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Heliodor (GELIODOR)

   Description characteristic of the mineral.

   The chlorine are most valued, lemon-yellow gold and golden-yellow gold with a honey tint transparent heliodors (golden-yellow gold with the admixtures of uranium of beryls). To heliodor add also grey and white with the rather yellow tint of beryls. Sometimes there are very large transparent heliodors of jeweller quality. Quality and value of stone is determined their transparency. More frequent there are opaque stone, but price them small.

   Geliodore (heliodor) with the admixture of uranium possess weak radio-activity (have a weak radiation). Geliodore (heliodor) does not stand anything to expose to the rays from the admixtures of uranium. If the color of heliodors beyond measure is intensive (dark) or stone has a largeness (more than 1,5 х 1,5 х 1,5 sm) - we do not recommend to acquire and the more so carry this Beryl heliodor - the level of his natural radiation can exceed 24 milliroentgen/hour, it is not recommended to keep him at home and the more so constantly to carry on a body.

   From considering of safety we do not recommend to acquire in private home collections the transparent defect-free unfailing (without visible internal defects) standards of heliodors and other transparent defect-free unfailing stone measuring more than 1,5 х 1,5 х 1,5 sm - them can officially equate to jeweller raw material and licensed type of activity. If a standard is thin (without depending on the degree of zero-defect quality, thinner 1,5 sm) - without depending on an area and other sizes he is not raw material for jeweller industry in principle.

   Geliodory at times differ an exceptional cleanness and transparency, for example rare beauty brightly-goldish beryls Transbaikalia. Sometimes there are the zonally painted crystals. In goldish beryls Transbaikalia is marked alternation of colouring of different types on length of crystal. Such beryls remind polychromatic tourmalines. The yellow colouring of heliodor disappears at heating to 400oC. Crystals here become colourless or bluish. Greater part of heliodor is obtained in Brazil, although the deposits of heliodor are known and in Namibia, Sri Lanka, USA, on Madagascar.

   After heliodor can be by mistake accepted citrine, Chrysoberyl, topaz, Corundum, Apatite, Tourmaline, Orthoclase, singalite, synthetic Spinel, flowed. Among properties and features of heliodor, having a diagnostic value, it is necessary to select the enough low indexes of refraction, birefringences, closeness, characteristic lines of absorption and presence of the liquid and gas-liquid including, located in cracks and tubular ductings of heliodor.

   Physical features of heliodors.

   This mineral contains radio-active components. From point of physics of crystals, correct and safe from point of level of radiation (to 19-24 milliroentgen/hour) there are beryls heliodors of small size and poorly painted - they are painted the negligible quantity of connections of radio-active uranium or contain him in two-bits.

   If heliodors is painted intensively or have large sizes, probability is high that it causes the enhanceable natural level of radiation of бериллов heliodors (from 29-32 milliroentgen/hour) - them it is categorically forbidden to keep in home collections, expose to the serial and industrial cutting (especially in home terms and shopfloors, where plenty of personnel works). Them it is categorically forbidden to expose to the rays and ennoble in atomic nuclear reactors and transport in great numbers (totally from 29-32 milliroentgen/hour). Transportation of radio-active stone is forbidden without the sign #7 of "radiation".

   Safely to carry light small beryls heliodors without depending on their form on hands (in rings and bracelet-"wristlet") and on feet - as possible farther from a thyroid, birth-marks, large birth-marks (especially protuberant), from a breast, superficial lymphatic knots etc. the objects easily struck a radiation on the body of people. In any case from considering of safety and ecofriendlyness it is not recommended to carry heliodors constantly and to hold the large standards of this mineral in an apartment or working cabinet (a house and apartment is a not mineralogical museum with the possible level of radiation from 32 to 120 milliroentgen/hour for special exposition and mineralogical special keep archives).

   Dangerous is a direct contact with a body and carrying on the body of point and diffuse sources of radiation and radio-active components (an about 50% radiation is taken in at a contact with the external surface of body and an about 100% radiation - at a reception into a radio-active or infected object).

   Magic properties of stone.

   Ancient greeks trusted that Sun object by itself ablaze chariot, harnessed four of fiery horse. On it effulgent god Helios every day travel on storm sky. At night he returns in a gold bowl on a sea home, where he is waited by sisters - goddess of night of Selenium and goddess of sunset Eos. In honour Helios at the beginning of XX century the varieties of transparent beryl of goldish color began to name heliodors. In a word for word a translation heliodor means the "gift of a sun". It is considered that the warm tints of heliodor are able to help a people to find a heartfelt equilibrium and become wiser. This stone infuses with in the heart of the proprietor gladness, carries rest and pacification. Heliodor will help to create the atmosphere of rest and entertainments. There is opinion, that a decoration with heliodor, belonging a woman, is able to increase the number of its admirers.


