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   There are the Tibet physicians medic in Ladakane, or amshi, as they name itself, from of old used crystals for treatment. Hidden at back of stone grottoes, these magic stone are extracted only in the certain days of full moon. After crystals amshi go through the valley of Zankar, on a road collecting medicinal herbares also, and return only in ten days.

   Tibet an autonomous region of SW of the China (Central East Orient Center Asia Mountain - has the symbolic name "Heart of the Mountains"): Europeans strictly excluded in the XIX century; invaded by China in 1950 year; rebellion (1959 year) against Chinese rule suppressed and the Dalai Lama (dalai-blama, blama) fled to India; military rule imposed (1989-90 years) after continued demands for independence; consists largely of a vast high plateau between the Himalayas and Kunlun Mountains; formerly a theocracy and the centre of Lamaism. Capital city: Lhasa. Pop.: 2 700 000 (2003 year). Area: 1 221 601 sq. km (471 660 sq. miles). Chinese names: Xizang Autonomous Region, Sitsang.

   Meme Amshi Tarupa - Main Chief of the amshi Ladakkha. He is very respected colleagues and reverent in people. Proudly he shows tang-shell is a crystal of clean quartz from the medicine "medicine chest". This crystal is simultaneously powerful medicine (including from a shrine, ulcer and impotence) and dangerous drug. Great force of magic stone can be used both in blessing and in harm, therefore the secret of their application is passed amshi only from mouths in mouths and inaccessible for strangers.

   Cering Puntsog is the Tibet healer, follows Ashangom. But here horse obey and one by one included in water, on a that bank is short rest. To the magic stone yet far. Each 6-8 years Cering Puntsog sets forth for this long and dangerous trip in highland of Zangkara. "We, amshi, not favourite to talk about magic stone". For amshi teacher - it and spiritual tutor the word of which is unquestionable.

   In the day of full Moon of eighth month the magic stone of chog-dji are ground in powder and interfuse with milk of yak. Amshi consider that cold energy of stars strengthens properties of stone, both positive and negative, and rich milk of yak is neutralized by their toxic action.

   By the energy, and also medications of vegetable, mineral, organic origin a doctor, meditating, rebalancing.

   Diagnostics is closely related to the testimonies of pulse in six points, by lights pressure fingers on which a doctor finds a place in an organism, where illness comes from from. Diagnostician of medicine of Tibet, similarly as well as Chinese medicine, based on information of pulse in six points of body people.

   All of Tibet medicine is based on a buddhism on which matter - only rough reflection of internal energy. In this aspect illness is an unbalance between the power fields of human body and outward things. Space energy shows up for living creatures in three forms: active, passive and neutral.

   The tasks of Tibet diagnostics consist of exposure of surplus or lack of space power in the different points of human body. Illness is an unbalance between the power fields of human body and outward things. Space energy shows up for living creatures in three forms: active, passive and neutral. The tasks of Tibet diagnostics consist of exposure of surplus or lack of space power in the different points of human body.


   The crystal fixed on a forehead is rendered by influence on patient and in sleep. Any contact with wonder-working stone is useful to the organism. In Ladakkhe precious and jewels gemstones color stones are not only a decoration or by character of riches but also source of health.

   And in the country, that not far away from a city Lekh, Meme Amshi Tarupa is a high, dry old man with a youth carriage. Strange to see glasses on his proud face, seems, sight must be at amshi, as for an eagle. After glasses of glasses quiet, nescient a fatigue look. Hardness to trust that to this man already after 80. As many Ladahkz of the generation, Meme Amshi does not talk on hindi, and only on Ladakh - local dialect.

   For Meme Amshi Tarupa there is a row of inviolable rules main from which - a "man owes nothing to abandon only on your own; on the commandment of Bodisatvy all, that is not given people, lost". And does not know why, can be therefore, an old man consented partly to open the secret of magic stone: "you will go on the valley of the river of Mark to the country of Can, - he said, - and will turn southward from it. you will cross a small canyon, further, rising in mountains, you will attain a healthful source. There there is a grotto in which we and collect our stone". Continuing a talk, Meme Amshi reaches from leather sacs various small boxes, small bottles, which contain powder, shallow pebble or simply dry lumps of earth. Here pounded kantrida (insect from family of scolopendra), cinnamon, st-john's-wort and other

   There are about hundred preparations in his medicine chest. Among the stone decomposed on a table the special attention was attracted to itself by a semilucent quartz measuring with a fist. A hand involuntarily stretched to him, but an old man removed it. "It is the key from a mountain, so we name him. He is the strongest poison. Amshi use him rarely". Unfortunately, that is all, that succeeded to be known.

   Some medicinal herbares can collect boys are not more senior than eight years only. Eight years is that age, when consciousness becomes clear, and a conscience is yet clean and not venenate vices which live in the souls of adults (on a photo down: collection of medicinal herbares is highly in mountains). Amshi assure that medical herbares lose the force from the touch of impure hand.

   Poison toxin action of passions, ignorance and avarice deprives the herbares of healthful properties. In final analysis herbares and called to revive in a man passion, desire, longing - but it there, down, not here, and not herbares, but their derivant in scientific civilization, creating same itself, self-sufficient and doomed. Therefore usually on collection of herbares of amshi take with itself children, whosesoever soul was yet exposed to filth.

   This place Mountains walk up 7 000 meters above a sea level. Snow-bound lances are lost in clouds. When snows melt, water flows down from mountains and feeds a valley, healthful herbares collect force, some of them, caught roots, grow on rocky slopes. Acting under beginning of amshi must forever give almost up all earthly pleasures, he will begin to conduct life of ascetic, by a reward there will be universal honour, coming to bending down him (its fears infectious disease - medical quarantine). Some from amshi in course of time pass a course in a medical college, founded the government of Tibet. For Tibet medicine of scopes between theoretical spiritual and scientific material does not almost exist, therefore to be amshi is the moral calling.

   Not far from a waterfall Cering notices a large granit boulder. The face of amshi began to shine, he reached a kerosene lamp. Here and there is the cherished place. During a few clock he collects about 6 kilograms of stone and set forth for a reverse way. After return stone need it will be to be pounded in powder at a full moon, avoiding every artificial light. Able these stone of Cering Puntsog during all of long the winter to treat people for oncologic diseases (to the middle degree of weight), tuberculosis, gastric, prostatitis, impotence ulcer. The famous American and other multimillionaire and frenchman-film superstar annually arrive to Puntsogu on the airplanes on three-four days - and become younger again, find the lost potency. Almost all of the real (!) medications in the world, returning men force and gladness, done on basis, with application or addition of these magic crystals.

   Norbu is a doctor in the hospital of city Lekh - finished graduation a medical college and returned on a motherland (Tibet, East Center Asia). For him secrets of amshi are a no more than backward method of treatment. Coming running to services of amshi, a patient loses precious time often, illness becomes started. Norbu considers that amshi can cure easy diseases only, but they are powerless before such evil, as a cancer, heart troubles. Cering Puntsog answers him: "It is good to reason, sitting in a comfortable cabinet, and we walk on the countries both in a storm and in a drought. When we feel the weakness, send a patient in a hospital (infirmary, clinic)".


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