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Sulphide: Skutterudite -->rus

   Diagnostic cart.

   (Co, Ni) As3
   Crystal structure cube
   Hardness on the Mohs scale 6
   Specific unit weight mass 6,5-6,8
   Cleavage badly expressed
   Fracture, break padman or wrong
   Colors light-grey
   Colors in powder triturate black
   Glance (glitter, glare) metallic

   Skutterudite is a group of minerals with the general approximate formula (Co, Ni) of As3 - arsenide cobalt and nickel. Metallic brilliance, opaque. Colors stannum (tin)-white, areas with a rose raid. A line is grey-black. Fracture, break uneven. fragile frail brittle. Cleavage noperfect absolute.

   Appear in hydrothermal deposits, often in accretion with other ore minerals. Crystals (cube Crystal structure) are shallow, aggregates are grainy, dense, kidney-shaped reniform excretions, sprinkled grains. Important ores of cobalt and nickel. Deposit minefield mine field occurrence subsoil: in the Ore mountains (Germany), Garce (Germany, EU), England, Norway, CIS, Canada (a country in North America), Morocco (a kingdom in NW Africa).

   Skutterudite forms dense short-grained the masses, very rarely are cuboctahedron crystals. The last can mutate from development of more shallow verges (dodecahedron and other). Colors light-grey. A variety a nickel prevails in which is named by nickel- skutterudite. Skutterudite, it is a speiss cobalt, it smaltine. The place of finds of mineral of Skutterud (Norway, kingdom in NW Europe) gave him the name - Skutterudite.

   Class of symmetry. Didodecahedron, diploid - t3. Form of crystalline excretions. Dense, coarse-grained, sterny the masses. Crystalline structure. The atoms of arsenic form the groups of As4 in a lattice. An elementary cell contains 8 atoms of cobalt, which are located in the centers of small cubes, and 6 groups of As4 Cleavage. Clear on a cube (100). Aggregates. Dense, coarse-grained, sterny. Minerals of group of Skutterudite: smaltine, Soas3-2, synonym: speiss cobalt (a smalt is a dark blue cobalt paint); chloanthite, NiAs3-2, synonyms: white nickeliferous pyrites, nickel- Skutterudite (Greek "hlaente" - greening).

   Diagnostic indication.

   Dissolves in an aquafortis, painting solution in a red color. Fuse melt at a low temperature. Alloyed in magnetic kinglet (with the strong smell of garlic).

   Origin provenance genesis.

   Mineral of medium-temperature of hydrothermal vein, lode, mines. Be found jointly with the minerals of cobalt, nickel, silver, and also Bi and uranium.

   Deposit minefield mine and use.

   Skutterudite be found in Skutterude and Kongsberge in Norway, to Vittichenel-Baden and many other places of Saxony in Germany; as crystals with siderite and arsenopyrite in Turtmantal' in Valeze, Switzerland. Beautiful and enough large crystals are known from Alt-Ahman (Buazzer) in Morocco. Used for extraction of elements, included in his composition - cobalt, nickel and arsenic.


   DOPOG #4.1   
   Flammable hard solid substance matters, self-reactive matters and solid desensitized explosives

   Risk of fire. Flammable or combustible matters can catch a fire from sparks or flame. Can contain self-reactive matters, apt at exothermic decomposition in the case of heating, contact with other matters (such as: acids, compounds of heavy metals or amines), to the friction or blow.

   It can result in the selection of harmful or flammable gases or pair or spontaneous combustion. Capacities can burst at heating (dangerous, perilous - does not burn practically).

   Risk of explosion of the desensitized explosives after the loss of desensitizer

   Seven vertical red striaes on a white background, isometric, number of DOPOG, black flame


   DOPOG #5.1  
   Matters substances, which oxidize

   Risk of stormy reaction, self-ignition or explosion at a contact with combustible or flammable matters

   To shut out formation of mixture of load with flammable or combustible matters (for example by sawdusts)

   Yellow rhombus, number of DOPOG, black flame above by a circle


   DOPOG #6.1  
   Toxic non biological matters substances (toxin)

   Risk of poisoning at inhalation, contact with a derma or swallowing. Make a danger for a water environment or sewage system

   To use a mask for emergency abandonment of transport vehicle

   White rhombus, number of DOPOG, black skull and crossed cross-bones