Poisonous and radioactive risky hazardous cargo stone and minerals

   ** - are poisonous stone and minerals (mandatory verification is in the chemical analysis laboratory + on toxicity)
   ** - are radioactive stone and minerals (mandatory verification on a regular dosimeter + prohibition on the opened sales in the case of radio-activity over 24 milliroentgens / hour + additional measures of protection of people)
   All of rare stone are subject obligatory verification on a regular dosimeter on the possible level of radiation and in a chemical laboratory on absence default of poisonous and evaporating components, dangerous for a human people and environment nature

  1. Adamite *
  2. Annabergite * Eritrine *
  3. Antimonite *
  4. Arsenolite **
  5. Arsenopyrite **
  6. Orpiment, Golden Earth **
  7. Baildonite *
  8. Beryl **
  9. Blomstrandite, Betafite **
  10. Billietit **
  1. Bismutite *
  2. Breithauptite *
  3. Witherite *
  4. Gadolinite **
  5. Halite, Mine Rock Salt **
  6. Geocronite *
  7. Glaukodote *
  8. Descloisite * Mottramite *
  9. Jordanite *
  10. Carnotite **
  1. Cinnabar, Vermilion, Spanish Red **
  2. Cobaltite *
  3. Cottunite *
  4. Liroconite *
  5. Marcasite *
  6. Monacite *
  7. Ammoniac *
  8. Nikeline *
  9. Otenite **
  10. Pyromorfite *
  11. Chalcolamprite, Pyrochlorine *
  1. Prustite *
  2. Rammelsbergite *
  3. Realgar **
  4. Mercury, Quicksilver *
  5. Senarmontite *
  6. Sulphur, Sulfur, Brimstone *
  7. Skutterudite *
  8. Strontianite **
  9. Antimony,
    Stibium *
  10. Tetrahedrite *
  11. Thorianite **
  1. Thorite **
  2. Uraninite **
  3. Pharmacolite *
  4. Halkozine, Copper-glance *
  5. Hatchinsonite *
  6. Celestine **
  7. Zircon **
  8. Evksenite **
  9. Enargite *
  10. Eshinite **
  11. Conichalcite *

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A catalogue of stone is all of stone in alphabetical order

  1. Aventurine *
  2. Agate ***
  3. Azurite *
  4. Aquamarine *
  5. Alexandrite
  6. Diamond ***
  7. Almandine
  8. Amazon-stone *
  9. Amethyst **
  10. Ametrine
  11. Ammolite mother-of-pearl, nacre
  12. Ammonite mollusks
  13. Apatite
  14. Belemnite
  15. Beryl **
  16. Bone, tusk
    of Mammoth
  17. Turquoise
  18. Bovine eye (quartz)
  19. Verdelite
  20. Jet (bitumen
    black coal) **
  21. Heliodor **
  22. Heliotrope
  23. Hematite **
  24. Hessonite (Cinnamon stone)
  25. Howlite, kaulite
  26. Garnet
  27. Grossuliare
  28. Demantoide **
  1. Diopside Chromediopside
  2. Dravite (Tourmaline)
  3. Wood petrified (stone)
  4. Dumorterite
  5. Jadeite
  6. Pearls
  7. Emerald **
  8. Calcite *
  9. Kaholong
    (White opal)
  10. Quartz
  11. Quartz-hairstone
  12. Quartz pink, rose
  13. Cinnabar, Vermilion, Spanish Red **
  14. Conichalcite **
  15. Coral
  16. Corundum
  17. Cat's Eye (quartz)
  18. Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl
  19. Millstone,
    Fint stone **
  20. Cuncite
    (Kuncite) **
  21. Labrador **
  22. Lazurite, Lapis lazuli
  23. Moon stone (Adularia)
  24. Malachite
  1. Meteorite
  2. Morganite **
  3. Morion **
  4. Nephritis (jade) **
  5. Obsidian **
  6. Onyx marble**
  7. Onyx
  8. Opal
  9. Orthoclase, Microcline **
  10. Pegmatite **
  11. Mother-of-pearl, Nacre
  12. Pyrite **
  13. Arizona ruby, Pyrope
  14. Part-opal
  15. Prazeme
  16. Smoky Quartz **
  17. Rhodonite
  18. Ruby
  19. Rubellite
  20. Sapphire **
  21. Sardonyx
  22. Selenite
  23. Seraphinite
  24. Cornelian, Sard
  25. Serpentine
    (Ophite) **
  1. Simbircite,
    Calcite **
  2. Sodalite
  3. Falcon Eye
  4. Staurolite, Granatite **
  5. Tektite,
    Meteorite *
  6. Tiger's-eye
  7. Tourmaline *
  8. Topaz
  9. Uvarovite
  10. Ulexite **
  11. Fluorite
  12. Haliotis, Black Nacre, Mother-of-pearl
  13. Chalcedony
  14. Chrysolite *
  15. Chrysoprase **
  16. Crystal Mountain Quartz
  17. Celestine **
  18. Citrine
  19. Zircon **
  20. Charoite **
  21. Schorl
  22. Spinel *
  23. Schungite **
  24. Eudialyte *
  25. Euclase
  26. Epidote
  27. Amber
  28. Jasper