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JET (Gagate)

   Description characteristic of the mineral.

   Fossil anthracite coal from the group of brown coals, homogeneous, dense, viscid with resinous off-gloss. Hardness Mohs 2,5-3,5. Because of that jet forms layers sometimes to large power, from him cut out not only decorations but also small decorative objects. The layers of jet meet as layers and lenses in to 20 sm thick in usual brown coals and clay crigglings. Often the accumulations of jet are presented barrels or branches of trees, saving an initial structure. It is a variety of fossil coal of black, with resinous off-gloss. Never be found as self-possessed layers. For him characteristic wood cellular structure with annual rings and woodraies. Table of contents of volatiless, especially hydrogen, in jets a few higher, than in other fossil coals. Almost all of his deposits of jurassic period.

   Gagat - carpentry stone, known from a neolith: on the stands of stone century the rounded pieces of jet, treated the made of flint instruments, are found. In antiquity jet was a favourite decoration. A revival of popularity of jet is on XIX century, after it notedly went on a decrease. It was used from old times, in Great Britain found in the burial places of to Rome time (Crimea, Ukraine, CIS). Other names of jet: black amber, Gesher. Dense, viscid, easily by a cutting knife and well polished and polished, acquiring resinous brilliance here. Burns smoking flame. At a friction electrified sometimes, to what another of him is related the name is "black amber".

   Authentication of jet, as a rule, does not present large complication. From most jeweller stone of black (morione, melanite, schorl, obsidian and even glass) it differs low hardness Mohs and closeness, by resinous brilliance. In Gagate, as well as in other fossil coals, organic mass consists of carbon (60-90%), hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen; can be marked also admixtures of S, Р, Sa, Mg, Al and other Insignificant hardness allows to process him on an usual lathe. Closeness of 1,3-1,4 g/sm3. A fracture is a padman.

   Magic properties of stone.

   Stone is known from deep antiquity. Talisman of people bold, active, which helps to overcome fears and delivers from obstacles. Talisman of pregnant, helping to take away a fruit and well to bring a child into the world. Gagat - talisman and practicing magicians, people, aspiring to open the secrets of the universe, secrets of management reality and people, but he requires a maximum carefulness and thorough knowledges from the proprietor. For curious jet can become a guide-book to the large misfortunes from which then hardness it will be to be delivered. Stone becomes good amulet, charm, talisman for the people of quiet, submissive, weak, but inoffensive, not hiding in itself a hatred or contempt: it will not only protect them but also will give mass of possibilities of development, as likes mightily to show the qualities of warrior - winner wicked. It removes the most nightmarish situations for the people of peaceful, but, at own discretion, fully assumes on your own possibility so nightmarish to take revenge their offenders. However stone it is never needed to stimulate on similar actions: it stops to respect the owner for such unworthy behavior and can for a time de-energize, I.e. to deprive the protection. Revenge is a prerogative exceptionally jet. Stone surprisingly thinly teaches the proprietor to manage by itself and by a situation on the whole: it can dim, done an almost mirror, grow heavy, get warm or grow cold...

   The displays of jet are numerous, but an owner must aspire to recognition of properties of stone, because jet always puts the desire of proprietor on the first plan and does not mispronounce (however, as well as other stone!) will of people. Main body of jet - in protecting from nightmares and victory over cowardice. The proprietor of jet will unriddle the member of criminal society or people, feel like magic at once. Acquiring jet is necessary only in the thirtieth day of lunar month. To the people, to born under the signs of Scales and Taurus, carrying jet is impossible, because he will violate their rest, will create disharmony and will do proprietors misanthropes. Carrying jet is better in silver, for magic aims - in a copper.

   In the New Light (North America is a trip on the north of Australia) for American Indians of Navajo (Navaho), when sky became a thunderstorm, black, talked that it god Sun rides on sky on a black jets horse, before storm (Ukrainian literature "Before a thunderstorm", CIS, is prince Zakhar "Eagle" Harkov as a founder city Kharkov, Ukraine, CIS, XVII century A.D. - Europe). Gagat is before storm Crimea (volcano Karadag, Ukraine, CIS - Europe).


