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   To unusual properties of spatial structures, having a pyramidal form, vast enough literature is devoted. Attention which is caused to itself by the most different pyramids resulted in appearance on sale of the so-called medical pyramids, executed from certain minerals. Such pyramids usually have a regular shape and four converging pithily verge. Pyramids must be turn and polished ideally, to be symmetric and defect-free as holes, jag pieces etc. It is sometimes possible to use the pyramids of wrong form, asymmetrical and original form, but necessarily with the expressed apex.

   The best harmonizing pyramid is that at which lateral verges are equilateral triangles (length of lateral verge is equal to the width of bottom base), and bottom base is square. More high pyramid is the explorer of energy of Yahn, more low according to energy Yin. Usually they are cut out from carpentry stone, possessing suitable hardness. It is as an example possible to bring pyramids over from aventurine, agate, amazon-stone, mountain crystal, white opal, nephrite, rhodonite or serafinite. Considered important, that at making of pyramid a mineral would save the initial crystalline structure. In this plan pyramids from amber, which usually do the method of pressing of succinic crumb, cost by oneself.

   In Medical stone therapeutics pyramids use two different ways. At first, they are useful during the sessions of meditation. In this case a pyramid is held in the hands fixed one on other at the level of chakra on which it is assumed to render maximal influence. Eyes are closed, breathing is complete, even. Mentally concentrate the consciousness on a pyramid.

   Make an attempt present its original by an informatively-power center or channel which binds you to all of Universe and by which your body is filled with life-giving energy of Ci. Duration of session - from 10 minutes to the half-hour. Conducting such meditations is recommended 2-3 times per a week on fresh air or in a room, wherever nothing would distract your attention.

   A pyramid serves for the acceleration of evolution of consciousness. Being next to a pyramid or on it, persons are felt by its positive influence. But affecting man into a pyramid dangerously, because a power level into a pyramid is too high for a man, therefore popular and safe little healthful pyramids. Domestic pyramids from a stone have a size a few centimetres and on the whole charge energy, reduce fatigueability, promote a capacity, harmonize chakras. Sit down, not crossing a leg, weakened, back straight. Cut out hands, and will put them one on other. On overhead put a pyramid. Close eyes and concentrated on feelings, soon you will feel a pulsation, warmly in hands. There can be feeling of lightness. Then, the muscular and nervous weakening comes. To meditate thus 5 -10 mins daily.

   Secondly, healthful pyramids can be laid on one or another area of body, accepting a decubitus. Hands are freely prolate along a body, muscles are maximally weakened. In this case it is possible to present how by a pyramid stretch and speed away upwards all of negative informative stratifications, a body becomes easy, and reason - free of agitations and fears. For this purpose must be used on possibility Yin stone.

   Pyramids also put into water for power water treatment. The form of pyramid imitates a crystal. In place of pyramids with even success it is possible to use crystals, good value, not damaged and not trauma, if this mineral meets as crystals (pyramids usually turn from minerals, not formative crystals).

   Unfortunately, the scientifically well-proven effect of application of pyramids, which would not be based on the effect of placebo or auto-suggestion, does not exist. you can apply pyramids with success, only if own skills of the real meditation or reasonable therapeutic auto-suggestion. Only in this case meditation with pyramids will bring some real benefit, helping to be concentrated on main and distracted from mundane fuss.

   Pyramids can really help in meditation practice, because it is well-proven that the protracted and concentrated contemplation of certain color causes certain emotions in a human brain. Pyramids with beautiful patterns and pleasant, happy gladden the eye allow to be distracted a picture and color from domestic fuss, a bit meditate and thus to economize on easy calming preparations.

   Pyramids are extraordinarily good for those, who only begins meditation practice and does not yet have deep skills of work in meditation. Pyramids allow to pass the simplest and short way to cognition of process of meditation at beginners. Execute the complex of meditation exercises with pyramids (in different schools of meditation of technique can strongly differentiate). If you are a not adherent of concrete school of meditation, simply accept a comfortable pose, weakened and hold a few minutes a pyramid in the exposed palm, contemplating its patterns and calming down. Beauty will rescue the world, and stone pyramids are natural beauty.

   Pyramids do not concentrate, does not collect, does not radiate, does not take in and send no electromagnetic and biological field (if they were not done from magnetite or magnetic material). Pyramids do not neutralize as such harmful radiation anything domestic or office (television set, computer, player, mobile telephone). However from the psychological point of view a standing at a computer pyramid allows really to rest a look, distracted from a monitor and thus to improve a mood at periodic contemplation of stone - and really promotes resistance of our organism these. A pyramid on the form is able maximally to expose natural beauty and underlying structure of stone, and contemplation of beautiful things really prolongs life and improves its quality. Meditate, ladies and gentlemen !!


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   J.V. Kaphtanova. All about stone and minerals
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