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Silicate: Thorite -->rus

   Diagnostic cart.

   Th SiO4
   Crystal structure tetragonal
   Hardness on the Mohs scale 4,5-5
   Specific unit weight mass 4,34-4,8
   Cleavage bad, shows up hardly
   Fracture, break padman, fragile frail brittle
   Colors from brown-yellow to almost black
   Colors in powder triturate brown, orange-yellow, gold
   Glance (glitter, glare) glassy, fat
   Strongly radio-active.

   The crystals of thorite (sulfate of thorium) are very alike on Zircon (which also often is radio-active), have a prismatic type and amorphous structure. Colouring changes from almost black to brown and yellow (at orangite - to the almost transparent crystalline variety of thorite is the most dangerous imitator of jewels). Black, reddish-brown, yellow-brown, orange (orangite). Unchanged uranium-Thorite is transparent, olive-green to green - very dangerous; Farrithorite brown, darkly-brown, black, wax-red and red. Quite often painted unevenly. Is a yellow, brownish, or black radioactive mineral consisting of tetragonal thorium silicate. It occurs in coarse granite and is a source of thorium.

   Composition varies in wide limits, maintenance of ThO2 hesitates from 45 to 75%. Most ordinary admixture of U (from stakes to 10% and more UO2), the admixtures of Fe, Ca, P, Al, Ti, are ordinary also. Table of contents of Fe, Sa and Р can arrive at a few percents accordingly in Farrithorite, calciothorite, auerolite (phosphotorite). Differentiating of varieties on chemical composition is not clear. Grainy, crystals and their aggregates (from microscopically shallow to a few sm is in length), by part of collomorphic and even gel-like (reminding gel - these destructions of crystalline lattice of thorite are caused the high level of radiation radiation) excretions of this mineral.

   Diagnostic indication.

   Thorite melt fuse in flame of candle, dissolves in muriatic acid and very radio-active. After treatment of grains of thorite during 4-5 hour hot concentrated HC1 he loses Fe and Th (to 80%); there is fragile frail brittle white unmagnetic skeleton of silica. In the vacuum-sealed tube many Thorite select water; on coal not melt fuse, the edges of grains melt flow fuse only; black Thorite at burning becomes inconspicuous-brown-red and gives a yellow-brown slag, orangite is done mat-brown, after cooling again acquires the orange colouring. Easily decomposes muriatic acid with the selection of gelated silica; after burning decomposes hardly. Gives characteristic reactions with plavnis on U and Fe. Not analysed in ordinary laboratories and on productions.

   Origin provenance genesis.

   Typical mineral of some pegmatites, presenting a large danger for unenlightened - it radio-active mineral, especially in an association with the most dangerous uranium and Uraninite - by the typical mineral of pegmatites - base raw material of nuclear industry of industry (including military). The beautiful crystals of pegmatitic vein, lode, mines, found without application of dosimetric equipment, can present a substantial health hazard and life of incompetent mineralogist-"truth-seeker". Pegmatites are a place of base accumulation of various radio-active minerals, imitating jewels, therefore the visit of pegmatites without dosimeters and skilled explorers-specialists is categorically forbidden.

   Deposit minefield mine field occurrence subsoil.

   Not too widespread in nature, Thorite be found in syenitic pegmatites of Brevike and Arendale in Norway and on Madagascar, together with zircon, biotite and amphiboles. In an association with the sulfides of Thorite Limi-Pass is met on a vein, lode, mine (hydrothermal) mine deposit in the state of Idaho and in the mountains of Bitterut in the state Montana (USA).


Rules of Road Transportation of Especially Dangerous Loads -->full
(RRTEDL, The Road Police of the USA, traffic law enforcement of the USA)
Hazardous cargo commodity, signs of DOPOG of GAI of the Ukraine (DOPNV UDAI of the Ukraine,
CIS, militia), index plate placard for transport vehicles and marking of dangerous load


   Dangerous "hazardous cargo", signs #7     
   Radio-active materials (radiation, Ukraine)

   Risk of absorption of external and internal radiation irradiation

   To limit time of influence, burns by a radiation, radiation exposure of photo- and the cinema material

   Yellow overhead half of rhombus, white - lower, isometric, number of Dangerous "hazardous cargo", signs, black sign of radiation, inscription, title (text)


   Dangerous "hazardous cargo", signs #7        


   Dangerous "hazardous cargo", signs #7        
   Radio-active materials

   Risk of absorption of external and internal radiation irradiation, radiation burn

   To limit time of influence, burns by a radiation, radiation exposure of photo- and the cinema material

   White, yellow overhead half of rhombus, white - lower, number of Dangerous "hazardous cargo", signs, black sign of radiation, text

   Active single-component (impoverished) radiation materials. White rhombus, one vertical red line down - there is not a nuclear military load (including simple h-bomb on a nuclear detonating fuse, impoverished uranium, burning war-head of "Kosovo", EU, single-component without a nuclear explosion). Jurisdiction is metrology of the Ukraine.

   Yellow rhombus, two vertical red lines down is an active single nuclear charge (uranium, nuclear bomb on a type "Hiroshima", including multicomponent of the same type nuclear parts of single military load, single-component explosion and simple chain nuclear reaction - "two in one"). Jurisdiction is GAI of the Ukraine (Road Police Militia of the Ukraine) and war military law and order.

   Yellow rhombus, three vertical red lines down - active double multi-component nuclear charge (plus heavy hydrogen-tritium, thermonuclear bomb of type the "Tihiy Pacific ocean", including nuclear parts of full-duplex military load, chain nuclear explosion and chain thermonuclear reaction - "three in one"). Jurisdiction - war military Road Police VAI of Ukraine and war military law and order.


   Dangerous "hazardous cargo", signs #7E     
   Radio-active materials substances are nuclear reaction fission (in the process of explosion)

   Danger of origin of nuclear chain reaction (nuclear reaction, explosion). Active single-component (impoverished) radiation materials.

   White overhead half of rhombus, white - lower, isometric, number of Dangerous "hazardous cargo", signs, black sign of radiation, text