Poisonous and radioactive risky hazardous cargo stone and minerals

   ** - are poisonous stone and minerals (mandatory verification is in the chemical analysis laboratory + on toxicity)
   ** - are radioactive stone and minerals (mandatory verification on a regular dosimeter + prohibition on the opened sales in the case of radio-activity over 24 milliroentgens / hour + additional measures of protection of people)
   All of rare stone are subject obligatory verification on a regular dosimeter on the possible level of radiation and in a chemical laboratory on absence default of poisonous and evaporating components, dangerous for a human people and environment nature

  1. Adamite *
  2. Annabergite * Eritrine *
  3. Antimonite *
  4. Arsenolite **
  5. Arsenopyrite **
  6. Orpiment, Golden Earth **
  7. Baildonite *
  8. Beryl **
  9. Blomstrandite, Betafite **
  10. Billietit **
  1. Bismutite *
  2. Breithauptite *
  3. Witherite *
  4. Gadolinite **
  5. Halite, Mine Rock Salt **
  6. Geocronite *
  7. Glaukodote *
  8. Descloisite * Mottramite *
  9. Jordanite *
  10. Carnotite **
  1. Cinnabar, Vermilion, Spanish Red **
  2. Cobaltite *
  3. Cottunite *
  4. Liroconite *
  5. Marcasite *
  6. Monacite *
  7. Ammoniac *
  8. Nikeline *
  9. Otenite **
  10. Pyromorfite *
  11. Chalcolamprite, Pyrochlorine *
  1. Prustite *
  2. Rammelsbergite *
  3. Realgar **
  4. Mercury, Quicksilver *
  5. Senarmontite *
  6. Sulphur, Sulfur, Brimstone *
  7. Skutterudite *
  8. Strontianite **
  9. Antimony,
    Stibium *
  10. Tetrahedrite *
  11. Thorianite **
  1. Thorite **
  2. Uraninite **
  3. Pharmacolite *
  4. Halkozine, Copper-glance *
  5. Hatchinsonite *
  6. Celestine **
  7. Zircon **
  8. Evksenite **
  9. Enargite *
  10. Eshinite **
  11. Conichalcite *

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A catalogue of stone is all of stone in alphabetical order

  1. Aventurine *
  2. Agate ***
  3. Azurite *
  4. Aquamarine *
  5. Alexandrite
  6. Diamond ***
  7. Almandine
  8. Amazon-stone *
  9. Amethyst **
  10. Ametrine
  11. Ammolite mother-of-pearl, nacre
  12. Ammonite mollusks
  13. Apatite
  14. Belemnite
  15. Beryl **
  16. Bone, tusk
    of Mammoth
  17. Turquoise
  18. Bovine eye (quartz)
  19. Verdelite
  20. Jet (bitumen
    black coal) **
  21. Heliodor **
  22. Heliotrope
  23. Hematite **
  24. Hessonite (Cinnamon stone)
  25. Howlite, kaulite
  26. Garnet
  27. Grossuliare
  28. Demantoide **
  1. Diopside Chromediopside
  2. Dravite (Tourmaline)
  3. Wood petrified (stone)
  4. Dumorterite
  5. Jadeite
  6. Pearls
  7. Emerald **
  8. Calcite *
  9. Kaholong
    (White opal)
  10. Quartz
  11. Quartz-hairstone
  12. Quartz pink, rose
  13. Cinnabar, Vermilion, Spanish Red **
  14. Conichalcite **
  15. Coral
  16. Corundum
  17. Cat's Eye (quartz)
  18. Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
  19. Millstone,
    Fint stone **
  20. Cuncite
    (Kuncite) **
  21. Labrador **
  22. Lazurite, Lapis lazuli
  23. Moon stone (Adularia)
  24. Malachite
  1. Meteorite
  2. Morganite **
  3. Morion **
  4. Nephritis (jade) **
  5. Obsidian **
  6. Onyx marble**
  7. Onyx
  8. Opal
  9. Orthoclase, Microcline **
  10. Pegmatite **
  11. Mother-of-pearl, Nacre
  12. Pyrite **
  13. Arizona ruby, Pyrope
  14. Part-opal
  15. Prazeme
  16. Smoky Quartz **
  17. Rhodonite
  18. Ruby
  19. Rubellite
  20. Sapphire **
  21. Sardonyx
  22. Selenite
  23. Seraphinite
  24. Cornelian, Sard
  25. Serpentine
    (Ophite) **
  1. Simbircite,
    Calcite **
  2. Sodalite
  3. Falcon Eye
  4. Staurolite, Granatite **
  5. Tektite,
    Meteorite *
  6. Tiger's-eye
  7. Tourmaline *
  8. Topaz
  9. Uvarovite
  10. Ulexite **
  11. Fluorite
  12. Haliotis, Black Nacre, Mother-of-pearl
  13. Chalcedony
  14. Chrysolite *
  15. Chrysoprase **
  16. Crystal Mountain Quartz
  17. Celestine **
  18. Citrine
  19. Zircon **
  20. Charoite **
  21. Schorl
  22. Spinel *
  23. Schungite **
  24. Eudialyte *
  25. Euclase
  26. Epidote
  27. Amber
  28. Jasper