exposure the banal questioning of witnesses and verification of alibi "false guru", and also their independent repeated examination is usedd with devices before a commission). Delegation of plenary powers and results from one person to other person is shut out (attempts of similar illegal transmissions of results of examinations from one man to other without a mutual consent were). Extrasensory individuals and biotherapeutist must not cause substantial harm circumferential, to steal, tell and cheat, because on a taradiddle, documentary forgery, perjury, false evidence, threats, subornation and deception the illegal rise of "false guru", extrasensory "false extrasensory individual" and "false specialist, false expert" is based.

   These swindlers and swindlers "from medicine, mineralogy and Medical stone therapeutics", and also their like-minded persons and henchmen must not accept participating in exhibitions, sections, seminars, work of educational establishments, to behavior the programs on radio and television, to advise, publish books, come forward as "experts". They have no the authority to render any obstacles legal scientific activity and theoretical and practical work. In regard to them all of norms of laws must be strictly used on a swindle and imitation of documents.


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