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Phosphate: Adamite -->rus

   Diagnostic cart.
   On a photo: radiant aggregates of crystals of Adamite. Down: crystals of cobaltic, cobaltous variety of Adamite, characterized the rose tint of colouring

   Zn2 AsO4 OH
   Crystal structure rhombic
   Hardness on the Mohs scale 3,5
   Specific unit weight mass 4,3-4,5
   Cleavage good
   Fracture, break fragile frail brittle
   Colors colourless, greenish-yellow, gold, bluish (cyan) -yellow, gold
   Colors in powder triturate white
   Glance (glitter, glare) glassy

   Presented the extended crystals or radiant aggregates, colourless, greenish- and bluish (cyan) -yellow. Cobaltic, cobaltous variety of Adamite - rose. Adamite forms an isomorphous row with olivenite.

   Chemical composition (chemistry, compound) is maintenance (in %): ZnО - 32-57; CUO - to 24; COO - to 4; As2O5 - 39 - 40; Fe2O3 - to 1,5; H2O- 3,1 - 4,6. Rhombo-dipyramidal type of symmetry. Cleavage- Cleavage to on {101} good, to on {010} bad. Aggregates - Changeable: often extended along [010], also along [001], as at olivenite, rarely along [100]; sometimes plate tablet lamellar to on {101} or isometric. Crystals often accrete in crusts or in coarse-radial aggregates. In closed kimberlite tube slightly cracking, selects a little bit of water and becomes white and porcelain-like.

   Diagnostic indication.

   Dissolves even in dilute acids. Sometimes fluorescent in ultraviolet rays. Fuse melt crisply and here done pale. A behavior is in acids - easily dissolves in dilute acids.

   Origin provenance genesis.

   Adamite is the second mineral of area of oxidization of zinc deposits, enriched also primary arsenate. Associated with olivenite, smithsonite, zinc spar, calamine, hemimorphite, malachite, Azurite.

   Deposit minefield mine and use.

   There is information about finding of Adamite in many places, where olivenite is present: Kap-garonn in France, Lavrion in Greece, Ganyarsilo in Chile; it be found in Turkey and Algeria, Cumeba (Namibia), Mapimi (Mexico). A mineral interesting from the scientific and collection point of view. Very valued collectors.

Adamite. Okhuela, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico. Tuson-show-2007.