Stone, minerals and semiprecious of the world stone
Spinel (oxides): Minium, red lead, saturn red, suric -->rus

   Diagnostic cart.

   Pb4+ Pb22+ O4
   Crystal structure tetragonal
   Hardness on the Mohs scale 2-3
   Specific unit weight mass 8,9-9,2
   Colors bright-red
   Colors in powder triturate orange
   Glance (glitter, glare) fat

   In nature of Minium, red lead, saturn red be found very rarely, as earthy the masses of bright red, jointly with other second minerals of lead. Lead, plumbum is a chemical element applied as a component of paint is acknowledged dangerous for a health. Poisonous toxic chemistry of lead (plumbum).

   As an artificial synthetic product (saturn red) is used as a pigment in anticorrosion coverages.

   Origin provenance genesis.

   It is an oxidate galena, galenite and cerussite.

   Deposit minefield mine field occurrence subsoil.

   There are the most known deposits in Europe - Baden-Vayler and Khorkhauzen in Germany, and also Monteponi in Sardinia, where this mineral is sometimes accompanied a hornblei. Outside Europe good standards found in Mexico (Bolanos, Simapan and other) and, mainly, in Broken-Hill in Australia.


   DOPOG #5.1  
   Matters substances, which oxidize

   Risk of stormy reaction, self-ignition or explosion at a contact with combustible or flammable matters

   To shut out formation of mixture of load with flammable or combustible matters (for example by sawdusts)

   Yellow rhombus, number of DOPOG, black flame above by a circle


   DOPOG #6.1  
   Toxic non biological matters substances (toxin)

   Risk of poisoning at inhalation, contact with a derma or swallowing. Make a danger for a water environment or sewage system

   To use a mask for emergency abandonment of transport vehicle

   White rhombus, number of DOPOG, black skull and crossed cross-bones